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Hi everyone, finally I get to sit down and write, today’s blog is about my Venus and her Tom they got engaged over the summer it was such a special moment for them and our family watching thier long distance relationship grow and get through some momentous challenges , distance , a pandemic being separated by lock downs, then there is doing courses without being attended in person so pretty much most of the two year course was home based study and online for Niki I am proud to say though even with barriers this year she passed her exams and now has her level three health and social care. to add to level two early years pass. this year Venus is focusing on her own health and well being to get to the point of being able to give her all to her future work and relationship.

Their first in person get together Tom came to stay over the Christmas I wrote Emo The Emotional Elf infact there first Meeting enhanced the story and captured this budding romance in the early stages and Tom vastly became one of our most treasured new family members.

This is the blog I wanted to write from the minute they got engaged.

So Niki met Tom and his family at the camp site this summer and then travelled back with them to Holland for a short break and to spend some time together Tom had plans to pop the big question.

Adding to thier collections and having dates so cute.

They got to visit visit some of the English Country side visit with Animals.

some of their wonderful captures. So this is through thier eyes

Elephants are such beautiful additions to this world

Trip to Holland Toms Parents were driving and Toms brother was there to so maybe a little sardines in a can for the journey to Holland Venus was updating us as the Journey progressed.

White Cliffs of Dover .

song choice seemed the write time to add a little music to this blog plus Dame Vera Lynn is awesome

Venus practising her language they drove through France to get to Holland.

Arriving to her Second families home quite late helping unpack and settling in Tom had been promising taking Venus to see the Efteling theme park. if you ever in Netherlands check this place out it is awesome such a beautiful experience as she was sharing photo’s and video’s with us it really made us feel part of the experience and is on my to do list one day. Looks inspiring and magical.

Based around Hans Christian Anderson Stories, I Used to get lost in his stories when I was little i think my kids read some of his work too. we have read so many books and collection over the years enough to fill a library reading is an important skill and a very relaxing habbit.

Here is the link to The Efteling which will give you opening times prices and all the info you may need if you choose to visit. it gets a 5* rating from us for experience


The word wow from Venus says it all, I loved seeing this through her eyes as soon as I saw it and felt I probably because I am a big kid at heart. I love a fairy tale sometimes as a writer you cant always visualise your stories or what you want to write but others imaginations get your mind whirling with ideas.

Over the years my families struggles with anxiety and obviously money has stopped us exploring with our kids they way we always hoped to do but i would stay home every day go without anything so they get to see the wonders and beauty the world has to offer because there is so much good in this world still despite everything that goes on its hard to see it and the beauty of just loving experiences.

They also visited a museum in to which Venus also loved. They are very educational.

Trust Venus to take her picture with that reminds me when i took her to paradise park as a kid and she saw a naked statue for the first time she loudly point out the fact it had no clothes on she must of been about 6 at the time it was one of those moments as a parnet you want the ground to swallow you whole.

Kids always seem to find them funny.

The big event and tom dropping to his knee to propose happen in a more romantic space they had a picnic and he pretended he wanted to get a photo of them but really he wanted to caputure it on video i won’t show that video though because it’s their special memory, but they got some beautiful photo’s.

It happened before Venus was due to come home.

The saying goodbye to each other must have been so difficult this time round.

When Niki got home we were pleased it was quite without her.

we didn’t get a chance to celebrate as soon as she got home it was late but that weekend we had a celebration dinner for her and we will celebrate it properly when Tom comes over at christmas.

I printed off all there photo’s and put it all in a memory book for them both. The best thing is there smiles and love and care for each other what more can a parent ask then thier kids to be happy.

wow that is one blog finnished so much to catch you all up on.

have a beautiful rest of the day

Much Love Faye

Last song choice for them

Oh romantic