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Good Evening. How are you today?

Hayley’s Birthday 13th October.

Our Hayley turned 51 last month. Things were different this year because Mum is down.

As she is recovering so instead of celebrating Hayley’s birthday at our home we took the party to dad’s house so it could be adapted to meet mum’s needs.

Its been a while since we all got together as a family a few people were missing my oldest son Josh. My younger brother John and his family.

My big brother Chris came with his wife and children, mum and dad, of course my hubby and Niki and Jake.

Some childhood memories of ours and Family members who are not around and we party extra hard for and always celebrate their importance in our lives. Hayley was such a Cutie.

The birthday day

Mum had ordered the food to be delivered and I made the buffet under her watchful eye. The beautiful thing about it is even though she couldn’t physically help having her help sort it and organise it from her chair was so special. Hayley even helped pre pare food and set things up.

The kids were all at school so we had the day to prepare. After everyone finished school they turned up. We got to spend quality time as a family and spend time talking to Hayley, Nan. Multiple hugs all round.

We got all set up, and then Hayley opened her presents. She loved her little football table. She has given all the children a game.


If I could say one thing, it feels like I won the lottery getting this crazy lot as my family, they are priceless. The thing about my family we can argue or be annoyed at each other, but despite our disabilities, we love each other so much; We would drop everything the moment one of us had a crisis or needed anything.

The Birthday Cakes

The evening didn’t end there though, we still had the birthday cakes to do (yes Hayley got two cakes). I will share the videos because you get to see how Hayley interprets things and how the little things make her day.

The first birthday Cake

Hayley’s Birthday Night out

Hayley’s night Ended going to Karaoke with my Niki her dad and her boyfriend Freddy who surprised her with a cake and flowers at the pub. I didn’t go out with them I kept mum company and cleaned up the party stuff.

What a sweet gesture for Hayley’s Freddie they have been together 29 years now thier love is so innocent date nights every Tuesday and Sunday and phone calls every day.

Well it was quite a birthday for Hayley. A truly special moment to help her begin her 51st year of life.

My husband Nik’s birthday followed on the 24th of October

His was a quite one Just Myself and our NIki and Jake. Our Josh Niki Jake my parents and Hayley all got involved and helped fund his birthday present.

Choosing The Present

They helped choose it and all the accessories we needed for it . We choose to get him a new Phone. His one was old and wasn’t working to good any more. The speaker was almost completely broken. It caused him and us a lot of frustration. Because the phone is also a means for managing our kids anxiety and staying in touch with our oldest son, who phones like clock work every day. We all got fed up a little with( Pardon speak up a bit).

Not a top of the range and it was a recycled one but best we could do. I think he loves it. Though it took a little time to get used to.

The Photos and little Celebration dinner

We saved a little money By having a Halloween themed Birthday.As it was also the start of the autum school holiday’s, we already started preping the house for Halloween.

Jake put in a lot of though for his gifts for his dad, he got him a great shoulder support for when he works in the garden.

Mum , Dad and Hayley got the screen saver and some bluetooth head phones also a phone case. A real Family effort and pull of resourses. But it was our Josh’s opinion on the type of phone I needed the most.

Our Josh had been Birthday shopping for His Girlfriend Danni’s Birthday which was a couple of days before so he had some time off work so chatting in the day time was different.

Getting to meet our Josh’s Girl

We get to meet the beautiful Danni next Friday. When Josh brings her home here for the weekend to meet us. Hope we don’t scare her off. She is going to be the perfect addition to our family like Niki’s Tom is. I here the sound of my sons happiness when he talks about her I can almost imagine the smile she brings to his face.

The Birthday cake

WE finished Nik’s Birthday snuggling on the sofa watching movies perfect end to the day.

Niki’s trip out with Her Dad and visit to Caterham Cars in Gatwick

They had a dad and daughter afternoon , just went for a little walk to give me some time to get some cleaning done they came across Caterham Cars. A lovely little specialist car shop and took a look inside the team there showed them round the show room.

Just Wow such stuuning craftmanship and attention to details.

They both Enjoyed the experience.

Dylans Visit

Dylans Visit and visit to nan and night out with Niki,Hayley and Grandad. It was great to see Dylan and have him return from uni for a visit.

It was great that Niki got to spend time with her cousin again.

I remember when all of the kids were young they were all so close and Nan used to look after them all while we all worked or needed a night out.

Those Faces

A memory of most of my parents grand kids the only ones missing are Holly and Charlotte they weren’t born yet. I bet there will be more to come in the future too.

Any way Hayley, Dylan , Niki and dad had a night out together. but first dYlan and all of us spent time with Nan first and I stayed and kept mum company while they all went out.

With My mum.

Halloween 2022

Halloween for my Niki is like Christmas her favorite holiday event.

This year we all put alot of effort in after last years turn out of kids from the community it had to be just as special an experience not just for our kids but for the kids that visited it took quite a while to get it all ready infact we had been preparing for abotu a month.

Collecting a few things making things we did it in a style I know my Niki would love. Our Jake is not really into Halloween,but got involved in the pumpkin carving though, and some of the work days with Hayley we got all arts and crafty. Hayley was also looking forward to Joining us tagain this year.

Rather then doing it all together I was really able to spend it with quality one on one time with each of them, it really reduced some of the stress of trying to give each the attention they deserve by doing things this way.

I helped Niki as she made her own outfit but mostly she did most of it herself and finally got it done in time to go out trisk or treating with her cousin Holly Hayley her dad and our new neighbours girl we invited her to join in as they not long moved in. she is such a sweet heart.

Preparing the house.

Carving Pumpkins

Hayley carved hers first, A Mickey Mouse themed one her special intrest.

She wasn’t kean on the slimy insides. sensory wise.

Hayley Also got a picture next to our Witch.

Autism All stars they raised Quite a lot of money the Halloween weekend

We also Popped into town to visit Niki before pumpkin carving she wanted to check out the Autism Allstars and their stalls and have her picture taken she even gave a donation and brought a few things off the stall they had set up in the Mall. Hayley and Chewbacca and the Avengers.


Jake’s cat themed Pumpkin he loves cats

Adding those few last touches to his pumpkin. I carved mine at the same time as Jake. I think they love doing it like this so if they could focus better.

Next Up Niki and her Hello Kitty Pumpkin her favorite collectable item is Hello Kitty.

Niki’s pumpkin wasn’t the standard orange one it was more creamy colour.

After the pumpkins were carved and Hayley had gone home Me Jake and Niki sat down together to make some chocolate apples it was alot of fun.

We added some covers once they were dried to keep them fresh for nest day and added some bows.

Halloween Night

With The house all lit up only thing left to do was get dressed up and excitedly wait for the the first knock on the door.

Niki making her own outfit she models herself on Draculara from monster high her favorite Character. She go the New style Draculara Doll and she loves it because she says the body type is more realistic to real body.

We had at least a hundred if not more Trick or treaters this year knock on our door and our little group had fun going trick or treating with my hubby.

We did also get A dino suit for Niki.

I laughed so much making this video with my Niki.

We were pretty glad to put our feet up at the end of the night. but it was super fun. I kind of gave myself a jump scare though I forgot I put the scary ghost out side my bedroom window as I went in there i caught site of this pearing through the window.

Jump Scare

See that face peeking through the blinds.

Night out.

I got a night out with Hayley and Niki last night. It was kareoke and super fun.

Didn’t realise I was going to match the decore.

Good night That is it for tonights blog.

Much love faye xxx