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What was your favorite subject in school?

Community studies,

It gave me some incite in the outside world, You know you got to volunteer at care homes, play schools, first schools, schools with the focus on disabily. We live in an age now where termanology has changed  and has become so important to people so igues while people try to get their heads around what we should and shouldn’t call things to be full inclusive.

It’s hard to remember sometimes a lots changed since I was 14-16  actually a lots changed in the last 4 years in this respect to because people are now defining how they wish to be seen and there it’s this control and distinc pattern of people having control for themselves


That is a good

Time for the world to adjust people have different learning and understanding some want to change some like the old way and have difficulty a justing.

In a world with so much going on so much change, where we talk now about self care and the importance of it with mental health

learm about Charity work

So you got to study about it and experience it first hand.

The world of care is changing and involving to a more person led person focused care system,

Which still brings up issues more, so now then years, ago we all have the ability to be an affect this change and but lack of funding and lack of services really does hold this new way back it shouldn’t but it does.

I guess I am have so many conflicting view on subject, what I have seen what we have experienced as a family. What I read.

Social media definitely shines a light on the positives and negatives of the battle between old ways and new ways of doing things. There is this spotlight on the world learning to talk about difficult subject topics.

There is this mixture of hearing the good and the bad but an underlining element of of being your authentic self defining your own life and that of those around you that you may support without holding them to thoughts of old ways of thinking about it.

Sometimes, I find it difficult to articulate what I want to write.

Sometimes, progress is great, and there are amazing steps taken to a new way of living sometimes .You feel you take steps back globally,and sometimes you feel there is no progress at all because people are still suffering.

Community studies isn’t just about your the community you live in it’s worldwide. For real change and progress, all countries need to be part of that.  Some are more advanced than others due to economics and culture, and many factors because they haven’t had the opportunities, so countries have they don’t have the same tools or support to advance as quickly.

Sorry, just a bit of a post where you’re trying to take in everything you see here read.

That’s my favourite subject and still remains something I love because it challenges your thinking on everything, it surprises you because there is always something to learn.

That’s it for today

Much love Faye ❤️

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