Emo The Emotional Elf


Hi everyone hope you all had a beautiful day, so the holidays are quickly coming to an end a I have loved every minute of them despite sudden changes and not being together with all my family,

I been thinking about it and maybe it’s a blessing in disguise simply because I well rested covid free and just had time with hubby and kids,

Back to work with Tom for a few hours Tomorrow before last evening with Josh here and kids off school we haven’t had any last minute changes to return to school scedual so Jakes first day back is the fourth. niki returns to college on the 6th and I drive josh home on the fourth after I take take to school.

Hayley is back at day centers on the third and we go back to normal work scedual for me and her.

In the next hour we should get Niki’s day 2 PCR results and we will know if there all clear ready for her pain management appointment on the fifth.

The house will feel slightly empty with out them all here in the day, but I have enough to keep me busy for the next month, we got a court case date for thirtieth of January so will be studying it all and preparing for that. Also have to get my home back into pre Christmas state with everything neatly packed away.

The house always sounds hollow without the decorations up.

We Have 2 birthdays coming up in the next few months Jakes 17th in Febuary and Nikis 22nd in march., so the year starts again. I am so ready to see what this year brings, and long for the sunshine of summer where I can get in the garden and make it flourish. Veg, fruit and flowers.

Have a blessed evening much love faye

I love how the tulips are blooming today and sitting on my kitchen table with promises of spring not far away.