Emo The Emotional Elf

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Good evening

Hi all hope your weekend has been great, we had a lovely relaxing weekend here spent time with the hubby and kids. so we are rounding up another week and about to begin a new one. and a new Month Spring is in the air maybe soon we shall start to see the leaves begin to grow the beautiful blossoms to appear I love watching the season changes.

We had our first visitor the other day Dr Martin Williams he will be writing a book soon and his son is about to publish very soon as well. It’s great to meet other book author’s Hayley and the kids loved meeting him and it was nice to have a guest that are not related to us too, we live quite a sheltered life. Plus I got to give him a copy of my book which he asked me too sign, i cant wait to hear wgat he thinks of my book, it was like the events I used to do only I got to play hottest and make lunch My Niki and Hayley were very chatty and felt at ease in his company I quietly observed thier interaction Niki was great she really came out of her shell they say kids are a very good judge of character. It was great day We all loved learning about his life he shared his work his music his family with us that is part of the reason I love to write about life, it was great to see hubby joining in to.

There was a moment I left them all to entertain our guest as I had to pop out and pick Jake up from school. I think we have similar work styles and a lot in common. He is as proud of his kids and grand kids as I am of mine. Also he was showing us all the videos of his ukulele it must of made a bit of an impact as that is one of the instruments Jake choose to get today.

Tuning it.

I am an extremely cautious person and as we hadn’t met before i wanted my hubby close for first get together, funny really bless him he traveled to us despite recently having an op.

Maybe next time we will get to chat more as the others were very chatty. it is not unusual for me to sit quietly and observe in person that’s what I am always like shocking really considering how much i talk online.Now i just have to be the safe in person.

Work with Tom, Hayley and the kids was great wonderful shift and it is great to see little Tom in less pain and and more his smiley self.

Emo came with me after his time out to rest and Tom held onto him all night.

Back together with his buddy, They have a new video monitor now which actually is a real great buy, first of all the house is big so you can’t always here tom from the other part of the house Tom has his own wing that’s all disability assessable and able to meet his needs, with hoists and therapy room and specialist bed and baths. Tom was so cute and funny. he slept so well he was having seizures at school that day and also had one small one in the evening with facial twitching didn’t last long and really the only thing you can do at the time is keep talking and stroke his face till it stops make sure he knows it’s going to be ok. he also had a small one when we were playing to in the morning.

There is lots going on for him changes in meds, doctors appointments for his hips and back he also has wobbly teeth at the moment so the tooth fairy is going to be busy. He slept very well after his bath all night infact he woke up at 7 so we choose an outfit together we like to give tom choices he either looks at the one he wants or sometimes will use his hands and touch what he wants to wear, he also says yes and no.

he was very happy with his choice and looked super cool.

After he had his meds we went to the therapy room and did some floor work while listening to music Tom choose We will rock you and Eye of the Tiger.

The monkey puppet too.

Play time and time on floor to stretch and feel free from straps. we were getting him to move the tambourine on to his tummy its great for him to be able to control his hand movements more.

They were after food as usual and the puppy made a mess on the floor I was glad I had shoes on though as I didn’t see it in dark.

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Hayley decided to tell Tom about our night out with Grandad just as we were doing a video saying hello to everyone.

After I finished work with Tom, Hayley came back to my house with me till dad finished shopping then i picked him up and dropped them off.We would of done a you tube but she forgot her watch at toms house and couldn’t find where she put her tablet charger so she was in a bit of a mood and slightly agitated. still she got them back later though so crisis averted.

Thursday I went to karaoke with dad Hayley and Niki again it was nice to go out again for a good old sing song, someone asked me why i only go out with family and with my dad there, and it’s simple he is super funny and we have an amazing time together.

Proof is in the picture look at his face.

With my own little human Elf.

Me and Niki had some time out shopping together, she looked fab in her hello kitty outfit and she converted one of her teddies into a bag to match her outfit.

Today i also went for a long walk around the town with my Jake and Niki fresh air and great company.

Well that’s it for todays blog.

Much love Faye xxx