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What’s the hardest personal goal you set yourself

What was the hardest personal goal you’ve set for yourself?

To put on weight

There is so much help and advice out there to lose weight,

Sometimes, your feeds are full of people hitting their gold weight dieting tips .

Going to gym and all the things you need to do to get weight down.

I was at the opposite end of the spectrum, so much so my weight dropped suddenly over a period of 6 weeks .obviously, there was a cause for that that was treated.

It started to affect bone mass and my BMI

Was extremely low. We talking about weight plummeting to just over 6 stone and I had never been a size 0 in clothes.

When I tried to get a doctors appointment for help to gain weight, it left them somewhat confused, I guess they don’t get many requests for that where I live.So really, there wasn’t any support avaliable.

Fast forward a few years and I have never felt healthier than I do now, maybe it’s actually the menopause that helped in the end ,

So yes, that’s the Goal I aimed to hit it wasn’t easy to get there. it took a few years.

That’s it for today .Have a lovely day a great , Faye xxx

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