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Hi all how are you today, this weeks been a little tougher then usual just a lot going on sometimes your impacted more then you let on. I had high hopes for this year, maybe most of us did and things we set out to achieve didn’t quite happen the way you expected, situations coming up, I do plan for the year to end as good as it started though just maybe in a different kind of way. Even as I sit here writing I am full of confused thoughts. Not much i can do about that just focus on something else.

Today is my mums Birthday, It’s hard not spending it with her.

My beautiful sweet caring mother, always there if I need to chat, she is the most strongest intelligent and kind giving women I know, she brought me up well and despite me being handful when I was young I turned out quite good in the end. she passed a lot of mother daughter skills on to me. Happy Birthday to you my beautiful mum, I can say this because she always reads my blog bit like when I was younger and she used to look in my dairy. I think the teenage me didn’t like it I actually left a message once ( if you think I am going to write things in here you have another thing coming) or something along those lines maybe not quite so polite.

but now I am glad she does read what I write because it makes me feel closer to her when we are not together.

Photography – different eye’s different perspectives

Today I want to share some photo’s Niko and the kids took when they went for some exercise the other day, they got distracted by the view.

Jake’s photos

I love the way he has captured the view of our local park not far from our home. the top one sunset the orange glow, the silhouette of the trees standout in the foreground of the foggy evening, Left-how beautiful it would be to just lay on the ground looking up at the sky and seeing the clouds slowly move and wonder about traveling beyond the clouds and out of our atmosphere in to space and beyond seeing the world slowly become smaller as it disappears from sight to a tiny speck what the astronaut’s must see on their way up and out the training they go through for just that possibility i bet the world was never the same for them again when they returned to see the beauty of what is out there with your own eyes. Middle- the winter view of a tree bare of most of its leaves tinged with droplets of rain the windy slowly blowing through what remains on there. The last picture the beginnings of night the end of day, the cold air and misty hue of the fog as it slowly creeps across the fields giving it a almost haunting looking view. the empty fields usually filled with kids , families dog walkers and cricket matches empty of population due to people staying home, Covid and lock down really does make you appreciate what is all around you.

Niki’s View

Niki’s has a slight more spooky look plus she captured her dad

Niko’s view

All very different photo’s of the same place I love this when they share there photo’s and get creative.

To finish off tonights blog just my favorite childhood game , I loved playing it with Jake today.

Battleships I love it

Good night, sleep well.

Much Love Faye xxx