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Who are your current most favorite people?

Good Morning, Happy New week

With the best family, friend, humans ❤️

That’s a hard one to answer. I am going to say everyone,

That’s equality 🤣🤣

This question is similar to what kids ask : Mum, who’s your favorite. ?

Who do you like best?

Mum, he got more chips then me.

I take the easy route. Everyone is my favorite.

I have enough love and care to share

Emo the Emotional Elf

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The month of November, my birthday month

Star Sign

That’s right I’m a Scorpio Star sign, what does the internet have to say about the scropio personalities

What is Scorpios main personality?

As a fixed water sign, Scorpios are known for their loyalty and devotion — and also their passion. In fact, they are known to have such intense personalities that they are often confused with vibrant fire signs. Alas, they just have deep feelings and emotions.

Is Scorpio a nice person?

The 10 Scorpio Personality Traits to Know

They are loyal and connect with people on a deep emotional and intellectual level. Honesty is key with Scorpios in all types of relationships, and you can be sure that a Scorpio will show up when you need them.

Found on Google didn’t say who wrote it though but i would agree with that statement

My hubby Just comes under the Scorpio sign with his birthday.

I would say we are both strong willed, independent and at times very feisty we don’t take any Cxxx from each other. We are complete opposite in personality but on a different level we just get each other it’s like being in tune we know how the others feeling because we are expressive. I am the timid one of the two of us but pushed to hard i may bite back.

My hubby is more confrontational than i am i avoid conflict and try to simmer it down.

I wonder if different origins play a part to i am an English Scorpio my hubby is most definitely a Greek scropio.

He is very good at reading my facial expressions, To good in fact. Lol

Any way back to today’s blog.

Whats been happening in November

Tommy and Holly

Last Friday night with Tom and Holly

We got messy with chocolate Lots of fun we had the Christmas music on and were dancing in the kitchen. was had and it was a way to distract the children from the sad fact there beloved friend and dog Baily had to be put to sleep.

Family dogs when things go wrong

They had no choice in the decision because Baily was an anxious dog and bit someone after one of the kids accidentally let him out they tried too catch him to bring him in and someone tried to help that when Baily bit.

Trying hard to find a new home

They did have some dog training and the dog was brilliant with tom and his family, they even tried to re home him and called all the agencies for help unfortunately they couldn’t find a place and it was a short notice thing that had to happen. Baily was a soppy pup and the reality is he was a very healthy dog. I have shared photos on here of Baily when i was working there a few times, and he was always fine around me.

He used to come stand by my side and when i played with tom and his toy traffic lights he would sit by tom when the light was red and cross when it turned green it used to make tom laugh when the dog joined in,

Holly was real affected by it as was all there family, and probably the person Baily bit.

They have found new homes for the pups and Karma will be there family dog she is so laid back

This is Karma she is very good at telling you she want’s feeding

This is Brono Karma and Bailies pup he has a new home with one of toms carers and should be going soon. Karma’s and Bailies new littler of three gorgeous pups should be off soon. last lot before Karma wont be able to have more.

Helping the kids deal with emotions of losing a dog

Best way is honesty and explanation of what is happening and why, As parents we want to spare our kids from some hard things in life like having a dog put to sleep the first reaction is to say it’s been re-homed but the reality is honesty is best hugs explantations let them share how they feeling about the situation speak to schools let them know they maybe upset then schools can support them too.

The truth is pets become a much loved part of the family losing them is hard if you have ever experienced a loss of a pet i am sure you will know how it feels.

When our rabbit died and bird my kids were very sad

I think now after what happened with Baily they won’t get any more it’s to upsetting for the children.

They were trying to get Baily trained as Toms therapy Dog.


This month also had children in need which me and Hayley love to get involved with. Seeing the Christmas lights go up and do some some Christmas themed projects.

My Birthday

What a birthday it was my oldest son returned for a long weekend visit, and We picked mum up and brought her back to stay for the long weekend too.

Friday we picked mum up and by the time we got back Our Josh had already here, to say i dived boomed him with a big hug , I miss him a lot its so different seeing someone in person rather that talking on the phone.

Josh is home

We stayed up chatting watched a movie.

Saturday Niki was volunteering with Autism all stars.

Jake was sleeping as he was on the night shift and Josh and his dad went shopping.

Saturday Night we had a mum and Josh night. He took me bowling we played pool, and spent some time in the arcade.

I won both games of bowling, josh won pool and beat me at the arcade games and we got Mcflurry’s on way home like old times. It was fun spending time just the 2 of us.

Birthday morning

I was the first Person awake i came down to the table laid with presents and balloons.

I sat smiling while drinking my morning coffee. Jake was up next handing me a bunch of flowers and a bottle of wine for his mum so sweet.

I still have the wine in bottle i had to drive so couldn’t drink it .

Going to save it for Christmas holidays.

Once they were all awake it was present opening time. They choose well. Some clothes, some bath bombs flowers 2 bunches wine and some writing books. also the Britney spears book for me.

The meal

My hubby cooked a special roast lamb dinner. Mum dad and Hayley came to celebrate with us. it was so nice having everyone here together.

Bless Jake fell asleep that why he wasn’t in afternoon photo’s . It was the perfect birthday weekend.

The food was delicious and Josh brought some of his humor, why the picture of birthday cake and tea bags, well Josh thought it was funny as there were only 9 candles so he added the four tea bags to make it four tea nine my age.

Next year will be my big 50th and Joshua’s 30th birthdays to celebrate on a bigger scale.

There was music playing my favorite moment was when this song came on and hubby was dancing he was such a goofy ball.

It really amused me.

Then of course to finish off the birthday cake

Josh and mum have gone home now we are back to our routines and vastly heading towards Christmas.

That it for today much love Faye xx

Emo The Emotional Elf

Family’s top three meals

That is a bit of a question for an autistic family, Not a simple answer.

Food has always been a bit of an issue in our home.

But slow changes over the years has seen some improvement in that area.

My hubby pretty much Eats anything he Is Greek plus grew up in a time of what was put on your plate you would eat what was there or go without, remember that saying.

I grew up in a household of picky eaters, we had a little bit of the same upbringing as far as food goes but My parents were more easy-going about food well sometimes anyway maybe I just like to think they were. Does your mind ever try to rewrite past memories?

Jake’s gone from yellow foods to eating a bit more variety, but his favorites right now

Are steak, Tacos and spicy so spicy I can taste it from the other room his thinking is that if he ruins his taste buds he may be able to eat more foods, and pizza yes pizza he has found a sudden like for it. Despite the texture and mixed flavors of the cheese and tomato. Maybe one day he will upgrade to having another topping. He will eat apples and Bananas now of course the Pringle’s and the occasional dairy milk or mint Aero. We found letting him cook and experiment with flavors and textures has meant extra foods are added. He also enjoys the smell of cooking but sometimes if there are too many smells of other foods he can’t sit at the table with us. It’s a work in progress.

Niki Is a vegetarian who doesn’t eat veg well mostly doesn’t she used to when she was younger and we can get carrots and peas on her plate.

Her favorite foods are vegan pepperoni, all kinds of cheese, Plant-based food, and. Pasta carbonara, We had to try some different lacoto-free stuff with Niki just because some upset her tummy, we also recently had to have some allergy testing which came back ok, we are still not clear what the reaction she had a few months ago was too. and she hasn’t had any more severe reactions since that time. it’s a bit of a mystery.

I can’t eat spicy food gives me bad heartburn.

but I will say my favorite foods are Greek pastito, fakir, and The roast dinners my hubby makes.

while my family is more selective than the average family my Home always has a variety of healthy options we eat salads and fruit, veg we try to have as balanced meals as possible given the circumstances.

But we try to be as played back about it and take a person-led approach because adding pressure to try new things has disastrous effects on people with anxiety and arguments over food are not the way to get people to eat better, I would rather them eat something than nothing.

we do talk about food and the complexities of it and what our bodies need.

We do experiments and home grow, look at cookery books watch health programs, and talk about and do exercise, just in a way they can physically and emotionally tolerate it.

Again though it all depends on the prices and the variety, Time we don’t always have lots of time to cook around everyone’s schedules these days. We are not always hungry at the same time so that can play a big part in meal times.

Much love Faye xx

Emo The Emotional Elf

What’s the first impression you want to give people?

I am hardworking, kind, caring, and approachable. That I love life.

I love my family and friends.

I am a passionate person creative,easy going. Full of energy and soul.

Much love Faye ❤️