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Love this Song, Over the years I have definatley learnt to stand the rain the rain definatley makes you stronger. I tend to find that the calm days are the ones that take more work because your left feeling what now. Intensity of some days they give you more motivation for change, you can’t change peace though you just sit with it. Our house has a lot of anxiety right now coming up to more exams finishing off the school year, lots of appointments and new challenges.

Jubilee weekend Preparations

It was a full on street party every one decorating putting up the gazebos’ it was a bit touch and go with the weather though it was raining and windy the night before and up until the party began, So finding the right time to get out there and put the decorations up. My hubby and Jake were in charge of music for the Day, Jake started off choosing music while hubby cooked the meat on the BBQ , He did such a great Job and actually i think it gave him something to focus on social events are not always easy for Niki and Jake. Niki Joined in for a while but was having and off day had a bad head ache so she wasn’t out side much. There was lots happening Races for kids and parents.

I won the Egg and spoon race but the sack race I got half way and ended up on the floor in a fit of laughter.

Hayley was definatley in the party mood.

Adults giving it there best see the concentration and determination on thier faces.

Jake now to old for the kids events joined the adults and Won both the sack race and the skipping race no surprises thier jumping events is something he is great at. thankfully me falling over was not captured on camera or i haven’t seen the evidence yet not everyone has uploaded their photo’s and videos yet.

After the food and things were out of the way the kids kept coming up and asking for some party songs for thier parents.

No surprises this was the popular choice for adults and children , they all busted some moves. I am not going to lie and say i wasn’t among those dancing along.

it was a really good event and the selfie wall went down well, we put it up near our Gazebo as a way of encouraging people to come over to talk, it worked i loved how the kids also came over and asked if they could have a cake they went down well but i think everyone attending made cakes and gave them out. Hayley made the rounds talking to people she is not a socially anxious person quite happily goes and sits at other peoples tables and starts conversations, and it was lovely to see how accepting and inclusive they were with her.

We parted till sunset earlier then our usual parties and street events but still it was the most fantastic day, and the first one since all the lock downs.

It was a beautiful sunset .

Music was different this year as there was no DJ equipment Just a laptop and a big blue tooth speaker the neighbours lent us to use. My hubby is an old style DJ he loves the vinyl’s and being able to mix. but he moved with the times of everything being a more digital version It only really works if you have playlist of everything people may ask for . When he used to work with records he had lots of boxes the way he could put his hands on the exact one and the memory of which box they are in and orders now that takes a great memory . I love to watch him work.

He had me dancing all day just with the choices of music some old school,some party.

We were supposed to have gone out for the day Sunday with my dad, but had to postpone as we were to tired and all partied out but Niki spent Sunday the day out with Hayley and her grandad at karaoke and had dinner with them Jake wanted to get all his homework done ready for return to school and i got caught up on house work put on my chill clothes and relaxed.

plus my head was a little fragile, self inflicted.

Hayley’s perspective

That’s our blog for today it’s actually nice today having a little free time to write undisturbed.

Wishing you a beautiful and blessed day , much love Faye xx