Emo the Emotional Elf Update, Jake`s perspective of publishing process using his Minecraft to build Emo the Emotional Elf world.#Minecraft #autism #anxiety #emotions #author #EmotheEmotionalElf

Hi guys through out the writing and publishing my son who is autistic has been creating his own little Emo the Emotional Elf world, to become involved and spend more time with each other, i am entering his world and he is entering mine, we have built up this little connection that is mine and his,

Niki and me have the same connection through her special interests it is individual to their own little personalities  and likes it has brought us closer as a family to an understanding of each of our strengths we spur each other on and push each other out of comfort zones.

The video i am adding Jake created and put together all himself, it has taken many hours and months to put it all together well really he has been working on it since we started raising funds for the book, and it is with my families support and love we created the book.

Hope you Enjoy his little video

much love Faye xx