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Good Morning, hope you all been keeping well and enjoying life.

So much to share today been a busy time for us lots of celebrations and fun has been had by us all, now thee we are slowing down a bit to just enjoy life appreciating the moments we have together and starting to live life again along side covid only with a lot of more freedom.

where to start with this blog now that’s the tough bit I am just so content with life at this point living in the moment the weather here in the uk is definatley a mood booster, I love the sunshine the birds singing watching the garden take shape and begin to green up after the winter months. sitting in the garden drinking coffee music playing. Today I have a free day kids at school hubby in the garden i am not working with Hayley till the afternoon the housework is done I am going to make the most of this time to write this blog and maybe other writing

Red Nose day

We love getting involved with this even if its only in a small way, a donation wearing red noses being a little goofy, it’s all a bit of fun and playful way of raising funds for good causes even Emo joined in.

Hayley Day’s Out A Walk In Nature

Some of our moments together while she had the week off day center because of her hand.

Tilgate Nature park is definately something that changes every time you go something different to see, we happened to go on a day when the flowers began to bloom, was a peaceful and refreshing walk in nature.

If your ever in the area it’s a great place to visit

Gardening at home That time to get ready for the warmer weather and relaxing home time

We have worked hard so far on the garden also getting rid of all the rubbish that had built up over winter spring cleaning ready for planting. my hubby and i have been working together on it mostly though hubby is doing most of the hard work i am hunter gatherer he is the muscle behind the camera plus he is the one with the green fingers and somehow always gets the plants and things growing,

my mum sent me some flowers it was such a lovely surprise.

Niki’s 22nd birthday Weekend

what a beautiful weekend it was the preparations took a couple of days of organizing this year was different as there were lots of different things happening for the first time she was spending her birthday with her friends bowling and night out she even had her friend Lily say for the night and we all went to local for karaoke. but the day before we celebrated as a family and Hayley and grandad Joined in they also joined us on the night out too.

all prepped and ready for a day of celebration we had dads help though he took her out for a morning of shopping and cocktail so we could get all set up

She enjoyed her time out with Grandad and the cocktail

Our Jake made some really delicious cup cakes to have so we could save the birthday cake till her actual birthday

Full on pink weekend .

we also set up Karaoke in the front room for us

had a good sing and dance along , sorry some of the photos not so clear

NIki’s birthday Morning.

presents and cards

Sick is apparently a good thing Eye rolls at new generational terms lol

Celebrating with friends they are all so cool and i love thier creative outfit choices

It was an amazing day for Niki .

Birthday night out

Wow what a night celebrating Niki’s exam results she passed her Anatomy and physiology exam we so very proud of all the hard work she has put into her studies.

Arts and crafts with Hayley on night shift

Mother’s day celebrations

Jake Venus and hubby and also my Josh who Couldn’t be here but phoned me in the morning made the day very special and relaxing the kids set everything up choose the gifts and Jake bless him spent hours making little flowers to decorate the table out of crepe paper. they also both cooked Jake made a sweet tasting lemon cake and Niki made cherry pie which went so nice with vanilla ice cream.

The kids gave me the whole day off and was snuggled up on sofa watching movies with hubby while they were baking. I absolutely loved thier choices of gifts some pretty dresses chocolates and flowers but it was the time spent on creating and making things i loved the most their time love and care they put into the day that made it extra special.

speaking of mothers day my Mum is a very amazing mum so i made her a special video as her gifts won’t arrive till today.

Going to finish this blog now with i am glad i had the day off everything yesterday and feel relaxed and ready for the next few weeks lots of thing coming up.

have a beautiful new week much love Faye xxx