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2 year Blog Anniversary !!

I got a Word Press, notification today I seems like only yesterday I began to write this blog, my goodness I stuck at it.

It has had a huge impact on me and gave me a the ability to talk and write a freedom that is not me the mum or the wife but me the writer, the author. Thank you too all who have followed or read my posts, or clicked a link to read, I think your all pretty awesome people. First I find just sitting here in silence just typing so calming. Sometimes it relieves inner tension that doesn’t answer back like when you are having a conversation with someone. At the very point of writing it is only your own perspective you are sharing. What you see in others that they may not see in themselves. My blog, is very family orientated, but also about work and my journey to becoming an author, two years to additions of my book released one with a publisher hitting issue’s over coming them, starting again, you definitely need a don’t give up attitude in the world of publishing, you also need to stand up for your work and rights. It is like giving birth all over again you nurture your writing like you would your kids. you watch it develop through many stages. and it changes you for the better, that’s like being a mum they teach you so very much. both my kids and my books have given me many nights of worry but they are worth the world too me, I wonder if I would feel the same if it was a fiction book as I do about this book about my family and our journey. I guess time will tell as my new books develop maybe thier will be fiction books ahead on this new journey, but nothing makes me happier then talking about my family.

I am happy with the results of my hubby’s work, I must admit when he was doing the cutting in of the the red I got the giggles when he dropped the red paint brush on the newly white fire place. I have a bad habit of laughing at the wrong time. he just shook his head and said don’t say any thing. i kind of kept distracting him with my clutsy cleaning got a bit over enthusiastic cleaning the window the hinge broke. he sorted that and then as I cleaned the carpets with that vanish shake on hover up stuff I made our Hoover die. It decided to blow all the dust out all over my clean front room which I spent four hours washing walls and cleaning cereal from under neath my sofa now the question is how and who put it thier , Niki or Jake or maybe both. The search of the crevices of the couch saw me raise about £5 in lose change. Basic cleaning and decorating brings its own challenges. I love my life a lot even the little irritating bits it keeps me on my toes. drives my hubby crazy sometimes his deep signs or ” for goodness sake Faye” rings in my ears even when I do things wrong when he is not here. He knows my most annoying habits mumbling under my breath as I walk out the room loud enough for him to here I am annoyed but not quite loud enough for him to here what I actually say, or the fact I am banging the cupboard doors as I lovingly prepare his dinner, even when I don’t want too . I can be a bit of a grumpy cow sometimes.

Wednesday was work day with Hayley, we had a lovely lunch when we we out, she even ate a banana she has long been eating fruit but she enjoys a banana twice a week. doctors said she shouldn’t eat too many. It is her Birthday Tomorrow 48 years old she will be,thier is just over three year between our ages with my oldest brother being 46 and I am 45 this year our younger brother is 43. Yes we are all entering the mid to late forty’s so much of life to still look forward too. So much yet to experience our kids marrying Becoming grandparents one day ( NOT YET THOUGH ) .

Hayley has been telling everyone it’s her birthday multiple times she is like this excited kid in an adults body. we are taking her to her favorite local Pub to listen to a band tomorrow.

My mum traveled down this morning and is with us till Tuesday, it is so lovely to have her here. we went to visit my aunt today who is having to move to a bungalow and out of our grandparents home that has been lived in by our families for over 60 years, It is sad the tenancy couldn’t be taken over by her but that is the rules can only change hands once. which it had to my uncle but when he recently sadly passed suddenly this was what we had to do. Thier have been so many generations of kids having happy fun times in this house, and it is with mixed feelings we say good by to the walls that held the memory of our family, but now another family get the fill it with love and laughter as it was when we grow up surrounded by family.

Jake got a 8b on his Geography test he was excited to share that news with us, again it goes to show with a little bit of adjustment and a quite place to do his tests, where he doesn’t feel anxious or overwhelmed by noise he can get the grades we always new he could. anxiety is such a difficult thing to live with it isn’t always rational it isn’t always understood but it is always thier,

Any way I could write so much more but I am going to sleep now nearly 1 am again.

Goodnight for now,

Much love Faye xx

Here is the link for the Ebook version of my book Emo the Emotional Elf


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