Emo The Emotional Elf

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Feeling a little inspired tonight , got my laptop out the music quietly playing . a cup of coffee

Hi everyone hows your weekend been, I have to say I have had the most relaxed time this weekend, my head feels the clearest its been in a long time. For once I left my car parked up all weekend end and used my good old feet head phones on blasting my ears with all my favorite tunes while I walk. it really is amazing just how far you can walk when your mind is occupied with special tunes and the scenery. Their has been lots of things I have noticed over the last few days that just make me sit back and enjoy. One thing is waking up early and seeing this little cat come playing in my garden I can see it from my favorite spot in the kitchen while I have my first coffee of the day, it’s white,orange and black it finds things to play with it does these tiny little flips in the air, but is always alert for any noise or other cats that maybe around, it plays there dor a good 10 minutes. I love seeing the vegetables grow each day the colour changes as they ripen and get ready for picking, the sun shining through the windows as it rises.

The sound of the clock ticking it’s surprisingly loud when everyone else is still asleep , I love them moments when you think about plans for the day.

You know I share a lot periodically through the day, it’s kind of like I have a list of things to do and when I share something I can move on to the next thing on my list , I always think I am going to forget details for when i do sit and blog it helps me with planning out what I am going to write, its how I began writing Emo a bit like a running diary only it was an Elf diary I do find this style of writing best suits my personality.

Although I do plan a head and I am always prepared I am equally spontaneous and moment to moment.

My walk today wasn’t very long and just a leg stretcher after dinner but it happened at the right time as Dylan who was going to meet with friends just for a small birthday treat, had to change plans when they couldn’t get together so asked if he could come watch movies with Niki, as we are all in the same bubble it was cool and great for both of them to spend time together as cousins. I got some gifts and a cake from shop on my walk.

The one thing I love about going to the local shops is the community this little group always sitting outside the shops every day, they always call out Hello smiler at me and i always respond with a wave and a hello.

Hello is a powerful word sometimes it can make someones day, a lot of the time people avoid the group or walk anxiously passed them like they don’t exists but I see how important they are too each other and that little bit of socialization might be the only thing that gets them up that day, some have disabilities some like a beer but they are humans though life can be super tough for people not everyone has a great family like mine, not everyone has a support network, that people would see as a good influence but I see it like they the only family they have even if they are not related. I have a huge interest in people, and life, and what makes a quality life for each individual.

I got a New Face mask this weekend . I really love it, it’s smiley and has red lipstick my favorite colour. so it is like my stamp without people seeing my actual smile.

Sunday’s I love to potter about listen to music get things ready for the week ahead, sometimes I cook sometimes hubby does today I took over everything so he could rest I have rested a little to much for my liking besides i find being busy sometimes super relaxing. I talked to my Mum and some friends , sang into the mop while I cleaned. popped a roast in oven. made BLT’s for lunch, their is something so fulfilling when you use produce you freshly pick. Sitting having dinner together was fun although i had to remind kids three things not to discuss at dinner table, Politics, Money and Religion. Not at my dinner table very passionate people very passionate views, I prefer to laugh while I eat not be referee.

We did also have Greens forgot the picture green beans and Chard.

I love it with a little olive oil and freshly squeezed lemon. Niki did try the Green beans but she is a vegetarian who doesn’t enjoy veg is their a word for that , who knows? I don’t!!

Dylan’s Short notice surprise Birthday

Good thing about me loving Birthday’s so much is endless supply of balloons, banners and candles, I got back and set things up ready only took about 20 minutes from being at the shops and getting home before Dylan arrived, I just got it done. I got Niki to take Dylan upstairs called hubby and Jake down ready to sing happy birthday they both lit the cake Wow 19 can’t believe it really seems only yesterday he turned 18 and I gave him his memory book his was one of the first ones I made.

I think he liked the surprise.

Their it is that smile on Jakes face, he tried so hard not to smile we had to go through a few pics before he was happy with one I could use, my phone is filled with many photo’s they won’t let me use because they don’t like the angle or the lighting, I am used to accepting that is part of them but I like to catch people when they are most natural and like themselves, I can never get bored capturing my kids I want to soak up every moment sometimes just because I love them so much. I Guess I am a little greedy about it sometimes kids they grow so quick one minute they are opening their eyes for the first time, the first time their tiny hand wraps around your finger, fist teeth , first steps that very first Christmas and birthday. I always loved all of them moments through out their lives First day of school, then Secondary school, college and uni, first house and job. Time fly’s so quickly.

This year is all a mess really gone so quick and slow at the same time, lots achieved and so little , quality time with some and not getting quality time with other’s it makes you yearn and what it back how it was it makes you value everything you have in your life, the freedom we had growing up, freedom of speech, free for lots of other things some people don ‘t have.

I am blessed with family , a roof over our head and food on our table, yes life is challenging for our family a lot of the time but if this is all I have for my life I am truly blessed and happy. they are my world.

Good night and have a peaceful sleep

Much love Faye xx