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Hi. How are you this fine but cold February evening ?.

Has Your Year Begun well?

It’s been a real good start for us. lots of celebrations going on. Back to school and work after Christmas took a while to get back into routines. We had a couple of birthdays, I had some fun shifts with Hayley Tom and family.

Our Niki had a bad few days an unexpected allergic reaction to something she ate or drank so we are waiting for a referral to have some allergy testing. A visit to A&E and the doctors.

January 2023 Fixing Things

The Tumble Dryer

The parts for tumble Dryer Arrived so it got a real strip down hover out and the new element and drum bearings fitted, hubby is quite a fixer upper, he can pretty much fix anything.

The Oven

The oven is still going well since he changed the element just before Christmas.

The Car

The car is still all good since the garage fixed the slave cylinder again.

The laptop

My computer is up and running. so he changed the back cover and lid hinges . It was working great then had a soft wear issue which kinda stopped me from writing again, but all fixed now though working much faster.

Money Milestones

Reached a milestone my loan payments all finished now pretty glad to have paid that off and freed up a little extra money. Not that that will make much of a difference just yet with the way energy prices have been going. But still something to be a little proud of finishing.Keeping your head on the the end goal of debt freedom is a great thing to focus on. It empowers you to work harder pay more attention to what you spend shop around for the best deals make little cut backs which on there own don’t make much difference but all together makes logical sense.

Building Author Platforms

I have also been working on growing my author platforms which seem to be taking off a little since the end of December i have met a real supportive group of people and many other families. We are all kind of cheering each other on as our pages grow setting goals and surpassing, Finding the audience you wish to right for but also supporting other small businesses. Engagement really is the key to growth, a share a comment.

I am quite a chatty person anyway and I have a very supportive nature.

Women Supporting Women

Their is something about women that support other women that makes the process so much fun. I am witnessing these pages grow organically some super fast, some slower but more targeted to the audience they are wanting. Authors , Crafters, Foodies, family pages, Autistic families sharing their journey’s. Seeing those children little achievements there smiles makes it so worth while.

Pages giving voices to there stories. All looking for a way to make extra income to support their families. The main goal that most are trying to achieve is being able to monetize there pages through growth, stars for reels the ability to hold paid events. or have Brand collaborations.

Drive,Passion, Focus, Goals

See I am Am watching and studying how they are achieving this I am routing for them to hit there goals. Making things better for there families. Drive, focus ,passion that what I am seeing.

Men can be supportive of womens Goals too

Not that having support From men isn’t good too if it’s the right kind of support, You never want to rule out a whole audience.

Reels and Video Content

I have discovered reels and so am sharing videos not only to You Tube but reels as well. I did have a membership for adding subtitles for videos but that was something I have had to pause in cut backs. Which will probably not make my videos as accessible as I want them to be right now. Somethings just have to take a temporary pause till you can afford them the extra cost of these apps and technical aids.

I always set small achievable goals it’s worked well for me so far.

So that the social side of things.

Putting decorations away after Christmas

Making sure all the lights went into the boxes untangled and working. The decorations washed, dried and put in to sealed storage and up into the attic ready for the next year. Getting rid of any broken parts.

Saying goodbye to a faithful tree

This year we said goodbye to our christmas tree. We have in the front room the end of it’s long life.

We got it when we moved into our home. It has lasted a good 26 years and gave our family all them christmas times together.

It was kind of sad to see it go for sentimental reasons.

This year my kids are all adults so time for a fresh start.

Perfect end to 2022 and perfect start to 2023.

With Hayley Projects and work days

Work with Hayley is what ever she wants to do that keeps her routines. so arts and crafts, games, music, Dancing and health and fitness. self care. Oh and how can we forget Hayleys shopping trips something she loves as part of her thursday Routine. You can bet with Hayley close there is lots of laughter and smiles.


Niks Tom Went home Around the 7th of January The journey to Harwick Ferry port was an early start and quite a great drive the roads were pretty clear, we left about We arrived with about 40 minutes before boarding time and it was so sad seeing them say goodbye to each other. we got to see the sunrise Niki captured some beautiful Photos.

So that was us back to just me hubby Niki and Jake, our Josh and Danni went home new Years day.

Niki and I went to see Matilda at the cinema

Night Out and the day Niki had the Allegic reaction.

The Movie was awesome Nikis Second time of seeing it my first. The movie made her a little emotional the songs the stars of the show. she loved this version of it. Not only Matilda and how she played the role perfectly But Miss Honey Too.

Feeling poorly

We were going to grab some food at the bowling alley after she choose the vegan birthday and a cocktail thats when it hit out of no where just after a sip of the drink and bite of burger. she had trouble breathing, dizzyness a pain in her Jaw it came on so sudden we had to leave we werent sure what it was and getting her to the car was a little difficult.

It was only a five minute drive and when we got home i gave her an anti histamine just because it started when she ate something. Kind of wierd as she had had the food before. her breathing and heart rate calmed down and she went to sleep .

Trip to A&E

the next morning she was still a little breathless and still had the painin her jaw so we contacted 111 who advised us to get her checked out at acciedent and emegency. we drove to hospital and were seen by the nurse and then by a doctor who coulndnt say what it was whether an allergic reation or anything else he listened to her heart and sent us home.

Back to Doctor

After another day still having the breathlessness the jaw pain had started to go we saw our own doctor who siad it was definatley a reaction and to avoid eating there he was refering her for allegy test so we are awaiting that appointment so we can learn what we need to avoid so it doesn’t happen again. He got me to go back to where we ate and get a list of ingrediants in the drink and food so they can know where to start looking for allergy tests. The food palce gave it without issue. It wasnt there fault They asked about allegigies when we palced the order but niki has never had a reaction before to anything.

Niki did great explaining what she was feeling to doctor, But it was what she said when we left that was i think very telling of how she has experienced doctors before. she said thanks to the doctor for listening and said your the first doctor to not send me away and say its anxiety. You see this is pretty standard when you have anxiety disorder to feel your not listened to. Niki knows what her anxiety makes her feel and this was not normal for how her anxiety displays especially the jaw painand skin senitivity and numb toung. There was no rash or hives justs the breathing and these wierd sensations she never felt before.

Our Jake has had sudden allergies before his always made him breathless and he used to get hives and the rash. and with a family history of allegies. We though that was one thing Niki didn’t have. Life is sent to take you by surprise when you least expect it.

We definatley have had some bizzar things happen along our Journey.

When Niki was feeling better we had a day out with her and Hayley bowling and arcade we avoided eating there though and went somewhere else for lunch.

Making Pizza’s

Niki and Jake wanted to do some cooking home made Pizza so we got the stuff and i sat watching them make there own Pizza’a that a new food Jake recently added to his list of foods.

They did a great Job Jakes was Cheese and tomatoe and NIki’s was hello Kitty style she had cheese tomatoe and vegan pepperoni.

First Night Shift of January with Hayley and the children

First Night shift back with Little Tom. Holly, Hayley and the dogs was great they were in great moods happy playful cheecky.

Going to leave blog here for tonight have more to shar but will spread it over the next couple of blogs just to get back into the writing mode.

wishing you a beautiful night.

Much love Faye.