Emo The Emotional Elf

Have you ever broken a bone?

Twice my Elbow at school , once playing leap frog , then after it healed slipped on the ice on playground and did it a again.

I am quite clumsy so thankfully it was only that in all the years I have been alive. 🤣

Happy New week new blog coming soon just catching up with something’s at home so I get some free time to write .

Much love Faye xxx

Emo The Emotional Elf

What does freedom mean to you?

Living your life your way, being exactly who you are unapologetically , authentically. Freedom is just being in the moment. You don’t always have to be happy to be free you don’t even have to have everything perfect or running to plan freedom is pushing past things that are sent to challenge you that scare you that fill you with sadness yet some how you wake up one morning and see the beauty that surrounds you and feeling grateful that you have life , you have meaningful relationships and friendships.

Freedom comes from letting go of all the things that hold you back. It’s internal. It happens when you let it happen.

Living in a world with no war pain or suffering. I hope to see this in my life time.

Emo The Emotional Elf

What public figure do you disagree with the most?

Piers Morgan , I would like to see him removed off air , his is opinionated, rude, toxic kind of personality he never gives anyone a chance to speak , and he drones on and on, not many people iratese but he does

Emo The Emotional Elf

List the people you admire and look to for advice…

My Mum and dad they have a blunt and straight forward approach to life.

My Husband his confidence he can talk to anyone, he is a problem solver. He is a black and white thinker there is no in between. When he is happy he is real happy when his mad keep your mouth zipped he is definitely consistent.

My kids thier resilience, their drive. The uniqueness they bring to the world. Smart funny, compassionate.loyalty. Each of them have these beautiful qualities that makee proud to be their mum.

Hayley her love of life routine her funny little ways , I don’t think I would have started doing you tube videos without her or any videos other than our family ones,

There are some great friends I have made since being in social media. Especially linkedin. And some I don’t personally talk to buy admire there work.

My friends Sebba and Sarah and there beautiful children there work with the woman of Uganda, they way they always have these big beautiful smiles. There kindness support and love it really shines😁❤️

Heather a fellow author and mum to Matthew. Sharing the life they have through books the struggles the achievements

Sheryl who is an avid advocate for her Son. She shares thier life And her son’s journey the issues around hospitals and understanding about making the process easier for her Son when he needs medical support.

Karen and her parent and family advocacy you know the best support comes from those who have lived experience other parent carers and actually autistic people.

Helen and Maria , I love Helens personality she is funny and smart caring , and Maria is such a beautiful sweet lady❤️

Helen says exactly what she thinks a straight talker , she is a supportive person.

Maja my beautiful friend we don’t talk a lot but she is a pure sweet heart sometimes you have friends and you are just there you don’t always need to talk but you care for each other.

The list is very long and to metion everyone would be extremely hard . Because I met the most amazing people over the years. My perspective of the world and people has changed since I opened the door to let others into my inner cycle.

Joe fellow author and great friend I loved his book and his passion for space collection he kindly sent us some great badges and space pictures.

Scott soon to be published can’t wait to read his work. He loves music as much as me I think

lea I love her style her LinkedIn page is one of the top ones to follow her straight forward approach, her fundraising. She knows her worth and isn’t afraid to ask for it. She is so open about her prices she charges for work and she is very right that she isn’t in everyone’s price range.The quality of her work proves she is worth every penny. She has me smiling reading her posts.

Dr charlie and his dash cam talks I burnt my dinner listening to them sometimes🤣

Margo her striking out as an independent autistic business and sharing her point of view on what it’s like being a self employed autistic adult.

Dan who brings diversity and autistic employment into Parliament and the business world .

Anna and her son Angelo and her advocacy.

Anne , Lorraine, Leticia , Laura, the 2 Bruce, Doug, Rob who always checks in.

My facebook friends , and this new rising of content creators I have had the pleasure to connect with super supportive very empowering wonderful people. Life has certainly giving me a renewed love of


WordPress family keep writing love all the content and I do sit and read blogs on here a lot thanks for the support and inspiration.

Much love Faye xx