Emo The Emotional Elf

Hope you have a great start to Christmas week.

I am blessed and thankful all my kids are here, our Josh returned yesterday and we are once again our own little family unit.

I haven’t seen Josh since July due to work and trying to make sure we all stay safe during this pandemic, but now I can truly relax for the first time in months.

You know having a grown up child that doesn’t live with us anymore is harder than you know, Josh just lifts all of us up, The sounds of him playing instruments his little smile and him stretched out on the sofa with a sibling each side. Problems seem so far away. Nothing else matters but this moment, They are the thing that makes my eyes light up the smile on my face, the hope in my heart, and for once it isn’t about diagnosis or what they have or don’t have it is purely them and thier beautiful personalities , Thier eagerness to teach each other , Thier respect for each other they unconditional love and acceptance they have.

I have done something so right in my life brought up these beautiful little human beings.

That’s all I want to say right at this moment , I have peace in my soul and a whole heap of love in my heart today. ❤️😁🎄

I will get back to blogging soon this time of year rounding up work last week, and focusing on my own kids.

But I would also like to thank my family for all the help they have given me this year especially the last couple of weeks so I can make this time special. For the money towards food , for the parts for my car, and all the little bits.

I couldn’t of doñe it with our your support and care. 😁❤️

Much Love Faye xxx