Emo The Emotional Elf

What makes you nervous?

Lots of things make me nervous,

Phone calls would be one of the biggest things. Especially if there unexpected.

My Brian kind of mixes up words or numbers sometimes it plays a bit of a switcheroo. It’s why I prefer to email especially when it’s important things like hospital and medical appointments anything school related or work.

Larger social gatherings I like things a little smaller then I can really follow the conversation. But also I tend to keep busy so don’t talk much either.

Money is another thing that makes me nervous more so at certain points in the month before payday and your working outĀ  what You got left and what still has to go out. I am not at the point of having a rainy day fund yet. You know the back up money for those unfortunate things that pop up at the wrong time.

Social media when things go wrong and you can’t fix it , or unfortunate inbox message asking for money or just really inappropriate. I had my fair share of them. They don’t just make me nervous though they make me angry. It takes a lot of restraint not to answer them and just block. On occasion I have ranted them blocked so they can’t answer back. Then I move on and forget it. My hubby always knows when something annoys me. He says I get that looks on my facešŸ¤£ he still hasn’t learnt though when he asks what is wrong and I say NOTHING not to keep asking. That looks is me processing and self calming

Not hearing from family that’s another one silence is not golden in that respect it often means something is wrong. for example when my mum is at her house if she don’t answer my call I know she isn’t well or is in hospital.she don’t answer cause she can’t.

Confrontation and arguments I don’t like them at all avoid them.

Isn’t life complicated sometimes being nervous isn’t a bad thing it makes you more aware of your surroundings it helps you spot situations early on so you can avoid situations. I also think being a parent of autistic kids you run on nerves most of the time because you have to be on high alert so you can be the calm in someone else’s storm.

Unfamiliar places that one I am really working on. I am a over planner when it comes to going places I haven’t been before .

Sudden noises I can be pretty noisy and loud myself but sensory wise sudden unexpected sounds that make me jump.

One of the reasons I turned off the emergency alert system and alarm on my phone. Because of the physical impact it has.

I would like to say I am a 100% undiagnosed autistic woman and that is the one thing I am not nervous about at all.

Well that’s it for now it’s 6.55 Am here I have to get dressed ready for the school run

Have a beautiful day Much love Faye xxx