Emo the Emotional Elf

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Has it really been nearly a week since my last update wow I am slacking , thier is so much to write about where to begin.

It has been a long productive week for us here, we have added more jobs to the mix by beginning to do a small redecorate and deep clean of the house we have been so busy with work thier is much to catch up on. I don’t think my hubby new what he let himself in for when I asked him to take the curtains down for me so I can give them a clean,. I suddenly went out and brought a can of paint and sugar soap.

Bless him he washed , repaired and steamed them.

Now don’t be too shocked he knows how to use an iron just mostly chooses not too, who can blame him I avoid it as much as I can as well , he is very Handy around the house always fixing things. He had to do a temporary fixed on our window I simply cleaned it and the bracket on the hinge broke. story of his life fixing things for me.

I thought he deserved a real good meal for his hard work so made a lovely beef and vegetables stew, so nice to make some of these more winter meals on cold wet days. Plus I caught up on all the ironing he had his wardrobe refilled for the first time in a while.

What can I say a home is not a home if you don’t both make it one. there are no gender roles in our home just we both do a bit of everything .

Our Jake

Jake his Migraine has been slowly leaving but this time was it was a pretty intense one for him, affecting his head, eyes and tummy, had almost 3 days off school the week before last, the first day back on Monday he got so tired he slept from when he got home we just managed to get him up to eat his dinner but that was a real difficulty.

I wasn’t best pleased to receive a red warning letter from the school over attendance. I just don’t think they will ever get how debilitating his migraines are. Double vision, dizziness, nausea Stomach pain ,he is ok sitting or laying in one position but not moving just a slight movement sets it off.

They have a letter from the doctors and it is all in his education plan, He might be doing better at school back in top sets, going to his lessons but this is something he lives with all the time he was eager not to miss much school and when he had moments of eased pain he did willing do his homework so he didnt get to far behind.

I don’t think I have a lot of patience with his school over this matter, I am happy with them passing any missed work over for him to do at home if he needs ro catch up but they never really communicate other then these truly annoying letters, that at the end of the day don’t and can’t change his hidden issues. I really wish I could have a magic wand and take his pain away but I can’t.

The colour in his cheeks still hasn’t fully returned yet, he goes white as a ghost .

Our beautiful Niki

Again with her fingers

Niki is working hard at college , and her placement, she is really enjoying it she gets assessed by the college running a little art thing for a small group of children on monday at her placement she is already planned and prpared everything she needs. and is doing it with such inthusiasum.

She has been suffering with her ears again they get completely blocked no matter how many times we clear them, one is completely clear now the other she has an appointment for the nurse to do in a couple of weeks the only appointment I could get she cant here out of it at all at the moment. I think because she suffers so much with it that’s why she has learnt to lip read and some sign language

She also had her appointment at the specialist for her pcos, the meds seem to be doing well she has to see them again in six months then they will check testosterone levels again,

if need be add another med she is already saying she doesn’t want to take anymore, we just decided to wait and see results next time before we decide anything. ultimately it is her body her choice. if it helps her then that is great if not then that is ok too.

Niki also heard it was her teachers birthday this week and wanted to make her feel special for the day she and some of her class mates decorated the room one made a birthday cake and Niki choose some presents for her teacher she wrapped and put it in a basket. She felt really great throwing her teacher a surprise for her birthday. she has come along way in communicating with teachers now.

Here she is bag of balloons and her little gift


As you know we had to help her move from disability to pip she was worrying that her money would stop again, it was good news this time , they have put the mobility part up to high rate, that will definitely help a lot because of her bouts of falls over the last year, she has also had a lot of returning headaches which means are keeping an extra close watch over her incase it means her silent fits are happening again.

Hayley has grand mal seizures and petit mal, as well as absences where she just stares.

She wanted to celebrate with a treat as it was her treat day we found out and my on shift full day.

Her and Niki have got real close lately she wanted her to join in on her activity of choice this week, the arcade . Hayley loves to do repetitive things so you bet she hit the Jackpot not once but twice on the huge fidget spinner there.

She also did some of her winter clothes shopping, and got some arts and craft things to make for Halloween.

we always leave the arcade with the mini photo’s Hayley loves collecting her memories for her memory book

There is also something else which we are waiting to be fixed the path out side Hayley’s garden it has been broke and reported someone sprayed it with a cross ready to be done but that was weeks ago still a bit dangerous not only for Hayley but the neighbor too who is extremely fragile.

It is defiantly a major trip hazard

Hayley walks fast and has bad eyes even with her glasses I would hate to see her trip on that. the two unsteady people have this outside thier gates.

Emo the Emotional Elf book

We are slowly making small steps with this just waiting for some more feed back about it from people that have purchased it. The trailer is finished just a few tweeks with the subtitles then will be uploaded, I am all ready to go for the next author event on the 19th of October at our local library, my first payment for eBook should arrive in 90 days £2.91 out of the £5-95 for the ebook isn’t such a bad return one step closer. Reality of royalties . Think it is going to take a long time at that rate to get initial investment back but we will see Christmas isn’t long off and I might have good sales over that period a girl can dream. I wander sometimes what would of happened if the publishers we used before hadn’t gone bust. How many sales we would of made that year when it was new and fresh and relevant to where we were on the journey at that time. Then I shake myself don’t look back and wander what may have been go out and make what can and will be never give up.

The kids, Tom,Holly, Ellie and Hayley. Work night.

Was a great night we had fun and reading, and camping in the front room

The Elves Ever present , Thier was a Very special gift for mr from Holly a copy of a published book she has a short story in she was so excited when she learned her story was being published, she thinks we are author twins.

What a fantastic book full of young talented writers from 7 – 11 year olds

The imagination effort and hard work they and the schools and the editor Wendy Laws. I really enjoyed reading them and read them to Niki and Jake too really made them smile.

I must admit though I was quite captivated by them, they must be so proud of themselves i know what it’s like as an author to receive that first copy of the book imagine all those children’s whose work was added the excitement of showing off they newly published work.

great Job to all of them hope to read more from them in the future and they continue of with thier very creative writing.

You can check out this book and others written by young writers at the web address below, thier is defiantly some surprising work in there.

http://www.youngwriters.co.uk the book is on sale for £15.99

What incredible diary entries.

Good night much love Faye xx