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Hi all, before i do my own update for my book and tell you all about my experience of the author event i would like to tell you about the other amazing books and authors that were there.

I will share some pictures of them with there books at the end of the post, they are welcoming and and passionate about the books they have written.

First the lovely lady i shared my table with  author Pauline Emsley she attended the event with her beautiful talented daughter who was truly amazing at the event helping to set up and organise, a little budding author herself working on her own story she is one to watch out for as a young author when she has finished her book.

She obviously gets her love of writing and reading from her mum, Pauline`s book is called `Rag doll Lost` lovely illustrations and a sweet little story, as a parent i know what it is like when your child loses their much loved toy so a fabulous little book to help children with that. It was a blessing to meet with them both and share the reasons for writing the books we wrote.

Find out more about Pauline`s books at 

Next author was  Teresa Harrison-best  books she brought with her were Mackerel & the Jolly Daisy. Beautiful illustrated again she came to the event with beautifully crafted character`s always great in engaging kids with a physical representation of the character from the books. she also brought the other chapter book`Catawall! Fluent in feline  

Another great looking book  when talking to her about the reason for my book and my kids autism she shared a similar situation someone close to her is going through at the moment. you know this is the effect i was hoping that my book and speaking for the reasons behind it would do help others to feel someone out their is understanding their journey. It was a pleasure to swap details with her and offer a friendly ear if it is needed .

She did give me her contact details as soon as i find them i will ask for a link to her work.

The next lovely lady is Jo Baxter her book Viola Pumpernickel and the Emerald Lady from what i saw of the book at the event it is a must read from 8 up something i would definitely get to read with my kids .

find out more about the book at WWW.JOBAXTERBOOK.CO.UK 

The next author Adam D Searle his book `The big and little monster` is just something i would definitely buy and enjoy reading made me feel slightly nostalgic as this is what my Jake used to love reading he was a young boy something that starts off the fascination in a young mind. you can check it out at to find out more.

Next up Tony the magician his book `PLAN IT RUN IT ENJOY IT` is sure to be of help to parents planning their children’s party we did not get to meet him on the day but we met his lovely friend who attended on his behalf. 

Next up was the lovely author Lynne Healy she oozed confidence and her positive attitude really brought an ease to the room. really loved her book the Birdham Bear.

Again a book which will appeal to children well worth taking a look at her site and finding out more about her little book bears have been in the hearts of children for a long time. Her site is 

Next up the very beautiful author Clara Robson Kanu her little book again sure to appeal to the young imagination lovely illustrations, again something i would read to kids.

The book is called  Moonbugs the front cover is really eye catching .

The next smiley author who`s book was released only 2 weeks ago is the lovely Lexi Rees. this book is more to my kids age and has a lot of appeal as a must read

Eternal Seas is the name of the book she has a twitter page and is a avid tweeter.

check her out to find out more about her book or grab a copy from amazon

Next up is the lovely Sue Wickstead experienced teacher and author of Jay JAY the supersonic BUS, The more experienced  one of us in this field and confident in her books and work shone through at the event, she sent me some pictures of me she captured on the day which was very thoughtful they were lovely.

The last lady in the room author Natasha Murray. Author Artist Illustrator and reviewer 

3004 Book shop Something to Read? on her journey she said their was not much to help first time authors get out their in our area so she made a way to help and wants very much to help other authors out so her site maybe a great one to check out.

So to finish off this author reviews and to help lift other newly published authors reach more of an audience this is why i wrote this blog.

Remember everyone starts somewhere they learn from what they do a long the way, their are moments they may like to change and do somethings differently, learning from experiencing it, It is hard work from start to Finished book. You also learn once that book is written and a physical copy is in your hand the real hard work starts, nerves may come and pop into your head as your putting your creation out their, but you deserve the best to happen for your book. the  passion and dedication you have put in to that book will come across in what is written and to pass that on to a child is a gift, be proud that you done that.

Thanks to you all and it was a huge honor and pleasure to be in that room at that time showing my work along side all of yours 




‘Emo the Emotional Elf’ update. #author #christmasbook #Elves #Emotions #autism #anxiety #mentalhealth

Hi all, how has your day been?

Preperation that is what I have been doing all week since getting confirmation of the author event.

The three p’s planning, preperation and perseverance.

So there is 11 hours till I set up the stall at the library and meet the others embarking on this journey be lovely to see there perspective on how they got there to thier published book.

What what way they went, was it traditional or partnership publishing like me or are they stand alone authors.

How many of you have been on this journey yourselves or are going through it? or thinking about it.

I don’t regret any of it I have a little bit of guilt about the money side of things because I am a mum, and as a mother I can think of a million different things I could of done with the money it has taken to invest I. This book.

Then I think well it is an investment for our future, as today it is a book but tomorrow an idea of a business venture where author ,carer, and mother all the things I have learned on our journey could be of benefit to other parents. Joining the journey of becoming a special needs parent or even just a parent.

That I have 24 years of experience in 13 years experience in the care industry. What i may lack in academic skills I certainly gained In hands on experience.

That is what I bring with me as I embark on this new journey, I am simply gaining a wider knowledge of things to do with writing.

Tomorrow is also Hayley’s birthday so tomorrow night we are celebrating with a girls night out, Niki is old enough to join us and it is such fun to share new moments with her now she is joining adulthood.

My Mum is also down for a visit too. It’s always a pleasure to spend time with her.

There was one thing though that is unfortunate Jake has his Kung Fu graduation it starts as my day finishes

I just hope I can get there in time to see as I haven’t ever missed one.

Glad my husband will be Thier to take him and capture it on camera incase I Late. I really wanted hi. To be my plus one at the event but my sweetie has this cold that is giving him a bad headache, and while a half an hour watching a graduation manageable thing a four hour event just to much.

He helped me chose the outfit, a dress I brought for our anniversary, just before I wrote the book. It was a choose between that and my favorite red one but that is better to where out in the evening.

I always trust his judgement as he knows me the best, and although he won’t be there, he has really been helping alot behind the scenes on this book and teaching me how to do some of the stuff his input and dedication into helping with the cover, and some of the other things, is very calming yes I know he has made me edit my work I know he has been very tough at times with me but it works and that is how we work with each other.

I have also been learning to read Greek I started the other night and most of it is easy to work out and retain, if I can master reading them I can master speaking and listening.

I already can understand quite a few words, so if my Greek family read this post talking in Greek with each other is something I will be able to fully understand soon 😂😂😂

So it is goodnight from me.

Have a beautiful weekend I look forward to sharing event photos with you all soon with an update on how it went.


All my love Faye. Xxx

Emo the Emotional Elf Update. #author #christmas #book #elves #emotions #autism #anxiety #mentalhealth

Good evening all I hope your day has been a good one,

I have received the marketing leaflets and bookmarks, plus this amazing roll top banner for book event of Saturday, I just can`t stop talking about it because it is an exciting step in a new direction personally for me and it is certainly motivating my kids.

I love being able to show them this, very different side of my personality, it`s nice to do something different so they have a chance to put my achievements on the fridge for once. They can stand back and say wow that’s my mum.

Instead of quietly blending in to the back ground pushing them forward, I am right there by their side, I am their choices they make in life through the happy times and through times they find it hard.

We talk about everything, all the important things life brings our way.

I could not be a prouder wife or mother than I am right now. I really have so much respect and love for all they have done and with all they have all helped in producing the Emo the Emotional Elf book, their input is invaluable and irreplaceable to me. It takes an author to write a book but it takes a family and community to bring it to life.

I want this book to be a talking point to help others be able to freely share their stories, their good their bad their amazing.

To talk and share their anxiety`s and mental, emotional health, journeys without the judgement or feelings of guilt or shame, to be able to stand up when support is not their and to make things a little better in this world.

I want it for my family more than ever, now we know the issues that affect us as a family, I have known doubt that they can do anything they put their minds to with the correct support self-belief and self-esteem.

This is the update for today have a beautiful evening

Much love Faye xxx

Emo the Emotional Elf update #author #chrismasbook #elves #emotions #autism #anxiety #mentalhealth

Hi all, hope your day is going well.

Today I have been busy sorting marketing supplies for the book event at the weekend.

My biggest worry now is looking out of place because I don’t have the money to really do the things I would like to promote the book and give it a chance to succeed on its own merit.

I have ordered more book marks and purchasing pamphlets, and invested in a roll top banner.

Every little bit of savings plus funds raised by kind donations it feels like I will let others down by not putting my all in. I know I am more than doing that.

It’s almost like being center stage with a light shinning on you and everyone waiting for your voice to come out.

It both excites me and scares me at the same time, my husband helped me out the design for roll banner together as there are some computer programs I am still learning.

I think I am driving him crazy though because it is like I keep talking myself into avoiding things, because they make me really tense.

I never used to be like this before diagnosis journey but since that feeling overwhelmed and panic still hits me.

It’s how I fully learned to understand a little of my kids anxiety, I am really looking forward to the event though

Maybe it’s a little stage fright kicking in, My name is there on the event website next to all these other authors I am wondering if they are feeling the same way, or whether they have something to prove to themselves like I do, and that is my writing disability that has plagued me since childhood will no longer hinder me.

My kids are moving forward every day overcoming challenges, thoughts, and feelings but always there in the back ground is the circle of negative thoughts trying to take back control.

Sometimes I wish I wasn’t such a deep feeler, and could shut off the sensitive part of myself, but I can’t because that is who I am.

I am now just going to relax as much as I can give myself a break, in thinking. Go with the flow.

Maybe it’s just a big bear hug from my hubby that will settle this worrisome and uneasy feeling that is encroaching again I can’t explain it, it is something that is there like when you are awaiting some very important news and you don’t know if it will be bad or good, it’s a feeling I know well.

It was always there when you visit a doctor or wait to pick up your kids from school and they walk towards you. Sometimes they deliver something bad and sometimes they surprise you with unexpected positive news. This has been my life for so long now I don’t know any different.

Any way I will be sharing photo’s and the day with you all.

Maybe if others are on this journey either with diagnosis , writing a book,

Or starting something out of your comfort zone even though these feelings and emotions are there it is worth every second of pain and struggle to get there, never give up despite it. Be bold be you as you are.

All my love

Faye xxx

Emo the Emotional Elf Update, #marketing  #networking #family  #christmas #book  #author #autism #anxiety #emotions #writers #mentalhealth

 Hi everyone, the last couple of weeks have been busy in the research side of marketing my book, today i got some very exciting news, that i have managed to secure a stall at the local library`s meet and great new authors day.

This is the next big step forward, its a chance to take a look at the book in the physical sense and meet me the author but also other local authors and publishers. buy copies happy i`m to sign it for you.

so if you are an avid reader or writer a great event to attend.

It is also a chance to support the local library which is an important part of a community, they quite often run autism awareness days at our local one and much more.

what an awesome way to network with everyone, but also get feed back from those who maybe interested in purchasing a copy .The kids are just so excited and hearing them say Mum i am so Proud of you has put the biggest smile on my face.

My turn to show my kids, let nothing hold you back.

It will be at Crawley library West Sussex 11 am till 2 on the 13th of October

many thanks

lots of love Faye xxx

Have the best Weekend

Emo the Emotional Elf Update #author #christmas #elves #emotions #autism #anxiety #mentalhealth

Hi all hope you day has been ok,

We had Niki off today as she has gone down with a bad cold, Thursdays and Fridays she does work experience at her old specialist setting she really is enjoying doing it, obviously because there are children with different issues not wanting to pass this bug around is a important thing. When I phoned them this morning they said they have had a few that have gone down with it.

Jake’s Ehcp meeting went well, we spoke about better communication between the school and home because of big changes and staff cuts and funding and things they have not been as easy to communicate with.

Hopefully now though they will it really is in Jake’s best interest that trust is rebuilt with the school.

So 2 things that were different this time, the people incharge of Ehcp plans were not there, which i found very strange. As they are the ones supost to be reviewing so it was the school Sen and the person running the social communications unit.

The second thing is they can’t find as last year’s review your show progress between. This is also a little concerning because it has all Jake’s private information in. There was a big move of the unit at the end of last term.

Jake has made huge progress which is very important to focus on, we are maintaining his support how it is and keeping up what is working.

We spoke lots about Jake’s needs and wants for future.

We spoke about his on going issues and that emotionally he is much more settled now.

We spoke about the changes in levels of stress as the year goes forward and more tests get added, this is a huge point in maintaining his plan because a negative issue can impact on his emotions and set off his depression and refusals to attend class.

Both Niki and Jake have 💯 attendance at the moment.

We spoke about Jake’s perspective of friendship in the school, there is still some low level teasing but Jake at the moment is standing up to that.

They said they will also give him a one to one session every 2weeks to focus on issues and what is working well with Jake .

He attended the second half of the meeting and really spoke about things In such a grown up way. They have said to him if they other kids begin to get too annoying to let them know.

This is a good thing I spoke with them about some of the friendships Jake has made online and that some of his friends also get depressed and talk about not wanting to be here, I told them about one girl who was really finding things hard so Jake wrote a inspirational booklet about why she matters and that she is worth it.

It so important to show that although Jake does have autism he also is a sweet caring kind compassionate young man who likes to help and look out for people.

Jake also has just found out he has surpassed his end of year target of a 3b by getting a 4a in maths this is something well worth celebrating as he lost many maths lessons, over the last couple of years due to his anxiety.

So this is how my day has been, Jake had kungfu tonight it really is so very important for his self esteem and confidence, when the doctor said that he should go to a gym and that Kung Fu , classes as physical enough, Idon’t think she was right I see how much it takes physically mentally and emotionally to triangle in kungfu.

It is good for his fine and gross motor skills, balance, being able to come concerntraight and do opposite action take a lot of focus, it is hand eye coordinations, attention to detail.

Jake has really made progress in the physical contact , aspect of it and because of his issue with being strangled in primary having someone bigger stronger getting that close , is hard not to mention his sensory issues he still has to put his hands of his ears when they do there speaking part.

This is all for today a new power point will be added Jake is learning g this at school and he is going to teach me as well the next one the kids input will be In It as well.

Many thanks

Much love

Faye xxx

Emo the Emotional Elf update #author #christmas #elves #emotions #autism #anxiety #mentalhealth

Hi how has your day been?

Work today with Hayley was good, took her shopping for things she needs and for a treat to Starbucks, we brought Emo with us.

Felt very empowered to actually approach shops and introduce myself as a new author, trying to find out who the best person there to show the book to

Little deflated when was told to contact head office, these are things I think for new authors are hard unless your really great at selling yourself as well as your book. But at least I stepped out of the comfort zone behind a keyboard.

I have a lot of belief in the book and the work I have put into the finished product. But it is such a specific book in alot of ways, so seeing it in person rather than a picture of the cover and back page online might not do it the justice it deserves.

I can say that for my family it really did help and do what it was supost to. And while everyone who has books out that cover the same thing as mine, and I know many of them are AWSOME because I have read them. I like to here how others stories are simpler but yet so very different.

I have been researching others that are in the area of children’s self help, awareness books and elf or christmas books, but Thier are none in the style in which Emo the Emotional Elf has been written. So it isn’t something I could compare to another if that makes Sence.

Part of marketing a book is looking where it slots in what your audience is.

I don’t want it put into brackets of a specific audience but to be enjoyed by all different personalities it is a book about enclution after all

Maybe it is just a book that is made to stand alone in its own little way. A book to draw people In and to help them open up and share thier stories.

With all the connections friends and people I have been speaking to over the last 2 years it has certainly shown that that does happen.

Non fiction books the most are about the person or people in real life, it is full of the personalities of the writer and of the others in thier family or life or work. This is vastly true about this book.

You know I sometimes share selfies not for comments but because I want to show the person behind the book, the author, the person behind the keyboard updates. I am trying to find the right words for video updates and a more personal approach.

But sometimes I feel that I am not taken seriously as a person because of that.

I mean I have had to tell someone to stop making rude remarks about how I look hot, it really is inappropriate especially as they have not once asked about my work or my book, they called me baby I pointed out my Name is Faye

and I have a brain. I guess I don’t have such a limited vocabulary as I thought. Thier is more to me than what a picture can ever show or a video, I am a  very deep thinker I love science, engineering, art and opera, creative dance, medical mystery and cars. History and investigations. I love children because they see you as a person first they see you kindness your heart, they see so many things.

I get frustrated easily when I am passionate about a subject, just because it is something I feel, not just something I see or here.

That’s all for today

All my love Faye IMG_20181003_110853548