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Happy Saturday hope your weekend has begun well. It’s very relaxing here I have sometime to write today get this blog up to date.

Emo is my muse, my imagination the coolest Elf Going to Start this blog with Links to book it’s been a while since i have popped them up.

I still have to get the shop set up on this blog, Have had lot’s on lately so my mind is switched on to get it stocked soon. it’s still a watch this space been thinking on some merchandising to so working on some designs.

Been Joining TIKToK for some author stuff and just try something different.

and general fun.

Some of the publishing journey

Links to Book paperback

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That’s the book stuff up dated.

Now to the fun part sharing our adventures and trips through August and September .

While making the trips to visit my Mum over the last couple of months either at the hospital, her home , the care home and the rehabilitation centre my dad and i have had plenty of time in the car with shared driving duties splitting journey’s at the half way point having something to eat and drink.

Going there the journey’s have been pretty straight forward planning trips to fit in with the times of visiting hours we have been able to get there at the exact time the doors are open for visits. coming home the has seen some delays and longer journey’s road works or stuck behind accidents being the main cause of longer journey’s only once we took the wrong way and ended up going over Salisbury plain great views though with signs to watch out for tanks. That was the day we visited mum at home and the day she fell and broke her other leg.not long after we left we found out at the half way point and were going to turn the car straight round and go back but her partner was with her and got the ambulance and went to hospital with her keeping us informed. Mum is in the rehabilitation unit still but they informed her yesterday that they will be releasing her next Saturday we have a week to get her a doctor sorted out down here and set up everything she needs, she can’t go home to her’s just yet as her partner is self employed so has to work and he also cares for his mum who has had multiple falls the last time she fell they had to wait 17 hours for an ambulance. My mum is only just about a shuffling few step and still cant lift that second leg up just yet. Still about a month away from being more mobile we all made the decision together for her to come here for a little while to help with recovery. I am looking forward to her being here and keeping her company being her motivation to get her home and back to her Marty.

Really though i want her to think of it as a mini break like when she came for visits before, she should be here to celebrate Hayley’s birthday with us and maybe even meet our Josh’s girl Danni that’s another person i am looking forward to welcoming to the family and meeting for the first time our family is growing bigger again my great nephew Just got Engaged my niece and her little Toula and hubby.

Even Little Toms dogs have had to little puppiesthats for another blog though.

We are a pretty tight knit kind of family we love to celebrate life together but also we all rally round and help each other if one of us needs it. we may even get on weach other nerves sometimes but thats so life for all families though.

Lets liven this blog up with some of the beautiful views we captured while on our travels.

some many different styles of homes the sky is always different each area you pass through takes you back to different time pireods in the designs of the buildings churches shops and even pubs surprising how each village or town has pubs with the Same Name not that we got to sample themthough just a fleeting glymps as we drove by.

Day Trip To London With Hayley and Jake

We first caught the train taking Hayley on the under ground to the london history museum have visited with Jake before when he was little but the first time Hayley has been to the history museum though. and Jake is older now so could really appriciate it when he was younger he couldn’t stay stiil long enough to enjoy it.

Hayley wasn’t to sure on the under ground but coped well with it she definatley didn’t like the large tall escalators she used to be to scared to travel on them before, i am always giving her postive encouargement to try new things that are not part of her routine.

The museums are free to enter but they have a donation part at the entrance with a hope of getting about 5 pound in donation thats pretty good value for money.

You can probally guess I love the buildings as much as the history and content they carry inside. I am kind of on a mission to show people who read my blog what MY homeland and country have to offer, And not all the news that has been shared over the last few years of brexit cost of living and cuts to services and of course our royal news thats important topics. You can always get caught up in the negatives of society and poltics that you forget to love and appreciate and be thankfull for the beautiful timeless things your country has to offer.

Do you have a favorite?

Dinosaur Jakes was always the Tricerotops, PLus Jake absaloutly loves Godzela althe movies he has watched all of them but prefers the older movie.

The big T-rex
it moves

Frogs are our venus favorite she has a large collection of ornimenatle Frogs been collecting since 2016 her collection started off with them little packets of rubber collectable frogs I used to get them when she had bad anxiety so they were kind of squishy a sensory based collection which turned into a bigger one.

Do you know of any other animal or creature in your country we may not know of here in England ?leave a comment if you do then I can research it and show Hayley Jake and NIki.

Jake also had a fasinations with the Scottish Nessy, The Lockness Monster.

My favorite was the Wooly mammouth reminds me of Many from ice age only wants underneath all that fur.

Next we walked through Green Park to Buckingham Palace funny how things could of changed our trip to london had it happened the week the Queen passed away. Must have been shocking for people visiting the palace that day to here the news.

The Royal albert museum one i have only walked passed and briefly sat outside it’s on my to do list to visit next time I am in london.

we had a look at Harrods a spot of lunch at Nando’s and some souvener shops

Jake had the very spicy Chicken something new to add to his growing list of ffods he can eat now and hayley tried the spicy bean burger was a tad hot for her butshe still ate it. we left after as hayley’s leg was really begining to hurt she cant walk long distances without taking breaks but she coped so well with all these different things, in fact i think it makes her want to try new places all the time now.

Smith and Western restaurant with Hayley Venus and Jake

Smith and Western was a fantastic atmosphere the music the bubbly staff, the food was amazing now although i am sharing quite a few trips out in this blog they were really weeks apart and was part of the summer holiday experience with the kids and Hayley.

Hayley and me had checked it out a few weeks before when we went for a walk round the lakes and she decided it was the next place to choose. the lakes were beautiful on that day and we got some photo’s of the beautiful wild nature

Bowling and Arcade with Jake And Hayley

this was amazing and super fun the life size Hungry hippo game was a blast we got really enthusiastic on that one, as you can see Hayley hit the ticket Jake pot

Day out with Jake Yesterday Cat Cafe in Eastbourne

Yesterday we dropped venus at her cousin dylans house in brighton before We went on beautiful scenic very along the coast through the seven sisters forest past Devils Dike all the way to Eastbourne. the day start out as going to Brighton to the cat cafe but when they went to find out the address for the sat nav we realised it was actually in Eastbourne, so unexpected change of plans that we actually were glad of Jake has found recently that stroking cats is an anxiety reducing thing, he is like a cat whisperer.

When he left school the other day he had one of his random dizzy spells and had to sit down this cat came and sat on him till he felt better it’s great how animals have this sence when someone isn’t feeling well. So as soon as the kids found out about this cafe they both wanted to go. Jake came with me and as we were leaving Venus and dylan turned up at the cafe for thier session.

The experience was so relaxingand calmingthe Cats were relaxed and calmi have heard they had cafes like this but never new we had one in England I would one hundred percent recommend this place, but book a slot it’s very unique and charmin all the little details cat related as you can see in the photo’s they have a little family of catssome are related brothers and sisters.the food is lovely and they have vegan options slots are just over an hour. i am begining to enjoy these new cafe experiences this one is up there with the Hello kitty cafe i went to in Brighton with venus.

Jake came out and said it was the most anxiety reducing place he has ever been.

WE finish our day out visiting the Beacon mall it was bright and colourful so many shops and things for collectors like my kids all their favorite things, quite a few layouts in the shos that are very pleasing for those that like colour corodination and thing that are organised well. WE sometimes talk about autistic masking well after the visit with the cats Jake for the first time let that social mask slip and really showed his relaxed calm self. he even went down the slide twice feet first then head first he said you cant put a slide in the middle of a mall and not expect an autistic person to go through it , when he came out head first there was a little older lady who said oh how sweet you remember your childhood to Jake was a very touching moment and the first time he did care what others thought about him , he seemed free and at peace with his diagnosis. but also he said he would never see anyone from there again so it didnt matter what people though in that moment but really noone was really bothered, they just saw a happy teen.

NIghts out with Venus Hayley and Dad Kareoke

That one time there are no Taxi’s and you have to bus half way home and walk the rest fun times lots of laughter a good sing song and some dancing great to let your hair down sometimes all work and no play makes life dull.

Good night Much love Faye xxx