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Good Evening, in the blogging mood now my computer has some speed to it.

Catch up of the month of May.

Where to start though so much to share.

Fixing things

I think I will start with fixing things as we have done plenty of fixing lately.

Up cycling the garden table, the base was pretty sound but the top of the table was rotten we decided to go with decking for the table top it was a cheeper way and different it turned out great but took alot of measuring and we used some old math’s skills to create the shape so it was the same shape and size as the old table.

When I say we , I kinda mean hubby did the work I was there for the moral support and a second pair of hands when needed. Motivation to keep going but probably more like nagging. dropping in on the occasion the next job needing doing. But in a playful way though I definitely have a few laughs at the eye rolls I received.

Next Job Repairing Niki’s bed.

We both went to get the parts for it, we knew it needed fixing but it wasn’t planned for the day we did it we just didn’t realize not only had the middle of the bed have a broken bit but the end of the bed had snapped too.

Divan beds

Have actually seen how Divan beds are made? think cardboard for the sleeping bit no wonder it broke.

We had to add extra support , move some supports and put a new top on made of ply wood rather than cardboard.it probably took about 2 hours to fix and was great the weather was good.

Defiantly more sturdy now.

After that was done we had to recover it .

We had to make the top in sections as the cutting section at the shop was closed and we also had to fit the wood in the car.

The car Issues

I think the car issues in May maybe related to the issue our car has now, We change the cap on the water bottle first, then the water bottle as it developed a crack. Just when we thought the issue was solved the water cap broke again. So the place we normally get car parts from has moved nearer to Gatwick the car was not drivable because the cap was broke so i had a long walk to get to the parts shop.

I am defiantly getting more walking in lately. I didn’t mind though it was a sunny day and I got to walk through the business park on route to shop.

Business parks

we have so many different businesses where we live, for media ,motor related, pharmaceutical, to aeronautical they even have fight simulators. we have all your DIY and so many other things a lot has change since my hubby worked in that area. the building he used to work in is long gone now.

There are new and old style buildings which I think adds to it. Also they have little outside eating areas added along the way. they have been updating the roads. so some construction is still on going.

Another thing they have is little maps along the route, and its on a main bus route. So great for commuting if coming from outside the area.The 3 train stations Crawley, Three bridges and Gatwick are not far for it. I would say there is a lot of innovation our town has to offer and being so close to the airport is a huge plus business wise.

There are some new companies with job opportunities. A local park where you can take a much needed lunch break form the office. this is just a small part of our business hub.

Our Town

Our town went for city status recently but didn’t quite make it yet. With new businesses and all the new build living wise happening. Maybe in the not to distant future they will apply again and obtain it.

We are very much a work in progress type of town. I have seen many changes over the years of living here. Being born and brought up here I remember a very different town a lot of development has gone on.

We have fast way buses, the mall has been here for quite some time. Our local trains stations have recently been updated.Crawley has loads of bars and coffee shops. A few small night clubs. it was sad to see our big night club being knocked down. I think it is being made into flats or something like that.


There has been development of new schools, academies, whole new neighbor hoods. WE have a large cultural mix of families, even the food shops we have so many different types.

We recently got our own small museum. Our Hayley has had some art work they did at the day center displayed in there. Recently took us on a trip down memory lane.

Hayley and her day center friends Art project in the museum

The Crawley Museum

It Really has Some Great old history to our Town.


We so sadly lost our Great uncle Peter, We had his Funeral in may. I used to stay at his in the summer when i was a teen, he Now is reunited With my great aunty Margarite , Uncle Albie, My cousin David. My Great Uncle David. This is my London Family from Peckham.

It was a beautfiul send off then we drove through where he used to live in and past places he worked.

My Mum was still with us and was able to attend. Even though it was sad to say good bye it was lovely to see my family again hopefully next time it will be for a celebration rather then a send off.

Picture on the left My counsin Chris standing next to me and next to Peter. and the other opic is my Mum with Great aunty Margarite.

Top right picture Is my Great uncle Peter then my dad and My Great Uncle Albie.

My sister inlaw Ellies Big 60 birthday. Birthday Girl

My neices and nephew started off her birthday surprise by organising one of her wishes. To Wake up in Greece on her 60th.

The big Birthday Suprise

She thought she was having a weekend away abroad with one of her girls. her other daughter and son said they couldnt make itWhen she was due to leave the first surprise was all of her children waitng outside to go to airport she hadn’t seen the ticketsso she though she was still going to another destination. It was only when she queued up at the airport and they suddenly put the Greek flag around her she knew where she was going such a beautiful moment and memory as she she was in herbeloved Greece with her kids an experience for them all she even spent the last night on the balcany with the veiw of the Pathanon. the kids got to experience what it is to be Part Greek. and the locals loved the fact she talked Greek to them it was like coming home to Ellie.

The last Birthday Surprise we got to share with her a special birthday dinner

We went to her Surprise Party at the Dover castle Inn.

It was a lovely day in an awsome place surrounded by family and friends. i would say a perfect end to the birthday week.

The food was amazing lovely little place to visit, Was great to see everyone again. little Toula is growing too fast. and apart from the birthday girl and the other children little Ivy really stole the show.

She had us smiling and laughing , she was very shy before but reall had come out of her shyness .

she was fond of her dads wallet and wanted five pound so she could buy a juice , which we said be glad its a fiver and not your credit card. then her dad couldnt eat all his chips so he offered them to my hubby.

Little Ivy called out Dad, Dad that man is eating your dinner was the funniest thing ever.

Then she helped her Nana with the chocolate birthday cake, dipping her little finger in it for a taste. her dad told her no more till its on your plate. Ellie gave her a little more she looked straight at her dad and smiled and said haha. its lovely to see her personality coming through.

So a beautiful day with Family.

The Garden

May was also about preping and plantingthe gardens and the veggie patch .This month though which i will share net time its really begginig to fully bloom.

Shifts with the kids , Brothers 50th and there garden

Shifts with the kids and my Brothers 50th birthday and there garden they are building for Tom.

WE didnt take photos of my brothers birthday we kind of forgot but he is really making something special for Tom a big sensory garden where he can use his interactive buttons.

There will be more pics of Toms garden when I next go should be finished by then.

Carboot Sales

Carboot sales Niki has been having a great clear out of some of her old collectables, so she can save up for visa’s and marriage licences for her and tom to be together. out with the old make way for something more beautiful married life.

So our Sundays have been early rising we come home with less stuff each time.


Me and Hayley are always up to something.

Not to mention first night out at karaoke in a while. wild night.

That is it for May’s blog.

Signing off good night much love Faye xxx