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Good evening, hope you all had safe and fun celebrations, ours were very low key and small but were lots of fun.

You Know some of the best memories are made through smaller settings, more one-on-one time, or just very limited people. Every time I spend quality time with my family or at work, I really appreciate every moment of this New Year’s Eve and New years day has been very special memorable I laughed so much.

I love to think of songs I can add just to express through not only visuals but music to one song springs to mind while I am sitting here Writing. At this time of year, we remember people who are not around to celebrate with us whether they have passed away or we just can’t be together through all the different things going on in the world at the moment may be kept apart at the last minute due to Covid and lockdown criteria in all the different countries. maybe we even live close by to love ones or friends but decided to just be extra cautious this year. It’s the simple and tiny things we sometimes overlook when we have lots going on that kind of keep you sane sometimes they give you something to look forward to something to just be in the moment with. social media keeps us in touch when we can’t be with the people we love the most.

My Song choice

Excellent song and maybe we have all related to it in some way, played it many times.

Sometimes you sit quietly and you hear the tiny noises going on around your home may be your kids playing music, or getting enthusiastically into their online games, someone banging a door, a little laugh,

conversations that are happening in another room, those creaky floorboards everyone tries to avoid. The sound of the kettle boiling. the rain and wind against the windowpane. sometimes it’s the absolute quiet.

I have loved that since Niki got home we again hear the wheels of her computer chair moving back and forth across her freshly fitted wood flooring. the pings of notifications while annoying sometimes show that connection or a good old natter is not far away.

New Year’s Eve in our home was different but super fun, Jake had decided to spend it with some of his friends this year, and autistic or not when your 16-year-old kid wants to go to a new years party without you it’s both nerve-wracking and excitement you feel for them. you bombard them with the obvious question is there going to be alcohol, where is it happening, are they mature enough to make the right decisions and not be pear pressured into anything they shouldn’t do You know there comes a time when your kids are going to experiment and push for more freedom. Freedom to step outside their comfort zone, make choices for themselves. Obviously, this is kind of new with Jake and that maybe his friends who aren’t autistic won’t maybe understand that parents of kids who are maybe just a tad overprotective.

I find having open and honest conversations with your kids is the best policy Jake is a very honest boy and said some of his friends do drink, I ask him to not try just because I would prefer he was alert to what’s happening around him and he stuck to that. I also gave him a designated responsibility to be a good buddy to his friends and look out for the girls at the get together make sure they were alright. It’s actually the first time he has stayed with his friends and it went so well they are a great bunch of kids and look out for each other. Jake had an awesome time but he said his social battery was at the top level, bless him he cleaned his friend’s kitchen. Of course, my hubby and me and maybe his brother and sister were watching our phones all night just in case of having to go get him little sleep was got.

Then I think about how much our Niki missed out on all that because her anxiety was bad and she wasn’t in a great place at 16. But it was also the year she Met her Tom and he came to us for That Christmas and they met for the first time in person. and our Niki Just not long returned from spending Christmas with Tom and His Family. so she is still keeping to her room a lot just till she gets her day ” PCR results tomorrow we had to get up early this morning and go get that done.

Josh was just chilling talking to his friends and watching Tv, I and my hubby were dancing and being silly in the kitchen Whilst listening to music we did a few Facebook lives together, face timed and spoke on the phone and online to family and friends

We were a bit weird and crazy but we never laughed so much as we did right at that moment.

I always love a chance to get the glam stuff on and party like it’s your last day.

Face timed Hayley and played her Favorite song

great to see her dance as well and share a moment of the party with her

Whatever happens at the start of the count down we all get together in the same room and see the new Year in together, Jake was messaging and phoning too.

Count down in the front room

New Year’s day was great too, the kids were out for the count most of the day sleep did not exist in this house much last night.

I prepared the veg and got the table laid ready for dinner with the kid’s Dad and Hayley and my Hubby cooked it Roast beef, potatoes, veg and of course Yorkshire puds and my hubbies delicious gravy and are always on the menu for New years day dinner, with some champers for celebrating and cake and trifle for dessert. Lots of talking music and just quality time spent together.

What fun we had.

Hayley was happy loved the food and danced well kind of marched as she wanted to get to 10’000 steps today, she is very proactive about her health now and takes on advice and support to help her keep going.

So that was our New year here is wishing you happy health and the full new year ahead.

Much love Faye good night for now xxx