EMO The Emotional Elf


Describe a family member.

Outspoken,  kind, caring, funny, says exactly what she feels maybe to much on occasion, likes to blame others for things she wants to get out of doing.

Gets words mixed up sometimes, is the life and soul of any party,  no stranger danger awareness because of of friendliness.

She says things without thinking sometimes,which can be a little embarrassing. because she will say it very loud in a roomful of people,

She is competitive at games,

If she likes you , you definitely see a lovable side to her.

If she doesn’t like someone, she will probably run away from them.

She is a fast walker and has the tenancy to look down when she walks, which can be an issue sometimes with her balance.

Sneaky with food.

She is always willing to give new things ago if talk it through with her.

She loves singing and has a big collection of all the Now music CD’s

She has great conversations with herself too , you hear her talking to herself sometimes,she repeats conversations she has with people sometimes doing different voices for the other person,

That’s actually very true ,you always end up thinking someone else is in the room with her.

If she is angry ,you sure know about it.

She likes to be in charge and telling you what to do. Some would call it being bossy. I would call it that she is a lady that knows what she wants and when she wants it and directs you to her way of doing things.

That’s our Hayley life would not be the same if she wasn’t in our life.

Much love Faye ❤️