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Hi Everyone how are you this evening .

Been relaxing this evening, thinking about this blog then changing my mind and thinking some more🤯

So really I have been thinking a lot about all these social media platforms the more you have the harder it is to keep up with them all, I am seriously going to have to get some structure to how I manage them all the more they grow the more demand of speaking to people, that’s great though I love chatting sometimes I talk to people so much I don’t leave time for writing, plus working around work the kids schedule being a wife and helping mum get her strength back. Priorities have changed for now.

I am finding time to do some book stuff though. And sleep a tired brain makes mistakes, actually, my tired brain can’t focus on the words as easily.

For now, I am going to write some plans out and maybe for the next few blogs I write, I might go back to the old school way of doing it, first writing in a notebook and then typing it up once I have checked for mistakes this may take double the time, but as I have been blogging for a while now over five years 😱 I think I have picked up some lazy habits of not editing my work.

For those of you who are reading and haven’t seen my recent stories on here, I have recently been getting the kids to help me with the Tik Toks to just liven up the book marketing for Emo The Emotional Elf and I do share the links to the second edition via links to stores or Amazon and Kobo.

I still have a few first-edition copies to sell directly which are signed and gift-wrapped and being sold at the original price as they have the price printed on the background. Once these last few copies have gone, I won’t be advertising the first edition as it will no longer be available. And now the availability of the original is for direct selling.

I also thought because I have no signings booked this year that doing a little video via Tik Tok sign-in them would help a little get it before more people.

I loved adding the little gift wrap the key rings the kids made for a book signing event and a bookmark little personalised touches.

I love the in-person signings because people could pick up the book and look through it and ask questions. I met other autistic families who shared their stories with me and opened up about their journeys. You feel this connection straight away, and this deeper understanding of Their

Hayley even Joined in I love having her Join in she has been helping through out the publishing Journey

I did them when I was with mum after she first came out of the hospital while she was sleeping.

Book Signing, kind of in person. And not all at the same time a digital version of a book signing. Just without the customer there in front of me.

I will never forget how much time and attention my kid’s hubby, Hayley little Tom, and his sisters gave to this new book adventure their enthusiasm their creativity, and the love they shared so sweetly for the adventure.

The little musical book Tik Tok

Well almost at the end of today’s blog I have added a new email to this site now not sure if it shows up here or if I just post the email address for all word press and book-related stuff for direct contact. So I will leave the address with this blog I only just got it set up through here, you learn as you go each step teaches you a new skill.


Good night much Love Faye ♥️♥️