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Good evening everyone hope your all keeping well, and having a peaceful weekend.

I know for our Friends in Ukraine it’s a scary and devastating time, it’s a topic that will be forever in our minds like any war the lasting impact it will have on the world, But think they are the most brave people also though it is so thought provoking hearing the Russian people saying they don’t want war to. politics has never really been about the people other wise this wouldn’t have even begun, same with all wars so much innocent lives affected. it’s so hard to write an not mention it because it is happening as i write I just hope commonsense is used soon but we all know it’s a little late for that now lives have all ready been lost and children already hurt. Mothers and Fathers losing their kids at any age my heart kind of hurts for them. I will think about them all definatley.

Whats been going on in my world well we got confirmation from UC about reversing thier decision and are now awaiting the backdated amount can’t come quick enough Niki’s phone has Just broke and its important she has that for communication for her anxiety. we been trying to sort it over the last few days. but were planning on a new one anyway those charging ports are as big an issue and the leads. we did find a spae old one but it don’t keep charge very much either. Just when school is about to go back as well.

Half term has been great but it went way to quick, one more day and back to early school runs it’s been nice though sleeping in a couple of times this week. Thursday I took Niki and Hayley out for the morning picking up more art supplies ready for Friday’s night shift with Hayley.

Jake and his dad worked on a little project together and he had his first lesson in soldering iron which he loved they were making a synthesizer any thing to do with music these to it’s the joint interest they can speak for hours on.

Jake did so well for first go and actually it;s a great confidence booster and a reminder he is capable of anything.

He actually played a tune Straight away after he heard the notes .

Jake inherited that natural inquisitiveness on how things works from his dad he was the same as Jake always tinkering with things taking things apart see how they work and put them back together again, that is a great way to learn things just by doing. over the years i developed some of them skills just by watching and paying attention when my hubby does things plus he draws diagrams and explains things to me as many times as i need to ask, I know I can be super annoying sometimes the majority of the times he is patient with my constant questions.
I also had to take my dad to his eye appointment yearly diabetes eye check up.

Thursday night was my night off duty and i had the night to have a little fun with Hayley Dad and Niki, my hubby stayed home with Jake i cant wait one more year and we will all be able to go out together for the evening.
A chance to dress up have a few drinks a sing song i didn’t have work again till Friday night so got a sleep in an didn’t wake up till midday on Friday.

Niki could have a glass this time as she was on antibiotics and Hayley doesn’t drink because of her epilepsy meds. but it didn’t stop them having a great time and I laughed so what i needed a night out. we all got up to sing accept for dad still working on him, and for the first time ever he forgot he don’t sing and he was telling us a story from his child hood and was trying to explain the song to us and he did it song a few bars boy i did;t know my dad had a great singing voice.

Hayley just has no fear no hesitation she just sings her heart out and no one judges that she can’t read the words she has so many friends cheering her on they come and help her if she is out of sink with the music. her dancing was great too. that’s what i love about Hayley she has no understanding of others though process she is herself and she owns it she has this large confidence bubbly friendly personality. she says the funniest things sometimes embarrassing for the other person as she tells everyone thier private business.

Hayley giving it a go bless her.

sweet escape for Niki .

I think she probably wished she could escape i was up after her. I do wish when she capture my butt on camera she would of choosing to be in front of me and not capture my behind on camera lol
alls fair can’t share thier singing and not embarrass myself with mine. Now you know what i like to do for fun. dress up dance and sing. Its kind of freedom and also great to get over stage fright too and talking in front of people .

The free shot of cherry was a great way to settle nerves after singing. but we all got a few songs in.

Friday night was the night shift with Hayley she arrived at 4.30 the mini bus dropped her off it’s great having the transport again it freed up my free time.

I fed her and the hubby and kids before we settled for a night of music and arts and crafts.

Bright colorful Easter theme so we can decorate her gym and art gallery room with her seasonal work a little motivation to look at while she is going on her treadmill. always great to see her work displayed.

So a real cool half term week.

As usual we did our YouTube to another way to build confidence and let Hayley show her personality.

That’s it for tonight from us crazy lot have a beautiful evening.

Much love Faye xxx