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Good evening , how are you all doing oh yes the lovely photo capture above by Markus Winkler on pexel.com a great capture because it shows the word review, something all authors and pretty much any business hopes to get. I have had a few for my book and so far it has been real positive, I have another copy I am sending off to one of my contacts in Germany who is an inclusion officer so yes I think I am beginning to get my book to some more targeted audience who may find my book what they are looking for. another of my friends should receive her copy any day now and another real kind friend is reading it. I am working on some give away’s just to maybe increase my reviews, and get more feed back about it. I will be using the first addition copies I have for that because I have them in stock at home for author signings that were non existent last year due to lockdown. really the book is only just starting to get out there more. after many setbacks along the way. The first publishers going into liquidation, then having to get the print run copy back off them. That was a big nightmare to get through seems so very long ago now. at the time it really did have such a negative affect on my emotions I had such high hopes and with the kids help raising the funds for it and so many kind donations to bring the book about i kind of felt I let them all down, But the reality is that it was just one of those things it wasn’t something we knew would happen, they had been I business along time. still I am not the kind of person to just give up on what i believe in so the story continued and as most who have followed the blog from the beginning will know it republished in 2019 as second addition and was also converted into an eBook.

I continue to work on building author platforms connecting with others, building the social media foot print as a author and blogger and for the book. but what i have enjoyed the most is talking to people I have made some lifelong friends , met other families with very special kids. slowly beginning to build the You Tube channel for my work as a carer and for all things to do with family and books and yes more books are on the way i am just teaching myself adobe indesign so I can work on book formatting and practice layout.

I can say without a doubt even though it was super tough that it was the best thing to happen in my life at that time. I forgot I am so much more then I thought I was at the time I have realy held myself back on a lot of things because I got comfortable where I was. now I see outside that warm cosy comfy place is something more beautiful than I could ever imagagined, life outside four walls, outside my town country not outside my grasp anymore. I am on the ladder to brighter possibilities, focused, excited, and ready to work hard for it.

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On the way meeting others with their own story to tell, and as much as I like writing now I love reading too maybe my book will hit there collection as theirs have touched my heart and will always be apart of my collection.

The thing I love about books is that it gives you a big insight into the author who wrote it a little peice of their mind and soul, books leave this mark on you to want to learn more, they can inspire you to make changes to your own life or they can just help you lose yourself in the moment. The more you read the more you want to explore choices out side what you would normally go for and suprisingly I have loved every book I have read over my life time. they make you feel many different things. I think when I just wrie when i am not to excitable and super happy I can really fine tune my work. I am a little more of an irratic writter when i am super pumped up, that’s when i find i make the most typo’s or have trouble focussing. Night time i find it better to write less distractions. so before I do the catch up of my first week back at work I will put links to book again. when things start to unlock and open up again Will finish setting up a shop on here so it is easier to directly order the book. i stiil have lots to learn before i can get that up and running but it is coming soon.

There is only a couple left in stock on amazon at this moment and they have a deal running so great chance to get it at reduced price. although you may want to get it from your own countries amazon store.


Or you can download the eBook version through, Kobo. link below if you prefer a digital book and more of an online book reader.


Last week was a slow ease back into work mainly because of Covid and my different Christmas bubble so was more precautious wearing mask and social distance but this week we got through that with no infections so Hayley is back with us for the whole week so we get to see her smiley face again.

Last week with Hayley was all about her zooms with the day center, she uses my computer for them there were quizzes, friendship meetings, zoom bingo her favorite. and a scavenger hunt. Having routine for Hayley is very important and has kept her learning and really brought her out of her shell she is really advancing on some of her learning and she was able to see the numbers on the screen and find them on her card with only a little help she knew when she didn’t have a number. the visual prompts and patterns help her remember things.when things are part of her routine they become set in her memory you cant add things in if you only do them once other wise she will expect it the next week at the same time. she cant tell the time but there are certain things she follows that give her prompts for when things happen like she knows when her program Coronation street finishes it is time to take her medicines. she has menu’s she cant read but she knows that on Thursdays she has fish cakes for dinner. There are always ways to adapt learning to fit the individual’s needs.

Friday was back to work with Tommy and the other kids, we had a sit down meal together Faye’s restaurant I took orders from them. I would rather make something they will eat then waist food , the girls choose mac n cheese their dad and Dylan had some of the Greek Pastio I made with salade . we followed up with some games before I took them home, I missed them all as much as I missed Hayley while I was off over Christmas, so my plan with work as move forward over the next few weeks is double shifts with Hayley so she with us all next week then she will go home and the next week I am off till i have the kids on the Friday after so, I am keeping the work support bubbles Separate.

It was a lot of fun to be back with them all.

My little Tom all the he got so tall now

Most of my videos with Hayley and my family will be on my YouTube as and when we do them That’s why I added the YouTube subscribe link, but this one with Tommy was sweet though.

Jake’s had a real good week back of online learning a very positive return . Niki had her welcome back last week but she to will be learning from home starting next week. been a lovely week with my family too.

Any way Good night , sending wishes for good health and peace and lots of love to you thanks for reading

Much Love Faye xx sleeptime for me double tomorrow