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Hi all how are you doing?

Unexpected A&E visit

Yesterday started off well Niki and Jake went to school, then I had to order my Neice’s meds, my dad’s meds pick up Niki’s blood test form and medicine.

My hubby was upgrading the memory on my laptop who would of thought it would cost so much for that tiny part 😵

When I got home from doing all that I get unexpected call from Jake’s school he was having heart pains again go a the way over there to check him out to see if it was his palpertations to find there was a fire drill so had to wait till we were allowed in the building again.

Jake explained his pains well this time they were different no palpertations but a wave of squeezing pain which was also making him really breathless.

So we decided it was best to get him checked at a&e because he was discharged from the heart specialist over six months ago.

The wait was quick seen very quickly for ECG but that showed it was ok then had about an hour wait to see doctor,

We explained these symptoms and his usual ones, they said if they continue to go back to doctors for re-referral to specialist, and so the cycle begins again, four years he has had these issues with no resolve. We also discussed Jake’s anxiety and how school was and if there are any issues.

But it isn’t his anxiety, this I confirmed with the school today he is happy and settled and working well at the moment same here too.

So now it is down to me to monitor him and see if they settle on there own first these are just some of the invisible issues Jake has no treatment no miracle understanding, intact it is a pain.

He is off school still getting these pains they seem to be worse on movement at the moment.😧😩

We were planning on visiting someone yesterday so good job we changed our mind .

I hate my kids have to go through this without answers. I spent the evening sitting with him.


We added the extra meds in today she got a little stressed about the change, it has made her a little emotional today. She doesn’t like being on meds.

Other than that just being relaxing with Jake today 😳

Tom Tom

Little Tom not so little any more a big 10 years old today. He is Such a sweet heart. ❤️

Just a short update as have my hands full here

Have a beautiful day

Much love Faye xx