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Even got some Book stuff done this weekend  gift wrapping , It’s the finer details and adding that little bit extra when sending books out that I love the most .

Good Morning Happy New week, 😁

Signed and gift wrapped first edition copies already for readers , and books shelves with a little bit extra care.Keeped me busy while mum slept .

Been up since Four today mum was a little uncomfortable, so helped her get into a better position Good for preventing bed sores , plus she still has to build up strengh and learn to regain that left side strengh in her upper body on the right side her left hip is less painful now and still something she is favouring and turning on her right side which is the last operates side is still to painfully and causes d dizziness. Night time pains in her shins and restless legs we use some deep heat rub that has help with that a little. A pillow under the knees Mum has decided with the hospital before she left to reduce the dosage of the stronger pain relief which has helped releave some of the sickness and dizziness she really doesn’t want to be dependant on them because when she really needs them they won’t have the same affect and Thier addictive qualities are always a big concedration inpatients with complex health care needs. We have the district nurse coming today and have to speak to doctors to get some post physio at home untill she can get up and move

enough to get her to the physio. She needs there help with balance and upper and lower body strengh relearning things, she also had 2 epidurals for her ops,and lots of time where she wasn’t able to get out of bed. Each day she is trying to get out of the bed more . We got a new disability chair coming which a friend has given us as they are changing there’s so she can then sit up more that will help too.

What a great weekend , Mum came out of hospital on Saturday morning , my brother and I went to pick her up and bring her back down to stay with our family down here to Finnish convalescing. She still has a while to go till she is stable enough on her feet to go home, we got about a weeks notice to get things sorted with a temporary doctor , and get things and make adaptions so she can have as much independence as possible , a huge part of the recovery process is maintaining and supporting encouraging and building up that confidence after major falls and operations.

Managing pain, helping with physio , organizing appointments , and equiptment the rehabilitation hospital were fantastic both in the care they gave arranging mental health support so mum had an independant person to talk through what she has been through and gaining that confidence to make choices for herself helping her talk through options of care and rehabilitation post hospital.

We are loving spending quality time with her, and it’s nice to be able to give some of that care back she has given to so many people over her life time.

So in my next few blogs I am going to give some helpful tips share some products we have found have really helped , there will be time in our life we may have to care for a loved one or need care our self and it all my get over whelming or that research you do to make things run smoothly for best recovery.

So also when we get into blogs like this it’s important to show both sides of care what works and is helpful what really doesn’t work and impacts recovery.

Real life experiences, I think that can lead to changes to care on a wider scale if people share Thier journeys openly.

That’s It For this mornings blog , Dad’s up and about Hayley is almost ready for the bus to take her to day center and I have to go pick up Jake and take him to school before coming back to mum to help her get up and wash her hair before the hairdresser arrives to give her hair a cut, I am going to freshen the colour up for her she wants to get rid of grey , them maybe this afternoon I will give her a pamper


Have a beautiful week much love Faye xxx

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Good Evening 😁❀️

Hope you all had a lovely day, had the double shift with Hayley we had lots of fun.

The kids have teachers Training Tomorrow so half term is upon us this week has gone super quick, it’s been nice just getting things back to normal.

So we have a storm due to hit and we are upgrading from amber to red in some places in the UK . Been a while since we had a big storm come in looks like some places may have up to 100 mph winds. I am surprised no-one has been out panic buying, doesn’t take much to clear the shelves here. 🀣🀣 No seriously though the 1987 hurricane in UK was a big one caused lots of issues , I remember trying to walk up the hill to school only to have my skinny little body blown back down still it a day off in the end. Our neighbours across the road where we lived at the time end up having the chimney fall through the roof into there kids bedroom luckily they were not in there at the time. And they turned it into a positive by having a loft conversion done. great little room they made too I used to play with the kids who lived there. And he was a builder I think anyway.

We had a Gazzebo my hubby had to go collect it this morning from all over the garden shredded it was. our Jake said told you so as he told his dad to take it down yesterday proper smug look on his face he had.

Tomorrow is going to be a will it happen kind of day depending on this storm as Jake and his friends had been planing a day out since before Christmas .

So if it’s safe enough I will drive them up thier and they may get a train home as they are planning on making it a whole day out and I have to work early,

Any other day I may not be as nervous about JakeΒ  going I trust his friends though they have been amazing with him, I also get to see there personalities in the car on the drive. I am hoping I don’t say anything embarrassing, Jake’s friends know he is autistic , This has been the biggest step for Jake having this group of friends he really trusts.

We have spoke about back up plans if the trains stop and things like that. For the travel home and I went out and got power banks for his phone and things.Β  I am a cross between over protective parent and a parent who cheers on these steps to more independence.Β  Really though being in town which is ten minutes away and being some where that’s an hour drive away. And you can’t go get them because your working it is giving me just a tad bit of anxiety if I wasn’t working it wouldn’t be an issue at all I would of stayed the day there and walk around waiting till they finished and then drove them back.my head kind of says he is 17 you got to let him try , my heart says what if he has a panic attack and I can’t get to him, You think you worry a lot about your kids when that are little but these teenage years are a roller coaster of emotions .

My dad has phoned about the weather so has my mum I guess grandparents are exactly the same though .

So I am back to work with Hayley on Monday with the sweet little Tom and Holly tomorrow from 4pm till there parents get back from there spa trip Saturday.

So Jale has been stressing a little over the trip a bit this week , he distracted himself last night baking bread and omg it was so delicious πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ˜

The softest fluffy inside with that crisp outside warm home cooked bread is just the best

I used to work in the bakery at the local Saintsbury’s for about 4 years it was a delight to go to work and walk into that fresh smell of the bread and cakes every day. But I walked around feeling hungry all day I still can’t walking near fresh pastry with out having to get some.

So Niki was off college today so me Hayley and her went to Town for some shopping Hayley wanted to get some more arts and craft stuff and it’s treat day always likes to have a panni and a Costa hot chocolate we played her favorite music while doing arts and crafts transfered her photos from he tablet to her laptop so it works faster. And had a small walk .

We had to stop a few times, so girls could rest but even a gentle walk is better then no excersize

Arts and craft this afternoon and game of cards these are things Hayley loves to do


Easter theme she chose again 😁

People under estimate how good card games are they are calming , well when Hayley isn’t being to competitive but also great for Hayley helps her keep remembering numbers patterns hand eye coordination and many other things. Snap she is super good at sometimes she try’s to cheat.

And pairs where you lay all the cards out up side down and you have to find a matching pair , it’s a game of memory each time you turn the cards over you have to remember the where that number was the one with the most pairs wins

Song choices for today definitely the 80’s mix love the 80’s

That’s it for tonight ,

Much love Faye ❀️❀️

Emo The Emotional Elf

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Emo is still around πŸ˜€

This week has been full of Emotions, our son Josh is home for a while, and we finally got to have a bit of a birthday for him, .πŸ˜€it is really great to have him home.

He seems to get bigger the longer the distance between visits, we are all glad to have this time to spend with him. He arrived late Tuesday night, I got to meet him at the station. So we all.kind of crashed after a quick catch up and home coming.

Wednesday morning I was on shift so had to get Hayley to and from the day center.

In between trips we were preparing for our nieces wedding a small private event it was intimate and special. Was great to be able to to go out for the day obviously we were precautions and everyone took covid tests. You don’t know how pleased I was they were negative. Wouldn’t miss that special occasion. We didn’t go to actual wedding just because they kept it real small but the after party in the garden was so beautiful it was sunny. Lots of fun. So great being with family again after so long. While I can’t share all the photo’s we took I can share a few of my family.

Jake was there but for some reason was absent when camera was around, going out is sometimes a bit of a mission. Being prepared, with food they eat. Sun cream plenty of water. Meds. Despite my car aircon not being super great and not taking the wrong exit off the motor way this time the journey there was great and pretty straight forward this time. Parking was ok at first we had three hours parking and when our time was up Jake put his social skills to use asking if we could stay for longer as there were road works where my niece lived thankfully they were kind enough to let us register the car and stay till it was time to go. We loved seeing the first dance and them opening the gifts from is the cutting of the cake. It’s so nice when you get to welcome someone into your family although I admit we are a little unique and take sometime to get used to, we are very family orientated and accepting people. When you get to be with family after a long time apart you just feel content and at home. My Niece and new nephew were amazing hosts they make such a beautiful couple and quite clearly besotted with each other. I loved seeing All the kids playing in the pool having water fights .I love weddings as I a bit mushy and romantic, sometimes though with big wedding a there is a lot of timed things posing for photos meal plans when thing happen in what order.but this was laid back relaxed things just flowed so naturally.

My sister in law messaged the day before asking if I could pick up confetti must be a shortage as all the shelves were empty of pre made boxes so I got the stuff to make them and my Niki and Jake spent about four hours getting creative and making the boxes for card and decorating them. They learn how to make boxes at school this time they did it together while in prepared for Josh’s home coming

They were real cute looking , they tied little ribbons on the top, mostly white but also blue, tradition to have something blue at weddings.

It kind of reminded me of preparing for my wedding a little where we were preparing food and hand making things like bridesmaids flowers. Decorations, all them last minute details.

It’s funny really our Izzy was one of the bridesmaid at our wedding, she looked as beautiful then, as she did on her big day. If anyone deserves this day it is Izzy she graduated in nursing Just as covid struck and has worked so hard throughout on a covid ward, she has had to endure so much and seen so much since then. She is the kindest sweetest funniest girl ever so caring and compassionate.

She has the most beautiful free spirit, strong, feisty loving.she amazes me. Her new husband has the most amazing smile and laugh.

The journey home was a bit longer than expected the part of the motorway we were meant to travel on was closed so following the sat nav and diversion signs in the dark took a little extra concentration. We got back every one was tired.

Today was a bit more challenging, back to work with Hayley and we finally got to do some cooking lessons. She made her stuff peppers she is good when you break things down into easy steps for her

She loves cooking, this is where the challenging bit comes in, I had a call from Jake’s s summer

He had school an accident his nose was bleeding and they had trouble getting it to stop and as a precaution they asked me to take him to walk in center.a staff member came to hospital with us but left to go back to finish day once were were booked in at a&e.. The accident involved a football kick around and an accidental elbow to nose. It was pretty quite when we arrived obviously the did the pre entry covid questions, and a bit of explaining why there were two of us accompanying him.But after quick explanation we were allowed in together watering a facemask obviously was important Jake wanted to wear his and did but held it off his nose. It stopped bleeding when we got there , the wait for doctor didn’t take to long and he was very hold with Jake his nose has a slight deviation they gave us some care to help, and said to wait five days for swelling to go down before. And if the nose still is looking slightly out of normal place to phone doctors and get a referral to the nose

specialist fracture clinic, I guess it’s a waiting game. Jake has his last day of summer school tomorrow and he is keen to finish it, this course apart from the accident today has been amazing opportunity. He has gone outside his comfort zone tried different things, his sleep pattern has been a bit better but that’s because he really has been more active and has a similar scedual as school hours. There is possible going to be some bruising in next couple of days but again there might not. Thankfully my son and hubby were home to watch Harley while I attended to Jake, and she ended up being an hour late for day center but we got her there in the end. She had her social media club today. After I dropped hayley off I went back home to wash Jakes can’t and clothes that had blood on them. He was more bothered that he got blood on his coat then his nose, we have had a few more small nose bleeds and a bit of a head ache which he took meds for and he spent the afternoon sitting with his brother playing games. I had to pick Hayley up and top her home. Today though was just so crazy I got takeout for dinner on way home.

While I was waiting this young girl couldn’t of been more then 12 came in and ordered chicken and chips, it was about 3.50 she went to use her card to pay but they only accept cash at this place they told her to go get cash from cash point next door. She came back and said she didn’t know how bless her she was young and didn’t speak much English, I just payed for it for her. I was sitting there thinking about the food I got my kids and that sometimes because of their eating issues they don’t eat. And there was this young girl hungry trying to pay for her dinner, made me feel so sad.

Anyway that’s my blog for tonight don’t think I will get much sleep tonight will be check-in in on Jake through night.

Good night. Much love Faye xxx