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Photo by Emris Joseph on Pexels.com

Are yes good old fashioned scrabble something we have introduced into our home again, Great capture from Emris Joseph, completely sums up most of 2020, and the beginning of the New year, The passed year certainly has given us all mixed feelings, a roller coaster of Emotions going into 2020 the hopes I Had have been achieved well most of them any way the rest will get there in their own time. I learned along time ago not to put to much pressure on myself, Firstly it isn’t very productive secondly sometimes taking a longer route to the end result is better. I set myself little achievable goals and work my way through them.

New years resolutions are not my kind of thing they used to be then I would get fed up with the goals I set and forget about them within a month, Do You find you Tend to Reset the same ones Every year? always with the hope this year you might have the will power to stick with them.

My resolutions kind of started in 2016 and still am working towards them now, and it is a new year and I look back at what I have accomplished since then and I think thank goodness I kept going.

lets talk about some of the ones the majority of us set, is normally a weight thing this year I am going to eat healthy, This year I will get to the ideal weight, this year I will drink less this year I will quit smoking the list is almost endless of what we want to do. How many have achieved it they probably is a lot that do and there most defiantly is a lot that don’t if were honest with ourselves. It’ a bit like them faddy diets you do well your motivated and you do make it to your goal weight and then you begin to relax and say oh one treat won’t hurt, or I will just have one take away, a pattern of behavior and so the cycle begins again. by the end of year your back to where you started and looking at making those same resolutions again. Sound familiar what ever the goals this pattern of behavior most of the time continues.

So how about we think differently have a longer goal take a slower journey you find if you lose weight real quick the is a high probability you will put it back on quick too

For me it was the other way I needed to put on weight and only this year I am reaching the weight I am supposed to be and it is staying stable. so from 6st 1 now up to a health 9st 1 it has taken four years. I really notice the difference in my health, I notice the difference in how my hair grows, my nails, my skin is no longer dry.

So how can i show a continued longer plan is not only better and healthier option but also becomes your new habit. that sticks and is sustainable. I hold myself accountable every day through photos.

Here is a before and after Four years apart. I really hate how I let myself get that thin, or that I was so busy that I forgot the most impotant thing self care, That isnt the way to be if your a mum or a carer lets be truthfull our kids learn from us the people we look after learn from us. How can we expect to build thier confidence while Not working on our own.

You can see the difference right, Well every day I would take a photo and i dint notice the change at first not for months i was a slow prossess but after a while and lots of motivation from friends and family to keep it up I began to notice the change subtly at first , my skin wasn’t so dry my hair was begining to grow my nails werent brittle i got my apitite back and began to love food a lot, it wasnt always photo’s of myself though it isnt a vanity thing, i would cook meals and set the table and light candles, you can probally see that if you been following my blog or other social media for a while. So how come we never notice before we let ourselves get to that I will say dangerous unhealthy way, we ignore people around us, yes sometimes the truth hurts but do you really think your loved ones Friends collegues are being mean when they point things out or give advise ? because they don’t care or do you think its because they care and they try to help you but just can’t get past the barriers of denial we all get when we wan’t to avoid the truth. Personally i like being toldexactly how it it because I am one stubborn lady and I will go out no matter how long it takes and achive it just to prove I can. Being Stubburn is sometimes veiwed as a weekness I think it is one of my biggest strenghs it gives me fight and that kick up the backside I need on more than one occation.

The other thing is before I could blend into the background, Now its begining to not be possible to do that just because every thing fits me better now and dosent hang on me like a bag of old rags and because I feel healthy I want to wear my nice clothes again, especially dresses.

So what else yes the book wrote it and published it twice, despite things going wrong I had a good cry dusted myself off and carried on. Everything to do with the after parts of the book I work at every day. When you read the book it isnt writtten in a negative way, It is positive while talking very gentally about some important issues of awarness. you get to see the start of something that will have a beautiful future a healthy future, even in the challenging times.

New years Eve was great relaxed and ended in lots of laughter. Also I have been trying out new lighting I brought for Niki and Jake for christmas for we they do their social media stuff.

Game playing, music listening, mucical instruments, Face timing family and a good old fashioned happy new year knees up with just the five of us. Us adults even took it in turns to get an hour power nap before the new year came in. Oh and video messages for Hayley

Video for Hayley , Getting older so forgetfull with words somtimes
Jakes improved so much with his playing all self taught
.New Year came in with plenty of fire works from the neighbours gardens
The kids wanted me to go out the back of house instead of front Jake almost dragged me there . lol

Oh and warmer clothes when i say i like to wear dresses I like to wear them for dinner like going out for a meal just at home. Lockdown dinner party but I also love to equally go put on some clothes I can veg in too.

New Years Day

I don’t know what happened wether it was the sad mum dancing in the kitchen but some how i pulled my shoulder, couldn’t move it at all so spent the day resting it also got me out of cooking handed the kitchen over to hubby he always cooks most days over christmas period anyway, Besides I reminded him I am on holiday off work. it was a delicious dinner.

Those real bad Cracker Jokes lol

We watched a movie with Kids , then crashed think we were all tired.

On to yesterday Was the very last day and night with Josh here so really wanted to stay out the way and let the kids have most of day and evening with Josh, I had a mission to find his missing sock that always disappears when the washing gets done. I here about the phantom sock eater its always lived in my house. sometime he gives the back in wierd places like down the back of a radiator or under the pillows ocationally a couple of odd ones end up in my handbag or car, or is it them elevs up to mischief , well i found the misssing one sat down to drink my coffee and this happened.

yep I am a proper numpty sometimes all though I did find it.

Today our Josh went home had to get back for work and we have to get back to school and work here too. I will miss him lots not sure when we will see him again in person all depends on lockdowns again but for now he is back to phone calls and face time and we go back to our privous bubbles for work.I am so going to miss him stretched out on the sofa, and his and the kids play fighting and playing music together.

Any way good night sleep well

much love Faye