Emo The Emotional Elf

What profession do you admire most and why?

That’s the easiest question to answer,

It takes passion and determination physical and mental strength, compassion,

When you go into caring your not thinking about making money your thinking about making a difference to someone else’s life.

You want to ease their worries their pain.

Find solutions and advocate.

When we talk about profesion and caring

We talk about paid work training and everything that goes with it.

But let’s for a minute add unpaid carers to the professional field they do the same work as a paid carer probably a lot longer hours and aren’t always taken a seriously for the work they do , Maybe they look after a parent a spouse a family member their children if they have too. It’s a given that parents or loved ones would move heaven and earth for the people they love the most. How many of them have given up work so they can provide care at home.

Do they take a career break or the care rolls don’t adapt to the needs of the company they work for.

What about child carers that have to grow up before there time , who try to juggle school and caring get very little time to be a kid to play.

Caring is great but it is hard work too, not in the sense of looking after the person but having to collaborate with many other professionals , hospitals,doctors, education experts,mental, health teams,social workers courts because appeals for support is one of the biggest barriers.

I have a question about this really and it kind of goes to the other professions that all deal with some aspects of care I’m their profession?

When you get an appointment with an unpaid carer can you hand on your heart say you treat them with the same respect as you do a coworker or do you see them

As an issue because the truth is a carer is kind of combative for the person they care for they learn very early on that if you don’t fight for it you person doesn’t get the support they need.

The truth is though if it was your loved one that needed care and support you would want someone not afraid to stand up to anyone for the best care.

What about when carers are ill maybe they need hospital treatment or an op. They don’t make the best patients because they sure are watching the care they are

provided they are probably very high on list of official complaint because they aren’t afraid to say when something is

wrong or when poor care is given.

Observers they won’t abandon there care duties if they think their is a risk to someone.

I will say I. My own experience in this field both as a paid carer and an unpaid carer.Some people have a real calling to be in this profession and some full way to short lack of training,politics and business.

They all have an impact on the care of a person. All looking to save time cut runnin