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This photo and the words truly beautiful, Magic is something you make that I have to agree with there is Magic in making someone smile, Magic when you accomplish a goal you did not believe you would get to but some how you, hit it and think how did I do that. There is Magic when you create another life from this tiny speck to this little human. There is magic in miracles. Most of all there is Magic of the imagination.

While this time of year the hustle of the run up to Christmas like many years before but hugely different at the same time, some how the magic of Christmas spirit survived and we managed to create something different but equally beautiful despite a pandemic shops opening and closing and tiers changing. We are now Tier 4 here in my home town, and while out for a short walk I noticed the empty roads and car parks taking me back to march and that enthusiasm for a much easier and quieter life of lockdown, for me the first lockdown was perfect, it made doing my job and being a parent so much easier, I could move about supporting others without their being much risk, because everywhere was quite and people mostly followed the rules and queuing systems and social distance, second lock down was the same. I guess now we are headed into the third lockdown and new faster spreading variant of Covid, it makes me wonder if the pressure is really beginning to takes its toll on people, that desperation to see loved ones and that hope of spending Christmas with at least some of your family caused this panic that put more lives at risk of it.

Looking at the rush that happened for those exiting London before that tier 4 lockdown happened, this year has also been tough for so many families financially. I didn’t get payed till the day I picked up my son. and just after we got him home the news that we may also be going into tier 4 meant I had to go get some prezzies, this year a cash budget, no Credit cards no credit at all , I had a small budget to spend and stuck to it. thankfully my family gave me a little help this year, My oldest son also helped out. the look on Jakes face when josh Gave him his guitar.

This Christmas although quite has been a favorite of mine my kids all here together, the thoughts of not seeing our Josh for so long almost to much to bear,Our home has been so happy, the kids so happy, and me I can say its going to give me the boost I need for when he returns home again and having a couple of weeks to just get my energy levels back tip top for work again is just what I need right now.

So here is our magic of Christmas eve and Christmas day

The night before Christmas eve was letter Writing and collecting time Emo got out the computer typed away personalised notes for the children, i helped tie them with silver ribbon and added a chocolate coin for the magic touch. The fairies droppoed letters too as well as a letter from Mickey and Minni House for Hayley.

Someone Has to be the boss of the elves while Santa is busy.

Christmas Eve

Emo was checking in with Santa through the Snow globe Making sure he had enough help.

It started off with Spending time together Hubby was preparing some of the food making the Gammon, Lamb and cranberry sause music was playing in the background the kids playing music and watching movies or YouTube Videos. Niki talking to her Tom. I had the present drop to do to Hayley and the other kids I work with, flying visits not hugging was hard though.

Hayley House first she had a zoom Christmas Carol service so took my computer over to set it up for her while I did the present run. Next it was dropping pressies off to my brother before going to the kids house.

Holly helped put the Letters in the tree and the gifts under it, collected the pressies to go back to dad and Hayley’s. By the time I finished the zoom had finished so packed it up to go back to mine with a boot full off pressies for my family from everyone.

Christmas eve Evening was a flurry of excitement dinner , Games and them christmas eve boxes and gifts of Pj’s sweets and popcorn ready for movies, it was a funny moment that paper was ripped off before i even said to wait. LOL

Niki put the food out for santa the reindeers and elves and hung the stockings, and then Niki and Jake went to thier rooms. Our big Elf Josh helped get everything set up and Santa finally dropped off the Pressies at 3am when the kids finaly went to sleep.

We had an Elf army help, our Elves always help mum and dad around the house with chores.

Christmas eve Gifts. The biggest gift the gift of smiles and laughter

Does matter how old they are I never want them to lose that moment of happiness.

Christmas day

Christmas Day oh it wasnt my kids that woke me up at 7.30 but my hubby come get your coffee before they wake up. at least they all didn’t jump on my bed or me this year i think i would of been crushed they not little anymore. My hubby even managed to prepare the Turkey before they got up this year.

I was minding my own buisness waking up and having my first coffee of the day. My hubby the Joker always chases me or trys to get me with Turkey insides something I have avoided touching since we met its slimy and gross.

Just ewwww, but then maybe if I wasn’t on my phone I would have seen it coming at me. lol you have to excuse us we are a little wierd sometimes.

We actually woke the kids up this year it got to 8.30 and they were still all sleeping , I was just to excited to wait any longer. I am a big kid really especially on special occations I like giving to them you probally have seen that if you have been reading my blog a while.

Stocking time and sleepy young adults

Not the usual stocking filler’s this year so Santa had to improvise due to some of the factories shutting down due to lockdown rules. but still thier was enough to fill them. Thanks Santa.

Christmas Breakfast we just had ceral and toast this year as hubby was busy cooking

After stockings it is always Breakfast before opening the family pressies. the kids have to line up in hight order and form a queue its part of our christmas tradition.

As you can see by the smile on Niki’s face it is the one time she don’t mind her brothers are taller then her.

The letter from Santa

Pressie opening, a few surprises one being an accidental split lip over excitement pour Josh got bopped in the mouth by Jake we try not to make a fuse when accidents happen or it can really derail the day still no harm done.

They had a few gifts each and some join Board games we are loving having nights where we sit together and play games, now thier older and we got through that stressful age of the losey moods its quite safe to play games together without total meltdowns.

My favorite gift to give this year was to my hubby the kids helped and it was a hard one to choose and it wasn’t about spending lots of money it was about it being something meaningful to him personally as you know when i met my Hubby he was a Dj and my kids have grown up around all kinds of music, it plays a huge and important part of our lives carries us through difficult days, brings joys, emotiona helpes with anxiety, and is truly theraputic, you can see it in the way our kids are very muscial, its alos thier go to place for self calming. I choose a canvas picture and the kids got new frames to put some of the photos and signed items my hubby got when he used to work and introduse these acts during him early musical years as a DJ.

Its going to be a great addition to our walls and just bring a little bit of the past to life again.

I got some lovely gifts too .

Josh got me an Emo pop figure my first one the kids all have quite a collection of them now, a beautiful buisnessy outfit some candles and Niki brought me a new kettle our old one was on it’s last legs .

But my other favorite moment was when Josh gave our Jake his Guitar, it wasnt wrapped and when he came home Josh let him play it to see how he would get on with it kind of try see if he liked how it felt.

He going to learn it more before he plays, going to be great watvhing him advance with it he has already taugh himself to play the Keyboard. Josh was about Jakes age when we gave him his first guitar he taught himself to play too.

We Caputured as much as we could this year to share with our family and friends who couldnt be with us, and to show what ever life throws our way we all have the ability to work through it and find another way to make things special it doesn’t have to be lavish it has to come from the heart.

We got dinner cooked earlier this year because I had to drop some over for Hayley and Dad just because we could spend it together as usual we wanted them to feel like they do here. I dropped it off to them before returning home to eat with my family.

Arriving home I sent hubby for a power nap while i set the table and prepared the starters. This year three differnt types me and Niki had Tomato soup, Josh and hubby had Salmon on a bed of spinach tomatos and onion drizzeled with lemon and olive oil and lightly peppered. And Jake our selective Eater had Jacob’s Crackers it’s a little bit of a joke in our family because when he was little grandad had some and when Jake saw his name he got upset because he thought it was his present. Dinner was lovely

Was a great feast, Jake doesnt eat any of it but instead of plain pasta he would normally eat we graduated to steak and chips for him so the very first year of a proper dinner for Jake on christmas Day maybe one day he will eat a whole chrismas dinner i won’t give up trying to introduce him to new foods .

You know what happened to my family after dinner FOOD COMA they all fell asleep till about lunch time today.

Any way to finish off today blog wishing you all had the best chrismas given the circumstances and the new year that keeps you healthy and safe and is a much better year than 2020.

This is my sum up of the year from my perspective it has given more than it has taken its brought a closeness that was taken away from the busyness of life, it has thrown us in the deep end of change wether we are good with change or not, plans have been changed and rearranged many times, but we are her to live another day we may be held back from lots at the moment we may have to take more hits before things improve but we are All doing the very best we can and thats ok . For me i am an over preparer i love the routines and knowing what is going to happen and when it causes anxiety other wise but i have learnt to just relax what will be will be wether i stress or relax better just enjoy every moment.

This is an insite into Hayley’s and dads christmas day got to say they are the best photos by far, my Dad with Elf ears.

Spreading the Elf joy as I go along the kids loved the photo’s

Have a beautiful evening much Love Faye xxx

Emo The Emotional Elf

Hope you have a great start to Christmas week.

I am blessed and thankful all my kids are here, our Josh returned yesterday and we are once again our own little family unit.

I haven’t seen Josh since July due to work and trying to make sure we all stay safe during this pandemic, but now I can truly relax for the first time in months.

You know having a grown up child that doesn’t live with us anymore is harder than you know, Josh just lifts all of us up, The sounds of him playing instruments his little smile and him stretched out on the sofa with a sibling each side. Problems seem so far away. Nothing else matters but this moment, They are the thing that makes my eyes light up the smile on my face, the hope in my heart, and for once it isn’t about diagnosis or what they have or don’t have it is purely them and thier beautiful personalities , Thier eagerness to teach each other , Thier respect for each other they unconditional love and acceptance they have.

I have done something so right in my life brought up these beautiful little human beings.

That’s all I want to say right at this moment , I have peace in my soul and a whole heap of love in my heart today. ❤️😁🎄

I will get back to blogging soon this time of year rounding up work last week, and focusing on my own kids.

But I would also like to thank my family for all the help they have given me this year especially the last couple of weeks so I can make this time special. For the money towards food , for the parts for my car, and all the little bits.

I couldn’t of doñe it with our your support and care. 😁❤️

Much Love Faye xxx

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Hi all how are you today, this weeks been a little tougher then usual just a lot going on sometimes your impacted more then you let on. I had high hopes for this year, maybe most of us did and things we set out to achieve didn’t quite happen the way you expected, situations coming up, I do plan for the year to end as good as it started though just maybe in a different kind of way. Even as I sit here writing I am full of confused thoughts. Not much i can do about that just focus on something else.

Today is my mums Birthday, It’s hard not spending it with her.

My beautiful sweet caring mother, always there if I need to chat, she is the most strongest intelligent and kind giving women I know, she brought me up well and despite me being handful when I was young I turned out quite good in the end. she passed a lot of mother daughter skills on to me. Happy Birthday to you my beautiful mum, I can say this because she always reads my blog bit like when I was younger and she used to look in my dairy. I think the teenage me didn’t like it I actually left a message once ( if you think I am going to write things in here you have another thing coming) or something along those lines maybe not quite so polite.

but now I am glad she does read what I write because it makes me feel closer to her when we are not together.

Photography – different eye’s different perspectives

Today I want to share some photo’s Niko and the kids took when they went for some exercise the other day, they got distracted by the view.

Jake’s photos

I love the way he has captured the view of our local park not far from our home. the top one sunset the orange glow, the silhouette of the trees standout in the foreground of the foggy evening, Left-how beautiful it would be to just lay on the ground looking up at the sky and seeing the clouds slowly move and wonder about traveling beyond the clouds and out of our atmosphere in to space and beyond seeing the world slowly become smaller as it disappears from sight to a tiny speck what the astronaut’s must see on their way up and out the training they go through for just that possibility i bet the world was never the same for them again when they returned to see the beauty of what is out there with your own eyes. Middle- the winter view of a tree bare of most of its leaves tinged with droplets of rain the windy slowly blowing through what remains on there. The last picture the beginnings of night the end of day, the cold air and misty hue of the fog as it slowly creeps across the fields giving it a almost haunting looking view. the empty fields usually filled with kids , families dog walkers and cricket matches empty of population due to people staying home, Covid and lock down really does make you appreciate what is all around you.

Niki’s View

Niki’s has a slight more spooky look plus she captured her dad

Niko’s view

All very different photo’s of the same place I love this when they share there photo’s and get creative.

To finish off tonights blog just my favorite childhood game , I loved playing it with Jake today.

Battleships I love it

Good night, sleep well.

Much Love Faye xxx

Emo the Emotional Elf

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Hi everyone how are you today ?

green typewriter on brown wooden table
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I have many goals in my life, I like to have lots of things going, a busy mind leaves less time to think and worry about things you may not be able to change at this particular time; but each day you get up and work towards ticking that list of new skills off, one goal at a time. Writing and becoming an author isn’t just about the publishing or even the writing, it is merely the beginning of the journey. I have loved the journey, although difficult and it has change it’s trajectory along the way; I believe in learning as I go along that somewhat twisted road. As much as the story plot develops, so does the very essence of you as an author.

Along with becoming an author you are also working towards building author pages, making friends and connection. Managing all social media pages and marketing your work as well as yourself as an author to the world. Is it an easy thing to do? Does it all take time? Do you think you will be that one person who has overnight success ? Or do you want longevity, so when you publish more work your audience is there ready waiting and excited about Your next big release. It depends on your own perspective and really the type of writer you are. I get side tracked sometimes just talking to people and forget I have a book to market, though I don’t want to come across as pushy sales person, I want Engagement with my audience, feedback to become better. Confidence to carry on when it goes silent. To build the respect in the industry of children’s publishing.

I also have goals of studying and passing my child psychology course, which temporarily has taken a detour and it sit’s warmly on the back burner ready to go when the time is right and this vaccines get to a point where life begins to be more open and the work load of my day job changes back to the way it was before Covid began.




hands with latex gloves holding a globe with a face mask
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Whilst we will never forget every life lost during this pandemic, my aunt being one of them It really is a mementos occasion too go down in the history books of how we lived died , inspired and adapted to a new world and way of life the year of 2020 and beyond.

Today the first lot of vaccines began here in UK and our over 80’S bravely being the first to take it with excitement, hope unhindered by fear or theories; Maybe now they see there life will very soon be free from the worry of it, free to go back to spending that time making memories with their loved ones going to the shops and spending time with friends after almost nine months of social isolation. I am so proud of our older generation they have lived with some of the toughest situations in life and they should be so valued and respected that they never give up and always put themselves in the forefront of making things better for their families.

I am a Mother, a wife, a daughter, a sibling and a carer so for me there is no choice but to protect myself so that can protect those who need me to help them . So that I can visit and spend quality time with those who I am blessed to know and love dearly.


quote calligraphy under cup of lemon tea
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What a beautiful photo By Dominika Roseclay, now I am going to show you a few video clips they are way before Jake got his diagnosis but when it came to helping him stay engaged with home work we really had to come up with some out of the box thinking both me and my hubby put our heads together on some of Jakes homework the school used to give this sheet of homework, many different things but Jake loved really getting creative Niki did too, and obviously we helped with some of the putting it together, but really they came up with the ideas we just were along because it makes it much more fun when you do projects with someone and really builds that team work up.

Different versions of the same project one with me being a news reporter and Jake answering questions then we switched over roles.

My turn as Interviewer

Switching Roles

I so loved working with kids not only on there homework when they were little but reading and making their costumes. I loved the little notes that they left round the house saying, I love you mummy. But I also loved writing them to sneaking them in their lunch boxes school bags putting them on their bedside tables.

I really am quite an expressive person, if you feel it say it, then they never doubt it.

Now that sibling bond especially Niki’s and Jakes it really has developed into a rather great loving friendship now they are older and have a lot of the same interests.

When I Talk about my kids to me they are so much more then that diagnosis, they are brother and sister they are my babies always know matter how old. they used to have fights to rival the best wreslers, in the world. but you come near either one of them they will back each other up protect each other. They are best friends and they are really now very nuturing to each other. I love the way they now get each other snacks, or sit and chat, Jake loves to spend time with Niki.

Its a special kind of sibling that gets you, that understands those differences they both have had to know about being autistic I really wonder sometimes if the diagnosis has brought them closer because they think the same way not exactly because even autistic people are indeviduals but they same way they process the world.

Now my blog is at an end for today I will just leave you with a few pics of me and Hayley the last couple of days. she makes me smile so much.

Dad had to Make Hayley a new stand for her Tablet something a little more robust,

That click game , you have to click so many times in a minute Jake wanted me to try it they love things like this and cookie clicker, me however appearently I suck at it according to Jake.

Jake also got me to use that how many words can you type in a minute. you know why I am up late writing this is the reason I scored a measly 24, wpm lol I am still a one fingered typer.

last night was relaxing a it of reading and that massager My Josh got me for my birthday it has helped so much with my sleep and restless legs.

He is hiding

Any way good night