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HI everyone Happy Saturday

Hope your week has gone well, this week has been very chilled last week of school holidays, I was still working with Hayley all week and she has her new routine she is settling into very well, she has four trips a week out and about with the day center, and three zoom meetings almost all her 8 sessions a week now it is still very different for her then when the day center was open. she really does miss it a lot. her friends her boyfriend Freddie, with in the next few weeks most of us will have had our second vaccine done. So hopefully not long now till she can be with her Freddie for her Tuesday evening meal and Sunday lunch,. Also our Mum will be visiting at the end of may gosh a whole year without seeing her has been tough, we both can’t wait in fact I think the whole family feel the same especially Hayley and all the kiddo’s Little Ellie can’t wait too see Grandad her and Holly were saying last night what they miss the most about grandads Ellie’s was the Saturday morning milkshake and Holly and Ellie are missing Grandads legendary Friday night chicken curry that became part of the Friday night stop over when I looked after them at dads house. Kind of funny how small simple routines that happen on a weekly basis evoke happy memories for kids and adults alike. As adults we often go back and remember our childhoods with a yearning and fondness, where we used to play how school was how our families lived what music we listened too. and friendships. I wander when the kids are older if some of there difficult memories will become somehow changed to something they remember with rose coloured glasses.

I miss so much from my younger years, but also bring a lot of it to my life now because for me my childhood was amazing, I grew up in a family rich on love and care my family was my community, we are far from the perfect family but we give with all our hearts.

We grew up surrounded by other kids adult company we were very much a handful though but more because of other difficulties then just being a pain in the butt.

Back to our week.


We had a great week together , arts and crafts, music, TikTok, Shopping and You Tube her walks with the day center and zooms, It is defiantly different when she isn’t with us.

Not Just my sister but the bestest friend ever , she is as fiercely protective of me as I am her,

After our shopping trip

Hayley is loving Learning new things especially digitally, this whole year she has came on so very far as far as tecknowlogy is concerned, And she has the same access as everyone who doesnt have a disability. I don’t think you would realise just how much this has all had a positive impact on her quality of life. But it has. Music filming and acting and dance is something Hayley has taken an active part in for now at the daycenter. It is one of her special intrests.

MY Niki

She is my little firecracker, smart funny her Creativity has no bounds she channels much of her difficulties through art video and story writing. She completed all outstanding course work so going back to college this week should be easier this time round. Not long left of this course I really hope the lack of in school hours doesnt hinder the end results because she works so hard, and as this year of the health and social care course comes to an end and she prepares for the next years part of the two year course, puts her in a more confident footing.

She is developing her own sence of worth, style and ability.

My Jake

He tried the gym this week , he isn’t sure he likes it , he found it exhausting and couldnt move much for a couple of days after, he has definatley had more palpertations and breathlessness since then, maybe not having mum with him and going with a friend he tried to keep up and impress him by pushing it to much. He has had a slight increase in his synocope and dizziness. To be honest he hasnt been very interative this week. I am still waiting for him to wake up to take him for a walk. He is more reluctant to have pictures but thats a teenage thing still self concious.


We now begin work of getting things tidy and ready for planting going to get the veggie garden and herbs growing the lawn mower needs a new part before we can do the first cut of the year in back garden and all furniture is just getting a freshen up and the fences too. I got the better and least work by doing front Garden while hubby does the back Garden.

I cant wait to see it in full bloom full of kids laughing and my family having dinner in there.

Tom and Holly

Working the night shift at Toms last night, had so much fun with the kids, Firstly i Got there half and hour early so i could give Holly some one on one time before I started work with Tom, Little Toms Face when Me and Emo arrived such a big beautiful smile.they were in amazing moods last night, Holly was laying down when i came but at the mention of going out on the scooters and to the shops had her changing very quickly we were racing the scooters down these hills I was definatly better at stopping this time then last time we went . We were capturing photo’s for Holly’s memory book,

She is so fast , I am hyper but little Holly is a mini version of me only Much much younger and faster.

Stopping to catch my breath

A little stop at shops for a treat for her Tom and Ellie before a little walk through the woods and some tree climbing on the way home.

It is so good for kids to get out there to take little risks to push themselves to see there own capabilities to get dirty to be physical, it helps with independance, a sence of self, and is great for balance and strenghening mussles.

Being so active myself you would think I would be a little fitter then I probally am my legs really felt the pull, still It is good for me as much as it was for her and as you can see I enjoyed it just as much. No inhabitions just went for it. Holly was cheering me on like I was her.

My little Tom Tom, he is recovering from his accident the other week still about a month before he is fully heeled though,Last Night we read a chapter Of Awful Auntie, his other carer had already started reading this to him, before having a dance to his favorite songs we share together, first we pretend we are going on holiday to Ibiza he loves the song.

Tom loves this Video too

Then he sang along to I just called to say I love you he thought it was very funny when I pretended Emo was a telephone, He sang the I love you bit. In his Tommy style. He then wanted to make his Mummy A cup of tea He helped put the Tea bag and sugar in the cup.

He helped me find the milk in the fridge ,while Emo was up to Mischief hanging from the extractor fan.

He was playing his soft bongo drums Too. He is still saw on his mouth but with Emos Help and a toothbrush in his hand he Brushed Emos teeth while i did his and helped clean his saw lips.

Me and his mum changed and put him to bed and he was asleep just after nine , he slep all the way through till half six this morning.

when Tom was settled it was time to play a couple of games of Frustration with Holly, boy it was a giggly game and on one or too occations I turned a blind eye to her blatenent cheeting,

Miss Ellie arriving home later then she was ment to a little friendly chat from mum about following rules again, for someone whos phone had run out it certainly started working when her friend called when she got home. Ellie is a lovely sweet Girl but she has definatly hit that age of pushing boundry’s and teenage attitude. love her to bits though. She is my Princess, thats not my daughter. Females in my family are strong willed and fiesty.

Finnishing off the shift this morning when Tom woke up at six thirty, I ninga crawled in his room to see if he was awake as i peared of the side of the bed rail his big sweet eyes opened and this cracking smile appeared, we had a little chat before he choose his clothes himself. he made a super choice socks, a vest, some Jeans a short sleeve shirt and a cardigan. he added the Mickey Mouse hat as an extra, I gave him a nice warm bath and hair wash, definatley now the hoist are much needed with Tom he is a monkey and stretches like an ironing board every time you try to move him so this saves him banging anything and saves who ever has to lift hims back. i got him dryed off quick or he gets the shivers, a quick massage for his legs and arms and in his fresh clothes ready for the day.

Emo was a great help in encouraging Tom to eat, he has struggled since his fall eating for some carers and not others infact he has been saying No alot when asked. This morning though I made him some porriage while waiting for it to cool down gave him his meds, then it was time for him to eat i placed a spoon in Toms hand and Emo on his lap and i told him the story of goldilocks and the three bears he managed half a bowl of breakfast then had his milkshake top up. When he had enough he turned his head to face the other way. I gave him a wet wipe for Emo while i cleaned his face he did a pretty good Job of cleaning Emo’s face.

We put his favorite program on and he sat with his mum while i cleaned his bathroom and and put his washing on, his other carer arrived at 9 ish . So had time to write up notes for the shift, beforw coming home. Can’t belive i have written this whole blog and my kids are still not up yet.

Maybe if I shout out, ONE EACH little feet will come running it gets them everytime they no it means a treat, not like the kind my hubby did once and wrote the number 1 on two peices paper and left them on the side i will never forget the look on there faces that day. Their dad is a bit of a joker.

Thats it for this blog have a beautiful weekend and hopefully I will have some lovely photo’s to share of our local lake again once they are up and ready to go.