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Day out to Arundel

Good evening this blog is a Mum and son day out at Arundel Castle and other local spots in Arundel.

Celebrating finishing 6 form and A levels

So my Jake and i have been saving loose change since December to have a celebratory day out once he finished his A levels And some one on one time. We were looking at different places before deciding on Arundel Castle. As the car is under strict no drive until we fix the overheating issue we Took the train and actually it was nice to just sit back and enjoy the Journey without driving for once.

Catching the Train, The Journey wasn’t to long about 40 minutes or expensive. We went off peak so was quite train ride not to many people.

The day of fun and history begins Here

When we arrived at Arundel station it was only about a five minute walk to the small town which had some beautiful shops, Antique shops little boutiques some great little pubs and dinning places.

There didn’t seem to be issues with parking but I think it was a pretty quite day being mid week and term time. The castel Cathedral shops and river all so close to one and other and what views the town of Arundel has. The Photo’s shared are a mixture of photo’s some are taken by me some were taken by my Jake.

One of Jakes there are plenty of cows just before you get to the town and with such open countryside it wasn’t a surprise to see some up close

The Town Center and shops

We spent sometimes looking round the shops picking up some little souvenirs and gifts, spending quite a bit of time in the lovely book shop and the Antique shops before Taking a stroll to Arundel Cathedral. we were admiring the view of the old stone work and the sight of the castle walls as we walked.

Arundel Cathedral

Each view of it and all the details put into these buildings the stain glass windows the stories carved on the walls inside.


To find out more, I shared the above link of an article about the History of the Cathedral written by David Ross.

I loved this Gothic Style Cathedral but also it was so stunning inside and out you felt a scene of peace and calm as you walked through the door.

They have a beautiful little gift shop inside. Again i just think the day we choose and the time we arrived we were lucky to have it almost to ourselves as we slowly walked through.

Slow walk back towards castle

After a slow walk back towards the river Arun and the cafe’s we decided to stop for a river side lunch and a drink before going on to the Castle for the rest of the afternoon. We were hoping to visit the wetlands after the castle but they were closed at five and also we didn’t get to see Arundel Museum definitely worth a second visit to finish seeing them next time.

I guess if you want to visit everything including the wetlands, museum, castle cathedral and the other church it would make a great weekend break so you can spread the visit out.

Lunch by the River Arun

The cafe was a small one on the banks of the river. It was table service pay on the way out.

The sweet potato chips were lovely. Hot chocolate with cream and a flake was very large.

Good value for the price. Polite and friendly service.

Being next to the park and across the road from the castle,makes it a great place to stop for lunch.

The entrance to the castle and little wild flower garden

These will defiantly encourage wild life , bees and butterflies to name a few.

Entrance fees

Tickets were £27 pound per adult for the gardens and some of the castle if you wanted to view bedrooms it was an extra £2 each and they do Gift aid if your a Uk Tax payer so we got just over £10 back towards spending in the gift shop.

I would say there is disabilty access around the gardens and in some parts of the castle But as an able bodied person from my perspective i dont know if the bedrooms and turrets are so definatley find out if your going to visit.

They have a gift shop and cafe and there is plenty of knowloagble staff to give you a little bit more detail of the castle as you walk around and to point you in the right directions to follow.

The link below will tell you ticket prices and more information on opening times and history of castle.


The Castle from outside.

What does the inside of this stunning 18th century castle have to offer. there was some updates done in the victorian times but the 18th century history and design is better is the best.

The View of the inside of the Castle through Jakes eyes

You can see he has an eye for photogrophy and he perticualy loved through spears and gun section. the look of shock and joy at seeing that bit of history made the day even more special. All the way round though he kept watching out for me. letting me go first on the stairs holding my bag watching out for hazards. My sons a real gentalman. He wished he could play the many pianos but of course it has a no tough rule except for the little boxes of dress up clothes in some of the rooms to let you get a feel part of the times. a fun little bonus. One of my favorites was the libary room so extensive and full of historical books, there was lots of little places in the time of the castle being lived in that many . books were read.

The men sitting and chatting getting merry after dinner while the women were left to sit and talk about babies and families. Thats what one of the guides said to us.

Jakes view of gardens.

I will only share a few of the castle and garden ones i took because Jakes really show the castle and gardens in its full glow.

My view of castle

My view of gardens

Thanks for reading and veiwing a little bit of our English History with us.

Music choice Seamed to fit the blog tonight

Good night Sleep well Much love Faye xxx