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Welcome to today’s blog . Hope your Day has been great , or is going great depends where you are in the world right now.

Great Photo by Suzy Hazelwood the words stories matter .

That’s very true everybody on this planet has a life time of lived experience a story that is their own.

The challenges the success ,the dreams and goals, the education the family.

Some have yet to live the story of life. Wouldn’t it be nice though? to see into a baby’s mind as they first enter the world and begin experiencing this thing we call life.

Have you ever seen the video’s of baby’s when they sleep. You see all those expressions on their face in thier own little world.

I love it when that little smile curls the corner of thier tiny mouths. Their eyes slightly open and roll just that little bit before they wake. They are seeing something in thier mind .

I loved those very first moments of my kids. I remember them well they still make me smile to this day

Moving on with this blog my dad was 71 on September the 15th. We celebrated his birthday with a small dinner at my house, a night out at karaoke. I did share a couple of those photos on the last blog.

Birthday Dinner

For dinner we cooked him a roast. Hayley had a pamper and choose a new dress.

Hayley loves to get dressed up . It was a quite and fun dinner.

I dropped dad home so he could changed and met him down the local Pub in the evening.

My hubby stayed at home with Jake.

Hayley was getting a little impatient. Because he took so long getting ready. She though he fell asleep and wasn’t coming. But really she wanted a slice of the chocolate cake.She did well not telling him they got him a cake.

Niki Hayley and me had already been there an hour and half when he finally turned up all suited up.

Can’t wait till Jake is 18 and we can all go out and celebrate together.

Birthday at the pub Karaoke

It was also our friend Lesley’s birthday, and so they were both called up to stand in the middle of the pub while cakes were brought out.

Everyone sang happy birthday. My dad is not really one for being the centre of attention, however, we enjoyed his uncomfortable moment. It was a big surprise for him.

He looked smart.

We partied till Late, I like to make a fuss of him on his birthday. To make it up to him for the time I got my days mixed up, and forgot his birthday. I wasn’t the only one to forget he was not a happy chappy

24th of September was mine and my Hubbies 28th wedding Anniversary

28 years that’s dedication and love for you. we laugh , sometimes we argue. We always look out for each other, give space when needed .Or spend lot’s of time together. We are definatly intune and have this instinc of what each other needs without words.

We have had great times and hard times through the years though he always makes me smile , laugh, jump when he delibratley creeps up behind me and drops a metal pan.

Or like today he tried to make me jump by linking up his phone up with the speaker in the kitchen, and turning the music up.It didn’t work though because I heard the tap tap of him choosing the song normally it’s I feel good. to predictable.

My hubby is a great support when it really matters

Recently he has been a great sourse of help while I have been looking after and visiting mum at the hospital he has all the washing done, loads the dishwasher even more often latley has food ready when I get back from the long travel. He watches pout for Jake and Niki and even Hayley on the Tuesday’s I have been visiting. Gives her dinner and helps her choose a movie to watch while she is waiting for me and dad to get home.

Yesterday he even sent me a picture of Hayley a sleep on the sofa after she had dinner it was so sweet.


Anniversary today been together 29 years married 28 four beautiful Kids.😁❤️

♬ You’re Still The One – Shania Twain
Rather then lots of Photo’s I Made this little Tik Tok

We celebrated ur first night out at a restaurant in years, normally we just have a special dinner at home so it was different. To be honest it felt like a first date agian i was nervous, how can you be nervous when you been together so long? butterfly’s in my tummy.

We had been planning it for a few days, it almost went pair shaped when I forgot to book the restaurant luckily they had one sitting left. Phew that was close.

I got 2 new dresses could decide which one to wear. Red or white. I wore the red one in the day time and choose the white one for the evening.

We spent time with Niki and Jake watching movies then made sure they had a fun time together while we were out. We ordered them pizza it was the first time we left them alone together while we went out. Yes a tad over protective sometimes more me then my hubby. they were having a pizza and movie night.

My hubby and me got dressed up and walked to restaurant it was only about 15 minute walk but in six inch heels it’s a bit of a killer walk. I held on to my hubby’s arm as we made our way to restaurant pretending those heels didn’t kill my feet, but really he knew they did we stopped a few times.

We choose to go to TGI friday’s we have a lot of happy memories there.

Night out

We had an awesome time the nerves seemed to leave when we got there. my first thought though was to check on kids but hubby banned me from texting though. I am going to seprerate the evening into different sections because the company was the best the rest didn’t realy matter.

The restaurant Experience

The experience of the restaurant wasn’t the best, I will explaine why although i don’t blame the staff they were doing the best they could. Our privous visits to TGI’s The place was buzzing from the moment your walked through the door the music the staff were high energy you had people doing the tom Cruise coctail flips, the food was great, this time the the atmosphere was flat, it’s like it lost it’s soul.

Maybe it’s just the times we went when we first got together was this whole different care free world where you loved to go for a night out and there were plenty of fun pubs and restaurants that were livley.

The gentalman on the front desk who welcomed us and made a joke as we entered the other staff seemed young and a little quite not that that’s a problem. But the big thing about TGI experience was the the playfulness of the staff they made the atmosphere great.

The food was ok, value for money not really this time, the starter was lovely, the coctail was supper yummy . the main was ok but the salads did not taste fresh at all infact we couldn’t eat the salad at all. Before you could sit at the bar before and after and enjoy a whole evening there, now though you book a slot and when they confirm they give you a time you have to leave an hour and half isnt really that long for a special dinner out.

The other thing I was trying to block out was we were surrounded by empty tables with all the dirty plates on and they stayed there till just before we left,.

I will give them another try though maybe they were just short of staff on that night, it wasnt very busy either. We did still leave a small tip. because to be quite honest it was just nice to go out and have a dinner with my hubby.

We will try somewhere else Next year, but yes I think adding a date night regually maybe the best move we make.

That’s it for tonights Blog almost caught you up with everything just need to do my work blog next.

Good night Much love Faye xx

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