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Even got some Book stuff done this weekend  gift wrapping , It’s the finer details and adding that little bit extra when sending books out that I love the most .

Good Morning Happy New week, ๐Ÿ˜

Signed and gift wrapped first edition copies already for readers , and books shelves with a little bit extra care.Keeped me busy while mum slept .

Been up since Four today mum was a little uncomfortable, so helped her get into a better position Good for preventing bed sores , plus she still has to build up strengh and learn to regain that left side strengh in her upper body on the right side her left hip is less painful now and still something she is favouring and turning on her right side which is the last operates side is still to painfully and causes d dizziness. Night time pains in her shins and restless legs we use some deep heat rub that has help with that a little. A pillow under the knees Mum has decided with the hospital before she left to reduce the dosage of the stronger pain relief which has helped releave some of the sickness and dizziness she really doesn’t want to be dependant on them because when she really needs them they won’t have the same affect and Thier addictive qualities are always a big concedration inpatients with complex health care needs. We have the district nurse coming today and have to speak to doctors to get some post physio at home untill she can get up and move

enough to get her to the physio. She needs there help with balance and upper and lower body strengh relearning things, she also had 2 epidurals for her ops,and lots of time where she wasn’t able to get out of bed. Each day she is trying to get out of the bed more . We got a new disability chair coming which a friend has given us as they are changing there’s so she can then sit up more that will help too.

What a great weekend , Mum came out of hospital on Saturday morning , my brother and I went to pick her up and bring her back down to stay with our family down here to Finnish convalescing. She still has a while to go till she is stable enough on her feet to go home, we got about a weeks notice to get things sorted with a temporary doctor , and get things and make adaptions so she can have as much independence as possible , a huge part of the recovery process is maintaining and supporting encouraging and building up that confidence after major falls and operations.

Managing pain, helping with physio , organizing appointments , and equiptment the rehabilitation hospital were fantastic both in the care they gave arranging mental health support so mum had an independant person to talk through what she has been through and gaining that confidence to make choices for herself helping her talk through options of care and rehabilitation post hospital.

We are loving spending quality time with her, and it’s nice to be able to give some of that care back she has given to so many people over her life time.

So in my next few blogs I am going to give some helpful tips share some products we have found have really helped , there will be time in our life we may have to care for a loved one or need care our self and it all my get over whelming or that research you do to make things run smoothly for best recovery.

So also when we get into blogs like this it’s important to show both sides of care what works and is helpful what really doesn’t work and impacts recovery.

Real life experiences, I think that can lead to changes to care on a wider scale if people share Thier journeys openly.

That’s It For this mornings blog , Dad’s up and about Hayley is almost ready for the bus to take her to day center and I have to go pick up Jake and take him to school before coming back to mum to help her get up and wash her hair before the hairdresser arrives to give her hair a cut, I am going to freshen the colour up for her she wants to get rid of grey , them maybe this afternoon I will give her a pamper


Have a beautiful week much love Faye xxx