Emo The Emotional Elf ,

Music is good for the soul

What would your life be like without music?

Music is an important part of my life,my work,my family.

Full on party mode

Music is like a therapy in a lot of ways,

Different genres, they tell stories with they tell stories with the lyrics,

I have a husband who I met through music a family who grew up with music.

It reduces anxiety gives you focus , makes you laugh cry, be a little crazy, it inspires.

You can get lost in music.

Music cam help you destress on hard days take you though life’s celebrations.

I think a life without music would be very dull.

Even if you can’t here music you can feel the vibrations , have you ever put your hand on a speaker and closed your eyes you can feel it buzzing through your fingers.It’s

It’s not just the lyrics , the voice it’s each of the elements that gone into a song the great creativity , how you get the instruments to come in just at the right time.

Then the music goes on to show the film the advert, the social media post , they become etched in your memory.

Music cam transport you back to memories of when you first heard it what you were doing who you were with.

What song do you think of as an important part of your life ?

The very first song you danced to as a little baby , in shows that mesmerize you in first stages of life, Your first dance as a married couple , seeing in a New Year, even saying goodbye to loved ones there is always music there by your side through all aspects of your life.

Much love Faye ❀️❀️

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