Emo the Emotional Elf

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Hi all today was the big book event, and although a quite one it was great.

Outfit of choise Mrs clause
I was the only one dressed in Character
Maybe that will make me a memorable
Author. Willing to go to that little bit of extra effort to make the kids smile.πŸ˜€

I have a a different way of thinking about this it is why I never inbox my book links unless someone asks. I would much rather have people drawn to visit and ask then direct sales. Maybe that is why sales can be a little slow sometimes. The way I look at it is one book at a time, the book may not have an impact of everyone that reads it but it may have an impact on that one person who it connects with.

Setting up was lovely, this time though we all got bigger tables so had the room to really display our books to draw people over.

A large enough table to really spread out.
The room had been redecorated since the last event and had this photo friendly background white and grey.
The only thing I wish would be different is if my table cloth didn’t have fold lines but that is me being picky πŸ˜€

We added a few extra things as give aways, chocolate coins. Not just for the kids adults wanted some tooπŸ˜€

The screens around the library showing the authors book covers and short discription.

The event organisers all Thier to get us set up, show us where to go. The lifts to get up Thier with all our stock.

Our name printed out for our tables to help people to know who we are if they hadn’t heard of our books before.
Displaying both the front and back of the book and that we take cash and credit card makes it easier for sales
Our house definatley believes in imagination and creativity

Having book marks business cards and small posters to show people where they can find you online if they choose to go away and think about it before buying . πŸ˜€β€οΈ

Give aways are always a nice touch
Chocolate coins just to get into the spirit of Christmas plus keyrings.

It really depends on the croud though whether you put a small price on them or give them away.
Obviously they are both for advertising purposes and a little thing that is also practical. They are a good investment either way

I made one sale today so that is good, it was brought by a mother for her daughter who is 10 and not long been diagnosed. We got talking and had something in comman that may have been different if it wasn’t for chatting about our kids.

Emo had his biggest smile as usual

The other children’s author’s in our room were set up and ready for the people attending to come in. Some made sales some didn’t you have to take it as a positive because you learn and pick up tips from other author’s.

I love all Thier work and there different style. I have learnt to appreciate what they have been through to produce Thier books.

We all talked about the marketing side of things and getting books to wider audiences.

The were some children’s activities going on in the lower part of the Library and they ran a little completion, to see if they could find things and then come and get authors to put Thier signiture the winner got a Β£10 book voucher. That was a fun little thing to get people in the rooms where author’s were. They were a little quite so opening the book and showing them Niki and Jake and telling them about the family photos they seemed to relax,

Maybe they can run a selfie completion next time, getting pictures of adults reading with them parent’s or care givers , grandparent’s aunt’s and uncle’s teachers. This could work well for all kids even kids with disabilities because it could be something for everyone to be involved with. The one with the most selfies wins the prize. That’s a way to get on and off line working in tandom with each other, plus gets adults to take the time to engadge with reading.

I found it helped our family alot you get quality one on one with each child Noone feels left out. You find kids really benifit from it and start opening up to you more plus they start inviting you into the online places they love it if you notice Thier post and put a ❀️ on it. This is an unintrusive way of keeping an eye on them online making sure that Thier ok. The best thing is they invite you.

I spoke to some dad’s too about the book, and found out one of them taught kungfu for about 25 years so I shared that I found it was really benificial for Jake.

I spoke to another lady, who was an English teacher who has written a book too but waiting to get a publisher. She shared that she lost a child in later stages of pregnancy that is something we touch on in the book not in the main story but in remembrance of my daughter who passed. In the dedications part of the book.

This is what I hoped too achieve by writing a book opening up chats about the more difficult subjects. It’s as much for parents and families as is it for kids. Finding away to understand each others feelings and what makes us feel the way we feel sometimes it helps kids learn how to find ways to cope with Thier feelings if they see Thier parents are open about how they feel.

Any way that is all for now have to get ready for my night shift with the kiddo’s lots of fun to have tonight with them .

Much love Faye XX

Been walking around with a big smile all day.