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welcome to all new site visitors , many thanks for following, i look forward to reading your posts also.

Today has been another great day the Jake had a good day at school and was even pleased to tell me his maths test went good, i am happy to here this because when he had difficulties and refused to go to school, and we finally got him back through the school gates he got really behind in his maths which originally was one of his strongest subjects. It shows now the support he is receiving at school is having a huge impact on his grade right across all lessons. He hardly leaves his classes and has a new found want for learning. He still doesn’t go outside at lunch even though he has gained confidence, he still doesn’t feel safe to do that yet.

I thought about changing my meet and greet with him after school normally I have to wait in the main entrance for him, he likes to see me there before evening tutor, I did ask if he thought it might be a good idea for me to wait outside but he said that is where you have to wait. he still holds on to set routines even if i try to just back off a little. I have put the idea in his head now so it is a wait till his ready kind of thing.

Niki had her volunteering with the older student’s she really is enjoy this and is really working hard and takes it very seriously. this in turn is helping with her childcare, and health and social care courses she is doing at college. She is working hard and keeping up with her work, being back in mainstream schooling was one of those situations that could of not worked for her but again having the right support has made the transition easier she has even made quite a few friends there now.

Work is busy, this week i have the children as last week my nights got changed. I Can’t wait to work with them again have lots of fun planned and of course the elves have too come too little Tom searches for them with his eyes they make him smile Holly likes holding Emo, Toms favourite one is derrick as he has a wheel chair like him.

Work with Hayley has been excellent this week bit of a health check up week with blood tests, I took her for a treat at the hospital canteen after she loved that.

As to Emo the Emotional Elf Book the liquidators are dragging thier heels, still no promised copy of the minutes of the meeting as promised still no digital copy or in-design copy have arrived, or and they are not returning calls either, I am trying so hard to remain calm with them because it is my book, but also I don’t like feeling angry it is not good for my health, and tends to make my tummy flare up, still waiting for the ulcers to heal.

I am working on an author page on Face book so can connect to people other ways too that also keeps my family one separate just so I can safe guard my kids from any contact with people we dont know. It is why maybe I have been reluctant to add people on thier this way I can add people interested in my book and contacting me as an author. it is still a work in progress at the moment as you can see my life is pretty busy, thats why you often see my post going up late at night, the other reason is my kids have insomnia so I have to stay awake till they sleep, once my head hits the pillow I hear nothing.

That’s all the news for today.

Much love Faye xx

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