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Good Evening ๐Ÿ˜โค๏ธ

Hope you all had a lovely day, had the double shift with Hayley we had lots of fun.

The kids have teachers Training Tomorrow so half term is upon us this week has gone super quick, it’s been nice just getting things back to normal.

So we have a storm due to hit and we are upgrading from amber to red in some places in the UK . Been a while since we had a big storm come in looks like some places may have up to 100 mph winds. I am surprised no-one has been out panic buying, doesn’t take much to clear the shelves here. ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ No seriously though the 1987 hurricane in UK was a big one caused lots of issues , I remember trying to walk up the hill to school only to have my skinny little body blown back down still it a day off in the end. Our neighbours across the road where we lived at the time end up having the chimney fall through the roof into there kids bedroom luckily they were not in there at the time. And they turned it into a positive by having a loft conversion done. great little room they made too I used to play with the kids who lived there. And he was a builder I think anyway.

We had a Gazzebo my hubby had to go collect it this morning from all over the garden shredded it was. our Jake said told you so as he told his dad to take it down yesterday proper smug look on his face he had.

Tomorrow is going to be a will it happen kind of day depending on this storm as Jake and his friends had been planing a day out since before Christmas .

So if it’s safe enough I will drive them up thier and they may get a train home as they are planning on making it a whole day out and I have to work early,

Any other day I may not be as nervous about Jakeย  going I trust his friends though they have been amazing with him, I also get to see there personalities in the car on the drive. I am hoping I don’t say anything embarrassing, Jake’s friends know he is autistic , This has been the biggest step for Jake having this group of friends he really trusts.

We have spoke about back up plans if the trains stop and things like that. For the travel home and I went out and got power banks for his phone and things.ย  I am a cross between over protective parent and a parent who cheers on these steps to more independence.ย  Really though being in town which is ten minutes away and being some where that’s an hour drive away. And you can’t go get them because your working it is giving me just a tad bit of anxiety if I wasn’t working it wouldn’t be an issue at all I would of stayed the day there and walk around waiting till they finished and then drove them back.my head kind of says he is 17 you got to let him try , my heart says what if he has a panic attack and I can’t get to him, You think you worry a lot about your kids when that are little but these teenage years are a roller coaster of emotions .

My dad has phoned about the weather so has my mum I guess grandparents are exactly the same though .

So I am back to work with Hayley on Monday with the sweet little Tom and Holly tomorrow from 4pm till there parents get back from there spa trip Saturday.

So Jale has been stressing a little over the trip a bit this week , he distracted himself last night baking bread and omg it was so delicious ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ˜

The softest fluffy inside with that crisp outside warm home cooked bread is just the best

I used to work in the bakery at the local Saintsbury’s for about 4 years it was a delight to go to work and walk into that fresh smell of the bread and cakes every day. But I walked around feeling hungry all day I still can’t walking near fresh pastry with out having to get some.

So Niki was off college today so me Hayley and her went to Town for some shopping Hayley wanted to get some more arts and craft stuff and it’s treat day always likes to have a panni and a Costa hot chocolate we played her favorite music while doing arts and crafts transfered her photos from he tablet to her laptop so it works faster. And had a small walk .

We had to stop a few times, so girls could rest but even a gentle walk is better then no excersize

Arts and craft this afternoon and game of cards these are things Hayley loves to do


Easter theme she chose again ๐Ÿ˜

People under estimate how good card games are they are calming , well when Hayley isn’t being to competitive but also great for Hayley helps her keep remembering numbers patterns hand eye coordination and many other things. Snap she is super good at sometimes she try’s to cheat.

And pairs where you lay all the cards out up side down and you have to find a matching pair , it’s a game of memory each time you turn the cards over you have to remember the where that number was the one with the most pairs wins

Song choices for today definitely the 80’s mix love the 80’s

That’s it for tonight ,

Much love Faye โค๏ธโค๏ธ