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Good morning😁
WordPress and fellow blogger’s So the clocks went forward here and surprisingly I woke up feeling rested full of energy and absaloutley raring to go take on the new day.

Waking up hours before everyone else is a great thing sometimes especially for us busy parents you can take your time and pamper yourself have your coffee and collect your thoughts plan for new week ahead.

Personally I love this time😜 I mentally make plans, the kids didn’t sleep early but that’s normal in out house. I woke up probably about three times in the night yet still here I am on a Sunday full of energy . So we all talk of having rest. What is rest to you? Put your feet up and stick on a movie? Catching up on the jobs around the home? Taking in some sports. A walk. We all have different interpretations of what rest is for us and that’s a good thing.

Something that makes you feel refreshed, relaxed, and very chilled. I am pretty high energy type of person not the kind to sit still for long. I like pottering and doing many different things.

Self care is what you make it, it’s what makes you feel good as an indeviduals, no wrong, no right, just a you thing.

Hope you have an awsome day today.

Do something that makes you happy

Much love Faye ❤️😁