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Hi all how are you today?

Been AWSOME hereπŸ˜€πŸ‡πŸ°πŸ₯🐣

Hayley has been helping get ready for Easter

Niki and Jake joined in, we are slowly getting ready still some Greek things to get ready just have to get some Ozzo for the koulourakia, and we are going to make them tomorrow as well as Revani, the decorations completed and thinking of places to hide the eggs and clues for the Egg hunt. We always end up doing them on the morning of the hunt makes it so much more fun trying to hide them without the kids seeing it is one of the best bits.

I am not sure how much longer my kids will participate in these little family traditions but at least I have this year and maybe one day it will be something we share with out kids and grandkids.

Dying the eggs never quite go as planned but have some how got there in the end still ended up with dyed hands aswell I should make sure I where gloves but always forget them.

At least people who visit will know they are not all shop brought πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜‚

Yes I am a complete Numpty sometimes πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‹

Niki , Jake and Hayley all helping each other make some Easter crackers.

Hayley and me made some home made cards to send to mum Hayley really enjoyed herself today we managed to get her an Easter bunny too and hat for her dress up day at the day center on Friday

Emo just has a little reminder chocolate eggs and sweets are ok but remember fruit is a Great alternative everything in moderation.

Have a beautiful Evening

Much love Faye xx


Emo the Emotional Elf #author # emotions #Elves #autism #anxiety #mentalhealth

Hi all how are your Holidays going?

I am in spring clean mode , and home cooking, when you have the hustle of managing work and hospitals and schools you don’t always get the time to keep up with everything there are sometime just not enough hours in the day, you tend to make very quick meals , Or get one small job In Between those in and out the house.

I have had the added work of the book which I love.

Yesterday was the first stage of cooking the Greek food. Pasitio a pasta base with mince and topped off with a creamy sauce. We always like too eat it with fresh bread and salads, and trimmings like olives and homous and Taramasalata dips.

Fresh ingredients really inexpensive if you shop around , and it makes plenty.

I had to make a slightly different version replacing meat with Quorn mince and veg stock instead of beef.

Niki still doesn’t eat meat but for now still is ok with eggs being used in cooking.πŸ˜€

Hayley and Niki Results

Today I am working with Hayley going to give her some little Easter things to do, she likes art alot.

Will be checking with doctors today for her scan results.

Plus Niki’s results should be in tommorow. Then we should know where we are as far as medication goes.

Jake immunisations and dentist

Friday Jake has his injections in the morning , so dip, tentnus and polio booster, Plus his meningitis Jabs.

He is ready to get it over with now, still there is an apprehension on wether it will be a straight in and out thing or whether the anxiety will appear, but still going, we have been preparing for months now.

Dentist in the afternoon he is ok with check ups now and at this appointment we are going to ask for that referral for the orthodontis, we have held off till he is more comfortable with dentists and while he learns to be able to be Able to not miss bits of teeth when brushing.

He is more affected now by that one tooth that is set slightly back in his mouth.

Any way that’s it for now off to work soon

Have a beautiful Day

All my love Faye xx

Emo the Emotional Elf #author #emotions #elves #anxiety #autism #mentalhealth

Hi all how are you all today?

Easter Holiday

They have begun no school for a few weeks no rushing, there is a deep calmness and silence that has come over our house, I am enjoying the feeling, kind of funny really I have found myself not online and just this great peace in my mind, this is a time I can unravel the thoughts, take a deep breath and just be.

Jake has been working on trying new things and while they may seem to others a little to much junk food, it is still a bold start from him dealing with his own eating issues.

First her used what he learnt in his catering course at school to make scones, he even cleaned as he was working another important skill.

They were so yummy the plate soon was wiped clean , he even ate them himself, when choosing his options for GCSE this was the one subject we not only discussed as a run along side course to the big Science, Maths , English, Geography and It and Computer Science. The one I think and he thinks will have a major impact on his life. And daily living and his health.

This now even though it’s small steps sometimes backward aswell as forward. Has the ability to alter so much in his life.

He made a list of things to try and is slowly nearing the end of that first list, he said mum I want to try Chicken but first from KFC before I eat home made why I am not to sure but we gave it a go he managed three quarters and said it was passable. No refusing to eat ,no gagging just did it.

Maybe his mind and how he thinks about food is slowly changing for the positive, he said mum get you phone and Emo. This is our go to Elf to help face the tougher challenges. Oh how Emo and his gang have helped our family deal with many anxieties is hard to explain. But it works and that is a huge positive.

I still randomly leave gifts for the kids with Emo sitting next to or in it.

My kids sometimes don’t notice things but when they do there smile is so rewarding.

Niki loves Harry potter and her choose house is Hufflepuff found a little bag for her.

Britain’s Got Talent last night πŸ˜±πŸ’—πŸ‘

The Head teacher and those kids brought happy years to my eyes.

I loved the way he introduced them and the inspiring way the kids and him interacted the message behind it kids just having fun being themselves,

Creativity even though it was very busy Thier inthusiasm was a joy to watch, that is what we lose in Education by just continually testing,

Kids need that freedom to develop a sense of self to just create and play. We are all to much in a rush for our kids to be adults and independant that we seem to be losing something so innocent and so pure an undeveloped mind that is inquisitive and will go and explore and seek answers for things they have yet to learn.πŸ’—

War of the world’s

Our family love this all versions todayy hubby was playing some songs when Jake came down he started telling him about the radio version playing a tiny clip, they discussed how it was developed in music and then into film, a classic that has travelled many years and inspired others to create, Jake has spent the day researching and listerning to it.

I much prefer the written form before watching the new versions first so they can get a sense of how it was first created and how it changed over the years. Movies are great but they never really captivate you on same level as how you very first were introduced to the original.

So now I am going back to relaxing and just be.πŸ˜πŸ’—

Have a beautiful day

All my love Faye xx

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Hi all how are you all doing.

Today Niki broke up for Easter Holidays, Jake will follow tomorrow is his last day, we are so ready for this break, early morning school runs catch up with you by the end of term.

I guess teachers are glad of the break aswell, I love having the time to spend with kids. They need the time to relax aswell, by Niki’s return we should finally have all her blood test back.

She also has worked so well on her weight management she wasn’t large before but a little near to the top line of healthy, she excepted the doctors advise to manage that and is now at a very healthy point, that’s what it is about not size 0 or that is not healthy for her either. It is important to know and manage that side of things with her so she feels better in herself and good about herself.

For me as a mum it is all about managing and keeping my children healthy as possible, it has been easy because of the difficulties with different needs and choices when it comes to food, but that is something we talk alot about.

If I can help instill these very important lessons to then now while they are young I hope it stops them from having more difficult issues later. Preventative care.

I guess my work as a carer makes me that way aswell. I have been blessed with beautiful kids they are my world .

I wouldn’t say I am a pushy mum , in fact I am most of the time pretty laid back, I am just a mum who wants to guide them for as long as they need it, guide them towards there own independance.

I want for them what makes them happy, when you kids have anxiety or depression that is all you want that they find peace and calm environments that you can support them through the tough days and laugh with them on there good days.

And even bring a smile in the dark moments.

Things are more stable these days but pressures have changed slightly.

I know we still have exams to get through and they maybe slightly more stressful for them but they have the measures in place at school to keep the environment during the tests as calm and quite as possible slight extra time, quite rooms computers to type the longer works, or these are the things the schools have been good at.

Jake’s school and special unit did a little Easter egg hunt for the students in the base and link which was a really nice touch something so different but nice different. Jake loved it.

Another positive thing for Jake and something I am trying to not talk to much with him about is that he has just started going outside at lunch times normally he would go to base,

I always thought he should be outside getting so excersize and mixing with others but he did have a major fear of going out. It seems and it is only early days yet that he is coming up to that decision on his own.

That to me is the best news that he is finally feeling safer in the school environment to do what every other child does he is really starting to build some little friendships and is even talking about maybe spending time with some of them out of the school setting.

He did have a couple of days off poorly this term and we received a yellow warning letter about attendance but over 93 % is a good result on attendence given all Jake’s needs.

He never wants to be off school but sometimes his pain means he is.

He is still having the chest pains but is managing with the occational pain med.

End of year finances a bit shocking but will I hope improve as the year goes on so much to concider and sort sometimes. Maybe that’s why I have had a bad migraine.


One of my favorite times other than Christmas , probally the one I do the most in as well we celebrate both English and Greek Easter sometimes they are together sometimes different weeks just depends on the days the fall on this is a time where we can teach traditional Greek dishes and some of the Greek culture and learn more about the family members who are Greek.

Would be lovely if one day I may be able to take my children to visit Greece, there is so much history and family to learn about. Greek food my kids love making koulourakia, Revani,

We love to teach the old traditional English meals my Grandparents made plus the Traditional Greek food Thier Greek Grandmother makes.

These are some older photo’s

A little bit from the time I got to meet some of my husband’s Greek family they were lovely and welcoming, fun to spend time with at that time I couldn’t understand a thing they said but still managed to communicate with them when my hubby wasn’t around , I must admit it was the very first time away from my own family and I was incredibly homesick but them fourteen days in Greece gave me a taste of what it would be like to be married to someone who comes from a different back ground to me.

Very funny thing is now my daughter is now embarking on the same journey with her boyfriend from Holland and just tonight on the journey home she is practicing her Dutch. As I am finally able to continue with my Greek learning.

I am quite good at understanding it in listening and reading but as much as I have difficulty speaking in my mother tongue English I still struggle with pronouncing my Greek I am determined to get there in the end and be fluent in both. As my daughter is in Dutch. She how ever is like a sponge and learning and speaking in other languages has always been very easy for her.

Book event

It’s at he end of this month still quietly preparing and I am actually looking forward to speaking there.

Books are ready to take, speech is in process working on the bookmarks and the little gift bags.

Getting there.

Have a beautiful evening

All my love Faye xx

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Hi all how are you today,

So with autism awareness there comes a time as a parent or educator, where you are hitting that point of deeper understanding on communication style and how a perticular child processes the world’s information maybe bad events , maybe something they heard at school online while out and about or even in the community.

As large amount of input into a brain that is still growing and developing,

It’s that cross over point where you see they are trying to be heard and seen but can’t always show in a way that our minds process.

For me every kind of communication is very important, my kids are very creative and that has shown through in either Thier writing style or art work or online post, even in tick tocks,

We communicate in many different ways depending on all different kind of situations sometimes when they are highly anxious and I am not with them I get there angry text of course there not angry with me but just need a safe person to vent at and someone to help bring them back to a place where they feel more in control of Thier emotions.

Those pictures they draw that are dark and deep don’t have a go about them, yes you as a person may not understand the message straight away, you may even wander why they would draw a picture like that, and yep sometimes I am guilty of saying can’t you just draw a fluffy unicorn.

They know I understand that need to be creative and express through art some of the input life gives them.

My kids were bullied both on and offline amongst other things they were hurt physically and for sometime emotionally and that had an impact on there lives, it still does to a small decree at certain times.

I try to help them balance some of that negative input with positive things elves sometime a movie , a game reading a book. Watching programs on all different types of things. I can’t changed the bad experiences they had before but maybe just by keep showing them despite all the bad things in the world there are a lot of beautiful , things if they take just a small moment to see.

We are not the same family that hit the doctor’s surgery or the mental health teams doors all those years ago, this is what I try to show through our post, still autistic still have the other issues but now we are. Living a life that was better then it was then.

There own voice and own understanding of themselves and what is good or not good for them is slowly developing , I still do put some boundry’s in place but they are free to express there likes and dislikes ,

I can see how far my children have come , there older brother can when he see’s them for visits, the schools can, the proof is in the results .

What helped enclution , acceptance for us and them, they had a lot of difficulty accepting it Jake more than Niki. But they are understanding more themselves and independantly wanting to learn more about it themselves. They know the system didn’t help that when they needed it and want it to change for children who are diagnosed after them.

Tell you kids they can tell you anything , tell them maybe they might do something that will at sometime make you cross with them. Tell them you as parents don’t always get it right.

Tell them what ever they need to talk about how ever awkward or uncomfortable a subject they can come to you. That’s the best bit of advice I can pass on from experience .

Sometimes they are so worried about doing something wrong, or being in trouble , and want to sort it themselves, and turn things round for themselves. That they might go to someone else rather then you sometimes they don’t want to hurt your feelings either.

No subject should be taboo in house holds.

Tell them if they can’t speak to you about online things make sure they know who and where they can go.

My kids do talk openly now with me about everything but a some points they shut down and kept it all locked up.

Little bits of our journey spoken about not in the book but through blogging helps me think clearer.

The book is our little bit of sunshine that helped get us through some hard talks and emotions .

I am so thankful for that impulse buy of Emo πŸ˜πŸ’—

Have a beautiful night

All my love Faye xx

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Hi all hope you are doing good.

This week the work on raising awareness Jake has done at school, and his work fine tuning what is going to be shown to the non autistic students is such a big step for him.

It makes me truly proud he is starting to speak up for himself and tell others how it affects him, and others he speaks to me about the other students who also have autism, and takes a big interest in how they are treated by others too. As a mother I am highly proud that he has this inthusiasm for wanting others to understand his needs all of them.

But again for me it isn’t only something that should happen one month but always untill there is a huge change in how the understanding of autism or people who are autistic feel.

The difference in not only society but with the autistic community is vast, and there are many reasons I think for this the that are able to learn to speak for themselves while dealing with co -existing issues that may not be visible maybe sensory issues , eating disorders, anxiety, depression.

For my kids tourettes as well as issues that are more medical pcos , or hypemobility which leads to unrecognised pain, sometimes some are more sensitive pain, while other have a high pain threshold and don’t even know they have hurt themselves.

Some have self injuries, some repetertive and restrictive behaviours. Some have allergies and some have bowel and bladder problems, sleep issues, insomnia or sleep paralysis.

As you can see the list is endless and you don’t know what an individual’s life is untill you open your mind and heart to talk to them here, parents sometimes get it wrong on journeys

Some beileve it’s vaccine related something it’s diet realated.

There are misunderstandings over high functioning of low functioning .

When it comes down to it there are similarities in all families but no 2are the same .

Some have better coping mechanisms then others, some can learn and develope as they go along and some it isn’t so easy for.

Different inputs from life can have different impacts and reactions what wasn’t scary before could become scary because of another person’s behaviour.

But the most important thing for everyone is timely quick diagnosis for both female and male autistics correct support and services, safe and enclusive environments, having there voice heard, never saying they can’t without even seeing if the can.

There is so much I have learned as a mother of autistic children, but the most important thing is doing it with them not for them facing challenges together facing the fears that cause the anxieties , we may not agree with others opinions on this vast subject and there is so much more for the world to learn and appreciate about autistic people and how much they can bring to the world and what an important part they are of our society.

How they can show us a different way of seeing and doing things , compassion they have plenty, a sense of justice, passion of the things they love. I am happy to know and met many autistic people and families,

I have so much to say but can’t always think of the right words this is just my opinion and it’s ok not to agree with it.

Have a beautiful day XXXπŸ˜πŸ’—

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Hi all how has your day been.

My has been truly amazing and really relaxing, I have been very spoilt today.

The kids and my hubby made it look really special although I was up first and had to wait upstairs while they finnished getting things ready,

They truly know how to make me feel very cared for and special, Josh couldn’t be with us this weekend but he did phone and hearing his voice was all I needed.

Jake had to dash out up the shops he forgot chocolates and wanted to make sure I had some, my favourites aswell.

The flowers Jake said “dad choose and mum he didn’t go for the cheap

option “πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚β€οΈ the things that come out of kids mouths sometimes.

The gifts they got for me they planned and sorted themselves.

The home made card a very special touch and I could tell Jake put alot of effort in, that’s what he didn’t want me to see on Friday when he finnished schoolπŸ˜€πŸ˜πŸ’—

But today isn’t all about me as a mother, I am a daughter and daughter in-law too my Mum

My Mum over the years has been a truly amazing mum not only to her own kids, but those who have lived with her and those she looked after when we were young, always our house was full to the brim with children. She goes the extra mile for everyone, and we have all been blessed to have her as a mum.❀️❀️

She is also and amazing Grandmother to my kids and my brother’s children.

Always helping us all over the years, without fail, and putting up with all the rubbish we sometimes send her way.

Thanks Mum I love you.xxx

Then there is my Greek mother,

My mother in-law has been a great friend over the years, and also has helped, sometimes with food and other things Greek mother’s do.

She is strong willed stubburn, fun , she makes me laugh and sometimes cry, but she means well. Sometimes a little stuck in her ways . But over the last couple of years has had to come to terms and try to understand many things about Jake and Niki’s issues.

She has tried to adjust to the children’s was and seeing her dabbing with the kids was so very funny.

Love you too Mum xx

Then today as my mum could not travel down I took some flowers to the cemetery for my gran and grandad

This is my Nanu

She was a beautiful talented woman , strong, smart , caring, loving mother grandmother and great grandmother .

My grandad pickles loved her till his last day, she safely passed away from cancer the same year as my daughter Amy , I forgot to say that the day I left the hospital, was the day after my Nanu had the operation to remove the cancer but it sadly spread and she left us before Christmas in 1996, just before her golden wedding anniversary.

My grandparents were amazing.

So this is also for my aunty’s Neice’s cousins and all those with out there child to celebrate or without there mother to hug today they may not be here but we will always have them with us. ❀️❀️

Have the very best day

My hubby made this photo

Good night

All my love Faye XX