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The end of schooling for our Niki , It was her last day all course work completed and submitted. Not the end of the learning journey, that requires a life time of experiences and many lessons picked up along the way. We may look at it as a closed chapter of a book not yet finished, the first edit of many to come. Where the journey is yet to take us is not written in stone but the strong foundations of the story of life is yet to come. We are just so proud of her determination dedication and strength she shows, she is one smart young person. So now a gap year to focus on health and well being while taking a small break to figure out what is next. While her education and health care plan takes her till 25 you have to know when is the right time to stop at 22 it’s hard being in lessons with 20 year olds. We now wait for the results after the holidays.

It was far from a smooth educational journey, but it is ending how it begun the way it should have been all along. for any parents out thier or kids don’t give up fight for what you need, hope for change for our kids, hope for inclusion, support, care,. your kids will get thier when they ready when they are able and enabled when they are inspired supported and loved for themselves. Always included them in conversations about them and thier future their wishes and hopes.

Some of my favourite moments over the years of education with Niki

How did i get so lucky to have such amazing children

Time to fly high Venus (Niki) spread your beautiful colours around the world and truly bless them with who you are this kind,compassionate, smart supportive giving person you are.

live the life you want on your terms

We had a little celebration with a day out the other Day of her choice which was the Hello Kitty Restaurant and visit to the beach.

Was an awesome experience Just the Two of us, one on one time the whole place and experience was great she loved the whole day. The food was themed and amazing.

Thier attention to detail and also there very proactive on asking about allergies and had vegan options which we always look for due to Niki’s choices.

We also took a walk down the beach to a little shop she loves by the seafront

They have some great stuff in that family run shop we go there every time we visit Brighton.

Plus a little look round the shops in the church Hill shopping centre.

Celebrate with style.

Niki helped with another autism all stars event this time Jurassic park .

They got some amazing photo’s she was on baby Dino Duty.

Niki loves making things also she created this awesome Audry 2 from little shop of horrors its actually a puppet.


been up to lots with Hayley jigsaws , shopping, fun in the sun, chatting and night out. had to tell Hayley some sad news one of her friends sadly passed away the other day so she has been a little quite today think she is feeling a little sad this friend was so kind accepting of Hayley he gave us all many great evenings out Hayley liked when he gave her jobs like collecting the Karaoke books for him they used to tease each other and she always smiled and danced with him.Hayley is definatley going to miss him as will many people in our town he run some amazing evenings and as long as i have known him he always had a smile on his face and made others laugh. Such a sad loss of someone so young i really feel for his family and friends.

Hayley has also been enjoying the day centre too and she is back with me for the night tomorrow.

This Friday I am not on shift with tom and girls but we had an amazing Friday last week together we were baking, dancing, singing, story telling.

A lot of working individually and as a group each supporting the others, they even found it fun to use me as target practice They all slept well think I wore them out.

Tom Has got some new friends in his fish tanks.

Well That’s it for today’s blog Before i go though i got my book to some more people recently so hopefully they are enjoying reading it.

Much love Faye. xx

what song can i leave you with tonight as usual i have been listening to music while i write helps me focus .

Perfect choice I am so thankfull for everyone in my life my friends, my family and work and the ability to be able to do what i do. I write about what inspires me and as you can see insperation never runs out it’s in thier smiles and thier eyes thats all i could hope for.