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Good evening, hope your day has gone well lots to chat about tonight.

First for todays blog I want to share our news about the court of appeals and UC well they phoned to say they lost the case and that they are going to backdate everything. so we one this battle and let me say it has been a hell of a 2 year battle that caused such undue stress and heartache in an already difficult situation of the pandemic and all that came with it. It all still has to be finalized with the courts and the complaint is now being looked into so in part they have answered it by adjusting things to how they should of been done in the very beginning of march 2020. and what the law was at the time for disabled students. it all came down to bad advise given on accessing financial support when changing for child to adult and fit for work assessments, once the case is finalized i will be able to get a copy of the court case as it will then be in public domain, who knows it may actually be able to help other families. the other part of the complaint i asked for an apology letter for Niki for the distressed caused, that i think is the most important part of taking this further through the courts. It also means i won’t have to go further up the court system process which is definatley a huge relief. Now we can move forward and undo some of the financial issues this whole thing caused. back on track.

I would love to say this will be my last ever appeal case but I know in my heart it is probably just the beginning I also now know I can do it with out help. Because the help I received further complicated and things and made it all more confusing. So if thier are any parent carers or others reading this blog that have a disability or care for someone with extra needs don’t give up document everything, emails letters screen shot your journals and keep a back up of everything related to care. because it might just be the thing that wins your case in this situation. you got this don’t give up hope. Never regret fighting a system that is supposed to be there to support you in your most vulnerable moments.

It is one of my best moments telling the kids and hubby the news today. something good out of something traumatic.

Friday Jakes day out and the bad weather

Well following on from last blog about Jakes trip and wether it would go a head, it did actually happen we woke up early the weather wasn’t to bad the wind storm hadn’t arrived well just a little but not enough for us not to go.

We picked Jakes friends up and made the forty minute drive there, I have never heard teenagers be so quite, we were all a little awkward they never met me in person before but they were polite answered a few questions I asked just to brake that silence i was on my best behavior no embarrassing mum moments.

when we arrived at the shopping mall they darted out the car quick and with a thanks for the lift off they went. leaving me on my own which meant I got a lovely couple of hours walk around this shopping center I have to say though it’s proper glamorous compared to our mall here, so many shops and brand names more upper class, I didn’t see one vacant space at all or one closed sign. must be very popular for visitors.

I could of walked around thier all day the window displays with the most beautiful outfits and shoes and jewelry and so much more. I love window shopping i did get a couple of new dresses which were in the sale good job i got paid that day.


If your ever in the uk Dartford area would recommend you check this one out really is very beautiful to visit and they have a wide variety of restaurants and children’s activities too. Plenty of parking this was just a small section of the parking available and accessibility for wheel chairs too. another thing I look out for is accessibility while I am out and about.

It has this lovely little lake out side and is surrounded by these lovely white hills.

A little magic kingdom for the kids it wasn’t open when we got thier maybe because of the time and the weather but i bet the kids love it when it is open.

The inside has some beautiful architecture and some stunning views what ever part your in and with over 300 stores would make a great shopping day out i am definatley going to take my Niki for a day out thier soon.

I would have liked to have got some more photo’s while i was there but it was just a short visit for me i had to get back for work as was starting duty earlier than normal.

I had a very important stop at build a bear to get that frog Niki has been wanting since she first saw it and it has been out of stock they said it got very popular after someone shared it on instagram. That;s the beauty of word of mouth in sales someone likes something shares it with friends who then share it with thier friends . I think now in this digital age reviews and things can go viral for good reasons and for bad reviews which ever one it is it gets people checking it out which is good for business. Recently i seen some Tik Toker’s who go to badly reviewed places and pay for the same thing to see if it is as bad as people say especially make overs and things. it becomes a new trend. sorry my mind wandered a bit them where was i build a bear we love this company and have visited many build a bear stores over the years in fact on page 84 0f my book Emo The Emotional Elf our very first visit to build a bear is in the book.

I did also stop at the cafe Noir to have a bite to eat and a mistery hot chocolate I think the mistery was maybe cinnamon of almond. it was nice though

Our Niki was face timing me choosing and out fit and telling me what Name to put on the birth certificate, and i had one very happy daughter when i got home and gave it to her she waited a long time for it.

That smile.

The wind had picked up a bit on the way home definatley grip the wheel type of drive and i had to avoid a double mattress on my lane in the motorway and give big trucks a big gap between my car and them. these drivers were so much at risk driving in that weather should get a bonus. I saw many keeping control of thier big trucks well when the wind swept them. but there were no other challenges.

When i got home it was more windy then while out on the drive and at the shopping mall. We had lost three fence panels but luckily they belong to the neighbors who came and said they will be replacing them. bless them they only just moving in as well my hubby repaired one for them temporarily and will try to do the others till they can get it sorted . The kids were making thier own way back and as I predicted and told them the trains and buses were counseled they were lucky enough to get a cab home and split the bill between them. was probably cheaper than the train for them. Jake actually ate out at the steak house with them that’s a big plus he doesn’t normally eat in front of people who are not his family even eating in front of us can be a big issue for him. so tiny step forward.

Excuse my garden a little messy right now will be sorting it out again when weather improves

Then it was sorting food for hubby and getting Niki sorted she was coming with me to get some experience with my work and to see little Tom Holly and Ellie .
We arrived at there house early around 4pm my brother just got back and decided to phone and check the hotel spa was still accessible before they when for thier belated valentines evening, Only it was closed due to the storm and they hadn’t notified them it left him scrambling around trying to find another place so it wasn’t cost them double the price but was worth it as they managed to get a real good nights sleep something they both needed after being up with tom due to his pain over the last three months.

We started our fun evening with movies and a pizza delivery

we watched Encanto then made Jelly and instant whip.

Tom wanted his nails painted Grey but only one hand though, and Holly decided to paint her whole hand with black instead of her nails checky monkey.

I gave tom his bath and massage his meds, I took the opportunity to show Niki the equipment and how to use it , how to clean his button in his tummy how to administer meds and milkshake. He refused to eat this happens often with tom especially if he is in pain. then played some songs to him which sent him off to sleep peacefully.

Next we built a fort in the front room which Holly fell asleep in the dogs kept going in and hiding.

The dogs were mischievous and wanted to join in , Mika the black and white dog she is older now she just wanted to come lay down beside everyone, the puppy how ever was after food constantly running every where and jumping on every one very playful,and karma was being playful and refused to come in most of the night she was playing such games

This one kept scratching at the door to come in and when i went to open the door it would run away, so i would closed the door and was washing up and it kept peering through the window and shaking her head towards the door only to do a runner again when i got there. this happen most of the night.

We tried to get her to come in for food but the puppy tried to get it every time she had all ready eaten these dogs and there food, not to mention the cats all joined in wanting feeding as well.

with everyone settled me and Niki sat down for a while Tom woke at four had to give him his pain meds but he was wide awake and wouldn’t go back to sleep so we got him dressed and brought him into front room with us and we all sat watching Frozen the movie while waiting for his meds to work.

he was calm and relaxed but didn’t go back to sleep. first time he hasn’t slept well for me .

Here we are all relaxed on sofa together. 4.30 am this has been happening for three months with his mum so her night away was much needed.

Saturday we finished shift at about 9.30 came home rested a little while and then i had to get food shopping hubby cooked and then that was it i fell asleep so did Niki and according to toms mum he slept the whole night too.

So ten hours of blissful sleep for me.and my kids to as Jake was still tired from his day out

I had a dream about a deserted beach and i walked a long the sandy beach bear feet in the water the sunset beautiful. my morning post i changed the background of it to represent my dream the night before .

This week is half term so today was later wake up and went to shops with kids then dropped them both in town came back and cleaned the house had a short hour shift with Hayley and had to pick up dad and his shopping and take them home, but as we are celebrating the end to court case.
i took the kids out for some fun tonight bowling a meal and arcade we had so much fun together we went to the local Hollywood Bowl and they have had a refurbishment, it looks amazing the food was 5 star delicious maybe Burger and chips but it was the best i have ever eaten even Jake devoured his, and Niki her vegan burger.


It didn’t just taste delicious the presentation and the quick time and service was great,

Yes we all had the bumpers up for first Game probably why i won , the kids left theirs up and removed mine for second game and my lack of bowling skill showed itself when i came in last place.

Then it was onto the arcade which is in the bowling alley, the kids teamed up to win the tickets.

before we cashed in the tickets choose the prises and left for home.

Niki choose 2 candles and Jake choose a light up spinney thing and another slinky but they won about 1063 tickets.

fantastic way to start the school holidays.

Goodnight Much love Faye xxxx