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Hi Every one how are you today?

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Building platform’s on social media, author pages networking and book marketing is a bit like this picture, your there, you’re ready, your unsure and exhilarated are you going to soar or fall flat on your face? building them isn’t an over night thing but a steady constant pace. meeting other authors finding like minded writers, I mean you don’t even have to write in the same genre, just have the same goal of getting your work out there in the big jungle of books stores websites search engines, visibility is somewhat of a key especially if you are a beginner. It really is a big mountain to climb.

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There will be small stepping stones along the way, paths that try and take you off course,distractions, and disastrous linkups which make you want to pull your hair out. I have had a few of them, but really we are all in the same kind of situation as writers it’s just we are on different stages of that journey. I don’t mind passing on tips I have learned along the way, the ones to AVOID or the ones that helped.

You can have well know authors who’s names carry the books or unknown authors who quietly go under the raider for many years, because they are not as extrovert as other’s.

I have loved and hated the experience of becoming an author and I definitely want to be taken seriously as one even if it is my own unique way.

I use my knowledge i have gained over the years a mother and as a carer for my writing I join author groups , family groups, special needs parenting groups. only offer advise I know has worked for my family just when other families feel out of their depth about how they can help there kids, i love to sign post families to support groups. But in truth their are one or to area’s where I am receiving support from some really good advisers especially around benefits area maybe this in turn will help families in a different quite way, whilst fighting for my kids rights. and bringing our unique situation forward, so it can be highlighted that many families and individuals who reach adulthood with a disability don’t get left a long time without the financial support they need due to complexities of there case.

I don’t seek to gain much other then making things easier for families, being an open support network when they feel overwhelmed. because I used to be there, isolated ,overwhelmed, unsure of what to do to bring some peace and harmony back. look at me now a very different woman because of my writing suddenly I have a voice suddenly a confidence, I have my sparkle back. So if you are starting out on your journey as a writer don’t give up at the set backs don’t expect big changes emidately be consistant do your reaserch , don’t be afraid to ask a fellow author, or and illustrator or anyone connected with books how they found thier journey.

Thier are many benifits to social media, just on the vast reach you can have try to do it with honesty even if you feel a little unconfident if you havee good days with your work if you hit a wall or a stuble if you get rejections or acceptance all of it is part of the journey of becoming the best author you can be. Remember even if you go down the free publishing routes it’s never really free you will part with money at some point, when your starting out you will probally lose more then you gain, you’re biggest expence that you will have to invest is you’re time. Just remember you are worth it, you are worth every penny you spend on investing in you.

Moving on to family and work now, the mad rush that really was only them first fewseconds of waking up late, yep thats how my morning started any other week it would be ok that happened but this week as you know is exam week for Jake, dads phone call at 7.35 this morning that i finally answered after missing my alarm clock and his multiple calls was kind of funny though it was almost like my time as a teenager when your parents call you for the hundreth time and you answer with yeah i’m up, ok, ok, I can’t talk i’m late. I know how my kids feel as I do the very same thing to them. knocking on Jakes door jake we are late you have to be quick normally doesnt rouse him straight away but he jumped up and got dressed while I made his lunch and popped his toast in the toaster, getting his milk and finding them shoes, which as he walks into the kitchen reminding me he needs knew ones yep only got them when school went back , he has another perfectly good Pair new shiny shoes sitting on the shelf he won’t wear because they are different from the ones i would normally buy but couldn’t because of last lockdown. to be honest they are sitting on the shelf next to another brand new pefectly good pair he wouldn’t where either but thats kids with sensory issues, i know others will get this, maybe even poarents of kids with out sensory issues get this. It really is a good job Jake only eats toast for breakfast because at least that can be eaten in the car so we don’t arrive at school late. I would normal say sit and eat if we are late iit will only be a couple of minutes but not exam week.

We saw the most beautiful Rainbow as we were arriving at the school what a lucky charm I said to Jake. We were quitely chatting on the way, mind you I dont think he even had time to have anxiety or get nevous this morning, maybe thats a good thing. we thankfully got there on time traffic was with us this morning that half an hour earlier we miss all the other parent’s taking there kids to school another thing to be thankful for. He went in rather calm and happy today.

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Rainbows always get Jake remembering science facts.


Yes in the car we wear masks , when hayley is in thier she is not always good with reflexes and covering her mouth or nose when she snezzes of coughs. Hayley Had her last walk out with day center they are stopping them again because of the inpending lockdown. We got there a little early it was super chilly today, but Hayley was really looking forward to it, we listened to some music while we waited. We had to change to a viser for hayley when she is going on walks due to her sight issues and the fact that her glasses steam up to risky because she has balance issues to and has had several falls in the past breaking her wrists. but we dont want her unprotected either. i sent her off with 2 members of staff from day center.


Well i got home Niki and Hubby were both still in the land of the fairies , out for the count.

Finally that much coverted cup of morning coffee, oh how that morning coffee is a best friend gives you time to think and plan whats nexts doesn’t talk and bombard your brain with facts warms you up and leaves you with a clear head. Just because the day started in a rush doesn’t mean it had to carry on like that, I had 2 and a half hours before picing up hayley so made and orpared dinner so it was ready for when they all got home from school,

Made hayley’s lunch and set up laptop ready for when I picked her up she had zoom quiz this afternoon, The dinner came out of the oven with enough time for me to pick her up while it cooled down, picked her up at 12.30 got her home she had her lunch and her zoom started at 1pm. While she was doing that i fed niki and her dad luch and got all the ironing done shot over to the school to pick Jake up. he said his exams went well.

We got back just before Hayley’s zoom finnished. NIki also had her college Zoom class this afternoon, hubby had phonecalls to make.

It may seem like our life is a bit busy and chaos sometimes but it isn’t its pretty organised yes the occaional blip or sudden change but we try to keep them limited we like having a basic structured day , everyone knows whats happening and ruffly when.

Me and hayley then did our video together, we do a little video blog so hayley gets to talk about her day and say hello to people. we also did a sing along so we could send it to Mum Que Sera Sera, Mum said it made her cry because it was a happy surprise. I wish thier was a way we could still do them and share them on our social media, becasue we found them so uplifting but we understand abouy the new restictions and respect it even though in times like these we could all do with some positive uplifting posts.

For some reason a memory of my Nanu singing this when I was young popped into my head, thats why I chose this perticular song. IT is also a very classic song i like the old ones sometimes and Hayley knows some of the words too.

I fed everyone dinner before dropping Hayley home at 5pm, and the rest of the time i spoke to Josh on phone and have been writing this the kids like to do their own thing to be honest it helps them unwind after school to talk to thier boyfriend and girlfriend and friends online they are older now don’t want to spend as much time with us oldies.

This is the end of my blog for tonight and for once I am done early, going to definatley get things ready for the morning and gets some sleep early tonight i don’t want a repeat of waking up late.

Goodnight everyone sleep peacefully

Much Love Faye xxx