Emo The Emotional Elf

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Hi all how are you doing ?

Lazy Sunday’s, Don’t you just love them?

Little Tom was so chatty in his own little way, Ellie and Holly were little darlings. Ellie has a bad foot at the moment a bit swollen and bruised she hurt it on the trampoline at school the other day. Holly she is the cheekiest the little giggler. she loves the filters on the phone and messing about with them.

This is her this morning, Living her best life !!

Little Tom is my little go getter he always finds a way to communicate what he wants he has this clever and funny little personality he captures every ones hearts. who meets him with his cute little smile and puppy dog eyes.

He spends most of his time laughing at me , or saying I love you and NO.this morning when I lined up the elves up he got so excited.

See what I mean he thinks I am silly
Ellie joining in the Fun Too

I don’t think they wanted me to leave this morning , Just as I was about ready to go Ellie asked for a hug, Holly jumped on me and said your not going and little tom grab hold of my top laughing. But on a serious note little Tom has his hip operation coming up soon he had his premed the other day

His mum was saying how unhelpful they were at the Train station because they didn’t know they would have to pre- book help for wheel chair access. What if a wheel chair user wanted to be spontaneous and just wanted to go out. they would normally drive too appointments but daddy wasn’t available to drive thier so she went with toms other carer.

It is funny how if you don’t have a disability either visible or invisible it is as easy as doing what you want when you want but when you do have these other issues thier is many things you have to check out before you even make a decision to go. Will it be accessible what happens in an emergency, what do I need to bring incase of delays . Is thier going to be a changing table big enough. where are they if your not familiar with some where it can be a huge hurdle.

Going into London at the moment with all these protests can be more of an issue for some just trying to get their special needs kids to thier appointments. his hips hurt so sitting in his wheelchair for long journey’s must be hard for him. he didn’t want to go in it this morning, he wanted a leg massage.

Still that was not something I was involved with as I don’t work with Tom on week days.

Upon returning home hubby was already pouring my coffee the kids were still asleep, I was waiting to see how long it would take for them to come and see if I was home but an hour later they hadn’t even stirred, I called up too them one second later we heard this almighty bang and thud as Jake jumped of his bed and came running down the stairs followed shortly after by Niki. I love thier big hugs when I get home. Jake had the baking bug today wanted to make cake and dinner.

Triple chocolate Fudge Cake his favorite one of the only ones he will eat, he found a liking too it when he was anxious one day and cooked one for his teachers, I remember the look on his face when he tentatively took his first ever bite of this particular type of cake.

Still it isn’t all about the good stuff , we are helping him by exposing him to more cooking he is eager to learn and deal with his eating issues.
Preparation and using his senses a big step in the right direction

Smell of food cooking is becoming easier for him , as is touching some foods. one step at a time. he did also have a small piece of chicken on his plate today but only managed a bite, but still it is one bite more. he made a beautiful roast chicken dinner.

Playing cards while we waited , my hubby had the Sunday sleep, and Laurence of Arabia move time.

Niki was talking to Tom and her Friends so was hibernating in her room only coming down for feeding time, she waited till I left the room and put her Brussels on her dads plate , but she did eat her corn on cob and broccoli. so I was very pleased with that , yay me getting my vegetarian daughter to actually eat veg. the rest of the day has just been chilling .,

Any way good night for now our week has come to and end with smiles on our face and appointments done. now to look forward to the schools shutting for half term so we can chill with each other .

good night much love Faye xx