Emo the Emotional Elf

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Hi all how are you today

working with Hayley spending her birthday money and vouchers today.

Special blog today

New addition to our family, an Elf baby and a rainbow baby

So first I want to say congratulations to my beautiful cousin Abbie,Tom, Rosie-leigh and Elsie on the birth of thier beautiful new baby girl Daphney.

Like Abbie I know what it is like to welcome a rainbow baby, after such a sad event a miracle baby, being pregnant is a bag of mixed emotions being, expecting a rainbow baby that only intensifies your feelings, you anxiously wait for thier arrival praying everything will be fine, I will tell you i know everything your feeling and so very proud of you for the strong mother you are, I know that your mum would be smiling down right now looking over you all with such pride and love. your one of the bravest women I know.

You are an amazing mother too all your children, a wonderful big and little sister always watching over and nurturing your family. I love you lots my beautiful cousin. what ever you go through you always put your girls happiness first and they are such a credit too you.

Now on to the other bit of news our Elf family also had a new addition a baby Elf his name is Elliot and he is a scentsy Elf which was sorted out by my neighbour and friend Niki , as scentsy is her own little business venture

So we were able to get this little unique Elf and support a fellow mother who is on the same diagnosis journey as we were once on. A great sensory product to he smells homely like Christmas cranberry I would definitely recommend this or other scentsy products. I am also up for helping other mums find thier own thing that makes them feel empowered. For me it is being an author for her it’s Scentsy.

Emo the Elf was excited to have a brand new elf buddy, he introduced him to mummy Elf and all the other elves in the family it’s a large family of 16 and counting.

Here he is ready to be born, a new member of the Farmer family

He slowly emerges from his little cocoon slowly at first, then with a big smile on his face

Emo places the baby Elf in mummy Elf’s arms and her heart melts, you see elves are not so different from thier human families thier feelings are the same. They love to help share stories of thier experiences and the love and kindness they feel. they have a want to help families in hard times and in beautiful times. help them to talk and to share thier feelings. so life is so much more fun.

So here we are introducing little Elliot the Elf to you all, welcome to the family Elliot and little Daphney.

Just to end our days blog with other updates, Niki got sent home from college after being sick, Jake has a cold, my Mum has shingles.

Tomorrow is a brand new day with a lot to do and a fresh new perspective, of life an what each day brings to people. you are the one that can make it great. our day tomorrow is busy as usual with parents evening and Niki’s appointment to have her ear syringed we are hoping once it is clear she will get her hearing back in that ear. we do it with great positivity and a smile on our face.

Have a beautiful night

Much love Faye xx

A new life always something to make you smile,unconditional love, a chance to love harder, care more and teach more.