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Good Afternoon everyone, how are you all doing today.

The weekend and the beginning of the week have been a beautiful start can’t believe it’s almost the weekend again, we have had a lot of fresh air this week which has been a fantastic change also The sun has been out, we only had a flurry of snow not long ago.

Hayley’s doing her Zoom bingo, the kids are at school and my hubby I am keeping busy with some building projects in the garden. Gives me a chance to write this blog early today have my evening free.


That time of year for a great tidy up and planting again, I love this time of year where you get to see nature play it’s part in creating something beautiful. We also have to nurture feed and put our love into growing. Defiantly looking forward to growing veg again this year.

We have refreshed the Alfresco eating area, Think it’s going to look great once the flowers grow. still a few weeks of work to go till it’s fully ready to enjoy and by the time it’s our josh’s birthday in July things we should be able to mix more into the circle, so far that has happened every year and we celebrated with both my family and my husbands. I might even get to meet the brand new addition to family I can’t wait for a cuddle. The only barrier into finishing it quicker is a broken mower we have to go a new fuel bubble, we thought we found a temporary solution borrowing one of my brothers but it wouldn’t even switch on. We have the worse luck sometimes still onwards and upwards, just a minor set back, there is always another day to do it.


Hayley has had a busy week of walks and Zooms and is taking a short break from her daily treadmill walks while dads redoing her gym. Hayley is on her healthy eating diet and is adapting to it well, so plenty of exercising and healthy eating coming up over the summer for her again.

She has been wearing some of her New clothes she chose last week but only on days she isn’t out walking though she is saving them for best. Not a Mickey mouse item in new clothes.

Niki and Jake

Sunday we finally went for that walk at the local Nature reserve we took it slow with the walking, and really stopped to appreciate the view. Although not in full bloom yet there is something about going periodically and capturing the same view few the seasons.

What I love about looking at nature is whats under the surface, not the beautiful part you see when you look at it from the distance but whats deep in side a bit like people to, you got to dig deep to the roots to really know and understand that life. We had to stop lots on the way round but luckkily there were benches every so often so Niki and Jake could take a rest, we still have to build up there physical strengh and joints and muscles which are very lose at the moment , they have always suffered from there joints but a year of lock down has resaperated it so we start from the begining again.baby steps.

The kids loved the day out, But there was a best part for both of them was the little ducks they were paddling a way and when we stopped they got out of the water and came real close when we started walking they walked beside us they followed us for quite a while the kids were pleased they made friends with the little duckies.

They came close it was like they wanted their picuture taken.

So almost at the end of blog now and you can see from our photo’s what a life coming out of lockdown is begining to look like and how important from physical , mental and emotional health it is just having different scenery to see instead of the same four walls.

My garden is going to be full of colour and i hope it encourages the bees and other little wild life to visit, talking of the garden Jake has been asking for a wood work project to do as he likes making things so I got a put together Bird feeder for him to make and he did it independantly he found it both stressful and rewarding he hated the instructions and how they were written so he worked it out for himself.

It is going to be a lovely addition to to Garden and i Hope the little Robin Redbreast comes to visit again.

Before I finish though just going to share a very big thankyou for your visits to my blog and suppot I have hit a milestone with the blog, without you visiting and reading I wouldnt have hit that target i gives me motivation to carry on my writing.

Have a wonderful rest of the day.

Much love Faye xx

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