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Good evening , what an end to a beautiful week we had lots to share tonight.

Been a busy week for us here, work school, nights out and birthday party. Today was not quite how I planned to spend my day off ended up spending most of the day with Hayley at accident and emergency.

She had a sore finger on Friday when she came home from day center which I cleaned and covered, but today my dad phoned to say her finger looked bad so we decided just to get it checked out at a&e that small little white spot on side of her nail was now a red and swollen hand and forearm, i was expecting to see maybe a swollen finger when i arrived, Hayley cant always verbalize her pain to us she tends to go very quite and just say it hurts as her pain threshold is very high. when we got to the A&E they gave us a private room to sit in while we waited wasn’t expecting it to be so long before we were seen but it ended up I had to get some pain meds for her at the 3 hour wait mark. Today was also different to other times normally you get seen by a triage nurse and they decide weather you need to see a doctor I guess they put her straight on the doctors list because it was moving up her arm. It was very busy thier today. Hayley was dosing on and off in the arm chair as we waited she was so brave they ended up spraying her finger with this magic cold spray and they making an incision to drain the finger was so gross what came out

they also gave her a prescription for antibiotics , Hayley has a bad allergy to penicillin and erythromycin so they gave her one for an alternative medicine which they don’t have at thier hospital. and sent it to the nearest open pharmacy which was the one at airport only they didn’t have it in stock either, after phoning back the hospital and seeing if they knew anywhere else we could get it from and them saying no that we could wait till morning, this was a little worrying that she has to go without the antibiotics till them so we just got some advise from them to follow if it gets worse before we can start that med.

The only reason we are more concerned with starting it as soon as possible is my brother had something similar in his hand and the infection ended up going right in to the bone in his hand and had to have lots of ops on it,not so we take infections very seriously. Hayley is also a picker it’s one of the things she does repeatedly if she has any sores or cuts so if you have to watch her closely with these kind of things. so bit of a day. still Hayley is home resting and we will keep her off the day center for the week just because its her right hand and she will need her meds 4 times a day and the protocol you have to go through to tell other staff is ,more tricky. She wasn’t happy she will be missing her once a year it’s the knockout event. she was looking forward to it. The reason i am adding this slightly more worry some part to the blog is because i want to show what accessing care for people with disabilities is like and they were great accept the long wait which is to be expected considering how may were waiting to receive help. We always have mixed treatment where Hayley is concerned. cant fault the care only the time scale of the wait.

Now on to the happier things to write about . Hayley’s day of fun when Hayley is with me for the day on Thursday’s she always gets to choose activities sometimes it is shopping and music and arts or cooking other times it’s days out now restriction are fully removed Hayley choose shopping bowling snooker and lunch out and also some time in arcade at the bowling alley.

We started off with shopping and helping her pay her bills, then we went to bowling alley we had 2 games and both of us were competitive, Hayley was extremely loud when she won the first game, but i soon beat her at the second game.

We went to the restaurant at the bowling alley after and had a meal Hayley choose the burger and chips which she loved.

After Lunch we had a game of snooker, followed by some time in the arcade.

Then we went back to mine for the rest of the afternoon. Hayley was looking forward to her night out at karaoke with my Venus her preferred name of choice now (Niki). going to take some time getting used to using Niki’s choice of name i have a hard enough time remembering actual names lol. I choose not to go out with them like i usually do purely because i was tired and had the left over migraine from day before didn’t feel like being around loud music while my head was so sensitive. They had lots of fun though.

the photo’s they were sending me, and the video’s mum your missing out on a great night Venus taking the opportunity while i wasn’t there to have a couple of extra drinks, think she was trying to get grandad tipsy lol. she was certainly in a very jolly mood when she came home relaxed talkative kinda funny, joys of growing up,

I do love seeing her smile though.

Friday night Hayley was with me for the night we had a games night,

Saturday morning I had to drop Venus off at the autism All Stars event, so gave Hayley her breakfast and meds and hubby watched her while i did that, then we did a video birthday message for tom before dropping her off home til later that day when i picked them up for Tommy’s party.

I got toms balloons and pressies ready Jake was at the gym, hubby was watching the work men who were changing our fences that were damaged in the storm well actually it was the neighbors replacing them but my hubby he likes to make sue thier doing a good job though he is like that.

Then it was time for the birthday boy’s party it’s still hard to believe little Tom is 13.

we had such a lovely time at his party. we choose his presents they weren’t easy to choose just because of his physical disabilities. but i love giving educational presents and choose the world for him and a sensory toy the world lights up so is a great night light and sensory present as well.

Toms mum and dad had put on a little buffet spread and given his presants and decorated earlier in the day but it was awesome just spending the afternoom together after so long.

another reason i though the light up world was great was because it reminds me of Tom and how he has lit up my world since the day he was born my little super hero, who makes every one smile who meets him with his smile and his funny little personality/

This picture says it all he is super cheecky.

Tom went to sleep playing ballons and he was still playing with them this evening when I phoned most of the time kids are either more intrested in the pacaging curdboard boxes or ballons then the gifts my kids were the same growing up.

That’s it fot tonights blog good night.

Much love Faye xx

oh and song choice for tonight is down to my Venus we got the Encanto CD so whist driving this weekend it’s been on repeat love all the songs but I love this one the most. Seems relatable