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Hi all, here is my feed back from Heather her view of my book really matter because she is a relatively newly published author herself, and also a mother of a child who is autistic, our children. are maybe opposite ends of the spectrum but still we face many of the same issues in finding the right support and placements for our children, while also learning to adapt to our children’s needs. Both journeys as new author’s,mother’s and wife’s.

Are sometimes hard and easy at the same time, our books aimed at different audiences and very different ways of writing styles.

So here is Heather’s review of Emo the Emotional Elf.

Heather Golding -Author

It’s not often I manage to read a book in 1 day, but having received, in the Mail, only yesterday, the delightful book: “EMO The Emotional Elf” by new author Faye Kerry Farmer, about her children’s diagnosis of autism, anxiety and other issues, which is aimed for children to read and was written by a parent, I was intrigued by the similarities of our lives, even though our stories are very different.
On reading the introductory pages of how and why Faye wrote her book, I was immediately drawn to similar words that I’d also written in my book about autism. Such as Faye’s emotional grief about her fears of failing as a mum. Her concerns about her children’s diagnosis, merely being dismissed – and of course her description of the ‘hidden disabilities’ – one of my chapter titles!
So, while Faye has written about similar things, but from her own perspective, about the struggles she has faced with her children with autism, anxiety and other issues, her book is also filled with delightful pictures of her family enjoying a Christmas time together.
And because this book is primarily aimed for children to read, the story moves along at a happy and fun pace, which not only allows the child to read and enjoy the story, it also helps them to understand the many subtle reminders about awareness, as well as certain coping mechanisms that are associated with autism, anxiety and other issues. Adults will also enjoy reading this book, not just for the subtle reminders, but for the moral behind the stories.
So, for parents with young children, who have been diagnosed, or maybe they might just like to read the story, so that they and their children will learn and understand about others who are different to them – then this is the book to read.
Well, done Faye for having the courage and fortitude to write your family story – in an engaging and fun way that also includes children – who are the main focus in your book – as your readers.

All my love and best wishes to you and your family


As soon as my book is available again I truly hope other’s will give it a chance even if they would not normally read that unique bespoke type of book.

I think there are many books that sit on shelves because we rule the out before even trying, I myself as an avid reader have tried and enjoyed extending my book collection and am willing to give something different and new a try. Funny thing is my previewed opinion has changed o. Some books I have read and some how I connect and enjoy many different types now.

Many thanks Faye