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Hi all, hope you had a great Halloween we had an awesome one this year.

Today’s blog is going to be a mix of everything that has been going on this month haven’t had a lot of time for writing but have a free evening so feeling inspired by the events of this month.


My Mum is recovering from her ops with us down here so it has been so great spending time with her.

Each day is a bit of progress in her recovery. There are good days where she can do more and bad days where she needs to rest up but still she is one determined woman.

Her Independent streak and want to help others still shines through I am so glad I have her as a role model and an inspiration be like. We got a bit of a system with her medicines my mum reads them out and I sort and put into dosset boxes for her it is a great way of double checking especially as there is so many to sort. we just reordered her monthly batch and there was 26 items.

The thing with medicine’s is that there are different dosages , different Quantities and different times of day I never realised Just what she has to live with every day. As I am helping with Mum. I am also developing new skills My mum has a slightly complex medical history and while I have been a carer for my own kids and Hayley and little Tom. This is my first time learning so many different medicines. I organised them in the cupboard like a Pharmacist.

Self care

Face Masks

BM do some great products at low prices these vitamin E face masks are great.


Foot mask


Hand Masks

Super Drug was the best place for the next few things.


No water shampoo and conditioner caps

These have been a god send for Mum in hospital and at home they are great for helping keep hair clean and smelling fresh if your bed bound in hospital or home leave you feeling fresh and clean The ones we use maybe different slightly but the link i will share will show you the sort of ones we have used. Maybe great if you go camping too.

They are free from latex and other stuff.

Nail varnish and remover another way to give your self or loved one a pamper remember though if in hospital you may have to keep one finger free for the sats monitor it can make it difficult to get a reading with nail varnish on.

I started with the pamper packs for mum while she was in hospital the first time it was mood boosting when she was in the rehabilitation unit the nurses were giving great care and when they popped on the ward and saw mum with her face feet and hand pack on, they were saying they could all do with a pamper. so next visit me and mum arranged a basket full of self care stuff for the staff. they were saying how nice it was especially the feet packs.

Gift for nurses at the rehabilitation Centre

The rehab centre sorted a wheel chair, walking frame, sharp box, meds for coming home with and a commode and district nurses with the temp doctors for mums blood test due to stabilising her blood and knowing how much warfarin she needed. mum already had her own sats finger tester diabetes monitor and

Wheel chairs

Mum had to get a new wheel chair though because she needs a self propelled one rather then a person pushed one. We couldn’t get it changed.

I don’t think she got it from Argos but it is very similar to this one and about £150 is about the same price she paid but do shop around if you need one or try to get an occupational health assessment


We put plenty of feet face and hand stuff plus a few small boxes of chocolates. I love seeing the surprised look on their faces when we said it was for them as a thank you for taking great care of mum.

Weight Loss

Mum has also made a lot of progress with her weight loss over three stone now such an amazing achievement, we are all learning together what foods she can and cant eat, The idea is to maintain this loss and steadily work towards hitting new targets.

I know my mum can do it she has one slimmer of the year a few times over the years, With weight loss though comes shopping new Clothes smaller sizes, and plenty of self pampering.

Disability Equipment and aids

Air flow Alternate Pressure System.

We had to make a few changes to Equipment We brought A airflow topper for the bed as the original mattress was a bit firm and caused bed sores. It was a great buy and has helped lots.

A very good product if you cant afford a full air mattress or you are waiting for occupational services. This is run by electric and you set it to the persons weight. It alternates by going up and down so as to decrease the chance of bed sores.

The price is about £74 but was a good investment to ease some of mums pain during the night.We purchased it from Sheldon Health Care Uk.

Going to pop the links up. So if you are in need of disability Equipment at short notice. Or maybe you are looking to invest in some Equipment for a loved one.

If Your in the Uk these Products we have tried and tested ourselves. The service we got from company’s was good to.


Bed Grab Rail

Mum also got a grab rail from Argos to attach to bed. Mum can now pull herself into sitting position Using this grab rail giving her her independence .

It has been a little bit difficult as we don’t have the electric bed like she had in hospital.

Again this takes to long to sort out and the temporary dr wont do a physio or occupational referral because she is only temporary patient and by the time we get those appointments mum could possibly be home at own house.

Fantastic and actually nice to see Argos have a disability section and this bed grab rail would come in handy it is priced At £56


Hand Rails

Good old Screw fix came in handy for the Grab Rails we only needed three of these to put in the down Stairs bathroom Just so Mum could use them if she was in the wheelchair to stand up .We hand the Zimmer Frame waiting just over the thresh hold and putting them vertical was more secure then horizontal just for space reasons and leverage.

You don’t have to go for the expensive ones these £6 ones do the job well


we positioned one each side of the first door and one on the right hand side of the wall by the toilet

There are other products we got

I will have to ask mum where she ordered them from but they also have helped a lot.

Dad made the wheel chair ramp and cut the cabin bed down and we got a memory foam mattress also from Argos

Memory foam Mattress £149.

The cost of living disability extra was gone so quick as you can see the government really don’t understand the extra cost for people with disabilities.


We had to get Latex free Gloves as mum is allergic that was one of the first things I asked the district nurses when they came to check mums blood levels if there gloves were latex free, they didn’t know for sure so I gave them some of ours, better to be safe and ask these questions then to cause an allergic reaction.

The Dressings are good for bed soars. and there is even a basin for washing hair if Mum can’t get up.

Covid and Vaccines

We can’t forget the face masks or covid tests and sanitiser. Mum is still clinically vulnerable to covid and chest infections. Talking about covid Dads just had his booster and flu vax, Hayley is going tomorrow for hers. But mums that has been difficult to sort and we are still waiting for the house bound team to phone to let us know when mum gets her boosters and flu and pneumonia jab. you would think housebound clinically vulnerable patients would be top priority She received her letter at least a month ago and the hospitals didn’t give it to her before she left. Once she has had them we can maybe take her out for a stroll in her wheel chair just because she hasn’t seen the outside world or a shop in person in such a long time cabin fever can be a big issue. Especially for peoples emotional and mental well being after years of at home isolation.

Really though Mum has been with us three weeks now and its the best three weeks I have spent in her company in such s long time the hospital visits were nice but not the same as being at home with her. I am proud of the willingness and effort she has put into her recovery , how she handles her pain and her independence despite needing some help and accepting help.

Any way that’s it for tonight good night have a blessed day. Don’t forget self care is important.

Much Love Faye xx