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Hi all how has your weekend started?

Plenty of rest I hope, I had slightly more than usual, finished the night shift at 12 ,followed by kungfu with Jake, Niki and Hayley both came to watch him today, he is doing so great and still persevering.

He kind of started at the same time I started writing the book so we each face different challenges that we haven’t giving up on.

But what I really want to celebrate today is his eating we have such a long road ahead of us to over come his eating issues but he made a list himself of things to try , pancakes he likes them now. Spinnish , cress, green Grapes, three different flavoured crisps, and almost ready to try potatoes this has taken the last 2 years to build up foods are slowly making it on to his safe list.

He already started eating apples and bananas, pasta, different breads .

Now while I know some things on his list are not so healthy we are working hard on getting him to add more to his list without and pressure.

The best thing tonight was he wanted to try lucky star breakfast the ones with marshmallows in and cereal has always been that one where he would have it plan with no milk in it and his milk on a glass beside it. The years we tried to encourage him to try with milk in his bowl were to no avail.

Then suddenly he came down poured the cereal I’m the bowl and added milk. He tried it no gagging or heaving he almost ate the whole bowl full.

So as you can tell I am so proud 14 years and he does it randomly,💗👌

But I know also not to get to caught up in it because like I thought would happen , happened his mind switched back he said I tried it once and I don’t like it, I am hoping he will try different ones till he finds one he likes with milk, but it is a wait and see🤔

He wants to do it but that old habbits sometime return almost immediately .

Still tommorrow I have some little watermelon cut into tryangles to try tommorrow, I showed him they are there, he can try in his own time.

I dropped them both in town today and they went to the new comic shop that has opened up, I think my kids will be going there often, so nice to see these type of shops on our high street. Maybe one day they will have a cosplay shop come here aswell , it is the in thing for my kids. I think it’s because they can dress up and be these different characters, and are not judge by there autism or themselves.

A safe escape from reality when Thier anxiety is high.

Sensory issues do still affect both Jake and Niki they are just so used to it now they are trying on focusing it.

If I knew the what then ,what I know now what would I tell the me 3 years ago.

I would have told myself to relax, to take time, to learn everything I could,

To not be afraid to ask others of Thier experience and oppinion.

What I do know is I can’t change how my children think feel , or Thier many diagnosis I can continue to put things they may not eat like on that plate just like I have all there lives. To let them do it Thier own way in Thier own time, for then the important thing will stay as a positive in Thier minds.

My hubby cooked my dinner again. Was so nice,

I have also watched casualty hospital drama, the funny thing is that these shows are great they have had really fantastic story lines and very important messages about changing what society never used to talk about ,

Autism, anxiety , bipolar , iron deficiency, Huntington’s, pots, eds.

Depression and suicide, showing how it affects everyone differently. But also not glamerising it, in away you can connect to the actors playing the rolls.

A other one tonight was carrying the knives these subjects can no longer be a silent subject because there happening more and more and people die because of it, the news lately talking about youths that have lost Thier lives to knife crimes.

We need radical change because kids are dying parents are burying thier children when they should be celebrating Thier succeses, Give the kids safe places to go, help them talk about Thier feelings especially fear, anger, feelings of an unjust would.

Shoe them something better, better than getting on that slippery slope.

Sports, Arts ,Music, mentor’s, sometimes just a listening ear.

Anyway my mind has gone blanc

These are things I would hope to see one day , sad that it can’t be changed overnight .

Sometimes life gets tough before it gets better.

Good night all

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