Emo The Emotional Elf

Good Morning ♥️🔆

A brand new week, we rocked this morning school run😁👌

Back to work with Hayley today, we are getting her new sceduals sorted, doing some e-learning today she is a very Happy mood excited to be going on a walk tomorrow with day center staff.

Happy faces 😁

It turned out well as I have an important meeting tomorrow don’t have to split myself between her and other commitments . Not that that’s an issue but I can give the meeting my full attention.

Jake is slowly settling back into school routine Thier is a little getting used to new teaching methods and teachers. But it’s early days I always remind him to give his teachers a chance to understand Thier strengths and weakness it’s new for them too. It takes time to get an understanding going. We talk alit about others perspectives just because he is still learning about it and that it’s ok for people to have a different opinion and still be a good person.

The thing is my kids have always stuck by Thier opinions and very rarely change that opionion unless they research facts. I truly love that about them. We are learning to respect a difference of opinion it’s healthy to agree to disagree and move on.

I am finding writing becoming easier again, me and Hayley are listening to music while she does her learning today.

Any way have a beautiful new week ahead.

Much love Faye xx💓