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Good evening
photo of golden cogwheel on black background
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Beautiful photo like this photo everything has to line up perfectly for an author to be creative a sharpened pencil a computer that works the tools you need to get the thoughts from your head to the page, the memories you make to share.

The vivid colours in a kaleidoscope you know when you turn it it gives you many different options and beautiful visuals that blend seamlessly together, that’s like my family weather we are together or apart we are always together in our hearts.

As you can see back to blogging thanks to my hubby spending the whole day fixing my laptop again, I think it has this mind of it’s own periodically stalling to make me rest !! it messes with my spontaneous creativity. This year has been pretty busy work wise and with the kids schools, but next year is looking to be much more ordered.

I am going to start this blog with the good stuff we are ending the year with the Christmas count downs we had 2 this year as Niki was visiting her boyfriend for Christmas we had a mini Christmas just for her before she left Santa came early.

All of the usual family traditions the stocking the food for Santa and the reindeers.

Niki’s trip to Holland was booked at the last minute just because of last years last minute lock down we wanted to make sure it was achievable before spending the money. There was so much to think about to make that happen so her and Tom weren’t disappointed at the last minute and we did it and tomorrow she will be on her way home. Traveling and all the different protocols now isn’t as bad as i though it was going to be, the Covid passport that was easy she has been fully vaxed and topped up for a while so it was a simple phone call to get that sent through. the PCR tests locator and other forms all sorted and in a folder ready for her to present when needed. we pretty much had things all covered in a short amount of time.

She also had assignments for her college to do on her official Christmas day but she was happy though and excited to see her Tom again.

Niki’s Christmas morning well it was a late start and full of excitement,

The Letter from Santa and the stocking

We had a beautiful mini Christmas dinner of her Choice for her it was Tomato soup for starters mash potatoes and veggie sausage and stuffing for main and then her favorite caramel cheese cake for desert followed by Snacks later in the evening Jake had steak and we had roast chicken and salad and potatoes. Then we had to finish packing her suitcase with her new clothes she got for Christmas . We all took it in turns to choose the music while we ate and all had such a laugh.

We pretty much crashed after as the journey to the ferry was an early start we were up at four am, check in was the latest 8.15 we made it with minutes to spare thanks to the poor young woman who was not allowed on the ferry as she hadn’t taken her Covid test we felt so sorry for her, and hoped she managed to get home on the later ferry in a way though I was glad that those restrictions were in place it meant everyone on there had to be negative to travel much safer for my girl.

I sat in the carpark after just to watch the ferry pull away before I did the drive home.

It was weird the drive home no one to turn my music off on put theirs on, me and the road and that big Dartford bridge to cross. Boy was I glad it was foggy and what was a huge drop beneath me I couldn’t see. Might not be so lucky with fog tomorrow on the drive home from picking her up though still it’s only moment of my time. I made a few stops on the way to Check in on her and just as I got in she was messaging to check I got home safely. It is instinct to worry about each other that’s what families do. she arrived safely and on the day she arrived Holland had entered lock down. so everything was shut but do you know something it isn’t about where you are or what you have it’s about the people you are with everything else melts away.

Sweethearts reunited after 2 years apart sometimes there just are Christmas miracles. Those smiles are so very priceless and the best gift mother’s could hope for.

The one thing about Niki staying with Tom and his Family is trust , from the moment I met them I knew they saw they same beauty in my daughter that I do, I knew she was accepted for who she is and they would look after her with as much care and love as I do. I am hoping they feel the Same when Tom comes to us which he has on many occations he is like another son.

We have been in contact with her every day sharing photo’s and our Christmases apart. Niki was also glad to see spike Toms Snake.

Bless them both I think the goodbyes are going to be hard, the visit was short but at least they got it this year Niki has Exams coming up and her pain management appointment and Tom has his studies and work to do maybe this year they will get more opportunities to spend time together in person again.

I can’t wait to see her Tomorrow and celebrate the New Year in with her.

The first night was extremely quite without her but then the next day was present shopping for the other kids and Our Josh was returning home.

Embarrassing mum moment Picking my 27 year old son up from the train station dressed like this if it was dark and cold i would of sat on the bonnet singing Christmas carols but it was almost 11.30 pm and the pub across the road was emptying of people plus the taxi rank that was full of taxi’s were all men lack of female taxi drivers where I live.. so i waited in the car instead.

Reunited Jake and his brother father and son.it has been way to long since we last saw our Josh, but there was a lack of female in my house this year just me and the boys.

Covid popped up and got dad and Hayley so Christmas plans were simplified by them self isolating for ten days. well sort of if we didn’t have to deal with the track and trace palaver they are so not accessible for people who don’t have new technology or for people with learning disabilities so I was on the phone sorting it out from the day dad tested positive I notified everyone who had been in contact . It took four days for them to contact me and unfortunately for me I gave them my number and email Hayley can’t read do you know they give conflicting advise and the amount of emails and texts they send repeatedly is very annoying. one minute they say you have to self isolate for ten days then another message comes in saying after six days if you have 2 consecutive negative results on latrol flow you can stop isolating, then they send another one saying if you leave your house before ten days you will get a fine. So Hayley and dad couldn’t fill the forms out online so we waited for the call, the person didn’t speak very good English not that that’s an issue but when i asked them to please slow down because I couldn’t understand what they were saying they put the phone down on me I wasn’t being rude I generally could follow the fast speech patten. I tried phoning back and requested an English speaking person just so I can understand the info I had to pass on to dad and Hayley 2 hours on hold in the end i filled most of the form out online but hit an issue when it came to contact Hayley had just because the day center closed during the beginning of pandemic and now she is out and about in the community which means different community centers, which was difficult to put on the form as they have there own room with day center staffing the end I filled three quarters out and the next day at 8am they phone this time an English speaking person and I was able to understand and give the final details over. Hayley didn’t test positive till a few days after dad so she isolated from the point he tested positive infact the day after he tested negative her symptoms started during that isolation so i am glad we pulled her out of day center till after Christmas. Hayley’s pretty good at wearing her mask and social distancing but i don’t think she fully understands , when she tested positive and was on the phone to mum she put her phone about 2 meters away from her mum asked her why she was quite and she said she doesn’t want to give her Covid she didn’t understand you can’t catch it down the phone line bless her.

Now back to Christmas sorry that was a little long winded but it’s the reality we have had to deal with.

back to our Christmas same tradition this time on the actual days

I had the household chores and Christmas cooking to the hubby over Christmas i get to take a break put my feet up a little and rest. Its been so lovely doing absolutely nothing.

Accept the fun stuff The boys Christmas eve box and putting out the stockings. Hubby cooking the Gammon and lamb, so the oven is free in the morning for the Turkey. one of the things i love most about Christmas eve is the kids laughter and the smell of the food cooking oh and the sweet taste of the feast to come just that smokey warm sent filling the air the coziness of the duvets you huddle under while you watch a movie. The convincing it takes to get your kids to go to bed or Santa won’t come. I don’t think it really matters wether you kids are little or older that want to see what they get in the morning produces these kids that take forever to sleep. You’re wandering just what ungodly hour they will wake you. I got lucky this year I was a wake first and me and hubby had got the turkey prepared and in the oven before they woke up.

For some reason we have this silly tradition wear my hubby thinks it is funny to chase me with the turkey neck, it creeps me out but still it’s part of our Christmas.

We put Bacon over the top of the Turkey stops it burning on the outside and keeps the moistness in. It was a big turkey and has made quite a few meals.

The best bit watching the kids open there presents. We had a real scaled back Christmas this year present wise firstly not much choice in the shops for my kids age group and limited time and pay day was a lot later this year.

i got some beautiful gifts off the kids

Niki Made me a bracket, Josh got me some comfy Jeans and this beautiful blouse with hearts on, and Jake choose the pink Jumper very sweet and beautiful gifts and so me and what I like .

All the preps were done the table was laid and i had to pop out and drop dinner off for dad and Hayley i popped it on the table outside there door and knocked and stood at end of garden dad had finished his self isolation but Hayley still had 2 days so oi couldn’t go near them till they both got there get out of lock down card. I actually phoned Hayley on Christmas morning to wish her happy Christmas was talking to dad first on the phone then i heard when is my dinner going to be here, They had finished it before I even put the starters on.

I am an adaptable type of person meals on wheels happens on occation.

Still they are coming for new years day so we can have fun then.

The Turkey Was Yummy

Boxing day was just watching movies and playing games.

Yesterday we did a bubble and squeak or our version of it where all the left overs get thrown in a frying pan and extra herbs and seasoning is added and we have little things like olives and pickles and lots of little extras


see what I mean about the colours of Christmas it’s the whole family feel warm Cosy and simple finished the evening with some music a few drinks and dancing in the kitchen.

That’s it for todays blog have a safe rest of year and seeing in the New year.

Bed time now Night much love Faye xxxx

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